Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The inside skinny

Everyone has no doubt read that one of President Not-Hillary's executive orders mandates a federal hiring freeze. My sources inside the administration tell me that further clarification will be forthcoming, and that this will be the most radical hiring freeze ever attempted. We're not just talking about not hiring new federal workers; the technology of cryogenics is going to be employed to actually freeze tens of thousands of bureaucrats. If a federal agency ever wants to add personnel, it would have to meet some extremely rigorous requirements, and, should its justification be accepted, a bureaucrat will be thawed out and reinserted in the work force. And the really great thing is that the time spent in the deep freeze is deducted from the employee's accrued annual leave.


"Good news, Mr. Dumbrowski! The General Services Administration has received permission to fill the position of Presidential Pants Presser!"


bruce said...

While you're at it, we need a new US ambassador to Australia to replace the Obama one, who just refused a visa to conservative Christian politician Fred Nile who wanted to attend the inauguration.


Maybe we can push for Paco to replace him, although you'd have to live in Canberra which is just like a mini-DC full of lefty bureaucrats. It does host a good annual hot rod rally though:


Paco said...

I'd be delighted!