Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday movie

Doris Day flees potential fame and fortune to return to her childhood sweetheart, Jeffrey Bushdinkle - who turns out to bear a strong resemblance to a famous leading man (from It's a Great Feeling).

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bruce said...

Going back to Gerky's Corners. But it's a "Rosebud" thing isn't it? We can't find the way back. I left the big city, moved to a small town which reminded me of the one I grew up in. But that was 20 years ago, now the big city is all around me again, and if I move out further I may end up in the Oxycontin/Methadone zone, where the zombies only hit the streets on free clinic day. Sorry to be a downer, but poor Doris Day's son was stalked by the Manson "family", can't help feeling it all begins in light and ends in darkness, as they say.