Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm sure there's a logical explanation

But is there a legally justifiable one?

"Obama National Security Advisor SUSAN RICE Behind Unmasking Of Trump Transition Team".

I always figured the Obama administration was sneakier, more devious and more underhanded than anything since Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon. So why are we just getting puff pieces on Barry now that he's gone? (Yes, that's a rhetorical question). You know the kind of thing I'm talking about: "Retired president and minor deity Barack Obama receives standing ovation at the Shake Shack, as patrons rush to pay for his double cheeseburger".

Update: It looks like at least two news outlets sat on the above story in an attempt to protect the Obama administration and undermine Trump.

Dear Mainstream Media: Please stop asking us to trust you; it's getting tedious.


bruce said...

They behave illegally because they believe that's how the system operates. If you actually believe someone can 'steal' an election you're capable of anything.

Holding My Nose said...

The people in Obama's bubble thought they were above the law. Perhaps they still do.

rinardman said...

They have no compunction. Never have, never will. I guess it's just part of being a sociopath.

bruce said...

Anyway, it's apparently ok for the President to send security forces and government agencies after his political enemies. CNN says so. Bring on the guilotines.

JeffS said...

The real fascists just stood up.

Veeshir said...

They spent 8 years getting away with whatever they wanted so they just kept getting more and more brazen.

Once they realized they didn't need to hide stuff even as bad as using the IRS to go after their political enemies or selling guns to Mexican criminals that were used to kill hundreds (thousands?) of people they knew they could do all the Chicago-Machine goodness they wanted.

Let's find out if the GOP has the intestinal fortitude, and desire, to stick up for the Rule of Law.

Sorry, I just like to pose ridiculous hypotheticals.