Monday, July 13, 2015

Watch me TOTALLY DESTROY Richard Trumka in just five words

Ace has a post up mocking Rolling Stone's total suck-up praise for Richard Trumka, who supposedly "destroyed" Scott Walker with six words.

And those words would be? "Scott Walker is a national disgrace."

That's it. Those are the six words that have effectively ended Scott Walker's pursuit of the White House. Spoken by Richard Trumka, who literally looks like a cartoon of a corrupt labor leader.

Trumka, your career is about to flame out and leave nothing but ashes to be scattered by the wind. Here goes:

Richard Trumka is an a**hole.

"The name's Richard. Stop calling me Dick!"


Isophorone said...

Trumka Actually said *cough*burp*belch*sneeze*fart*hiccup*. However, that's not how the press reported it.

bruce said...

Tumka(!) looks like El Chapo, or El Guappo, or whoever.

rinardman said...

I would say Richard Trumka was a national disgrace.

If the nation just had a clue who he is.

mojo said...

How come all these union bigs are fat bastards? I mean, really, a 350 pound IBEW member? When was the last time THAT fat fuck pulled cables?

Rolling Stone said...

In our next issue, Lena Dunham TOTALLLY DESTROYS Carly Fiorinna in six words, "Carly Fiorinna is an old hag!"