Thursday, August 4, 2016

Et tu, Forbes?

I used to enjoy the magazine's comprehensive coverage of business and economics, and found it to be far superior to Fortune and Business Week. Back when I was a regular reader, however, it was still a flawed magazine, primarily because publisher Malcolm Forbes insisted on inserting occasional pieces that highlighted his atrocious prose style, and his esteem for commie hucksters like Armand Hammer and for the ironically-named People for the American Way struck a decidedly sour note.

I haven't read the thing for years, and DoublePlusUndead leads me to believe that, at least lately, I've spared myself some considerable annoyance. Here, he fisks a recent article that attempts to whitewash the revoltingly mendacious and corrupt IRS chief, John Koskinen.

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bruce said...

Businessmen defending the IRS? With a factless human-interest story about the IRS chief? Sounds like the USSR under Stalin.