Monday, February 6, 2017


Trump is the star in this "All your base are belong to us"* video.

*On the outside chance that you may be unfamiliar with this meme, here's some background.

An outstanding explanation of why Trump isn't Hitler from Regie's Blog. Just a taste:
But if you study enough about it, you realize the guy vetting and banning refugees is probably not Hitler …the guy CREATING refugees probably is.

H/T to Scott Adams, who, incidentally, has formally broken with his alma mater.

Naturally, progs had to politicize the Super Bowl, and the Pats were particularly unpopular this time around because Tom Brady and the Pats' owner are supporters of Donald Trump. Here's one of the funniest ripostes to the leftists' political posturing.

Congressional genius and noted geographer, Maxine Waters, has just floated the novel idea that Korea and Crimea are the same place.

A judge in Travis County - which is kind of a minimum security concentration camp for liberals in Texas - wore a pussy hat in court.

Via Moonbattery.

Why isn't this guy a target of a RICO investigation?

Kurt Schlichter tells it straight about what progs want normal people to do. In a word...


rinardman said...

At the link to Instapundit, commenter Nolo Contendere: I propose we create a new disease. Toure' Syndrome, where those afflicted uncontrollably blurt out dumb things.

Now, that's funny.

Paco said...

Funny and oh so true! Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

Veeshir said...

That vid cracked me up, I actually watched the whole thing. I never do that.

Long ago I figured out the best response to, "So and so is Hitler!"

I just say, "You're really an idiot, you do know that. Right?"

Anybody who calls anybody but Hitler, or maybe Stalin, 'Hitler' is impervious to reason.
It's just looking for some effluvia to roll around in.
Avoid the effluvia.

Mike_W said...

Take off every ZIG. For great justice!
Ha Ha Ha

Nice find, Paco.

JeffS said...

Kurt Schlichter is spot on. The left does hate us.

And Bill Whittle nails it again with his "A Feral Socialist".