Thursday, August 4, 2016

The pussification of America

Clint Eastwood sounds off.

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bruce said...

The Hillary bounce is unsustainable I believe. Trump may not gain any more support, but I doubt Hill will maintain hers. What else has she got (apart from vote fraud I guess)? This is Peak Hillary, after this the slide as the swingers drift away: the morning after. She is not Obama, at best this will be very close. Her supporters can't hold their nose forever and are too conflicted by her history.

It's physical, can she go much more without collapse? "Blabbermouth" has shown great staying power and energy. He "beat back all cock fight" as they say in the West Indies. It's like the guy running the marathon, halfway he starts to look crazy, maybe he's crazy to even try. But he's not crazy, he's capable and creative. We know more about him than any previous candidate. I'm hopeful.