Monday, July 13, 2015

No, but a closet socialist always stands a decent chance

Via Instapundit, this quote from Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri on the outlook for Bernie Sanders’ presidential aspirations: “I just don’t believe that someone who is a self-described socialist is going to be elected to be president of the United States.” True; Barry had to blow quite a bit of smoke to cover his actual intentions.

Perhaps we’re not even talking so much about garden variety socialism anymore, whether admitted or not. The Obama/Democrat model is so toxically partisan, lawless and dependent on the use of increasingly strong-armed government force, so thoroughly committed to the idea of the supremacy of the state, so utterly disdainful of individual liberty, we’re really starting to veer into the realm of soft fascism – and who believes that if this trend is not reversed that the fascism will remain “soft”?

This is the real rationale for the Second Amendment.


rinardman said...

This is the real rationale for the Second Amendment.

And why they fear it so much.

JeffS said...

Indeed, they do fear it.