Thursday, April 6, 2017


Update and bumped. Courtesy of friend and commenter Bruce, a take on Melania's photo that is actually quite enlightening.

Veeshir covers the Communist News Network.

Pepsi's lame attempts at being hip and socially relevant are just another reason I switched to RC Cola.

Happy birthday to retro bombshell Gina Elise (H/T: Gregory).

The Boston Globe beclowns itself by finding something to quibble about with respect to Melania Trump's official portrait (and, yes, I'm going to go there: on her worst day, Melania Trump surely looked infinitely more fetching than Michelle "Moose" Obama ever did in her entire life).

Behold the sheer awesomeness of solar power.

Probably just a rounding error.

When the watch dogs actually collude with the housebreakers.

Judge: "I hearby set bail at $35 million."
Defendant: "No problem."


Gregoryno6 said...

Thanks for the nod Paco and hey, buy a calendar!

bruce said...

Ann Althouse has a great commenter who analyses the composition of the Melania portrait:

Short-take: it conveys power.

Paco said...

Gregory: Why, it's my patriotic duty!

Mike_W said...

I like driving (Warning: a few expletives)