Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tim Blair uses reverse psychology on the progs

He provides them with excellent advice, secure in the knowledge that they can be counted on to studiously ignore it.


bruce said...

Australia totally relies on a globalised economy, on selling our coal and iron ore to China mostly, then gradually selling the country to them too as real estate. That's e.g. why my son has to find work in Germany in his engineering speciality.

People here dream about 'our Trump', but they aren't noticing the big differences in our two nations' economies. I guess we're more like Canada, but they have a great customer next door. We have all sorts of deals going with Asia, but then we have to kowtow to them. Our PM Turnbull is an example of the smug over-clever leaders we've had who reinforce our grifter mentality. President Trump is a welcome wake-up call.

Veeshir said...

One of the things that's going to bother me the most for his term is defending Trump.

There will be many reasons to bash him, but the people who are hating on him just keep making up stupid lies.

Deborah said...

Veeshir: Maybe your time would be better spent by making and maybe selling popcorn to all parties. The Left won't listen and understand your arguments.