Monday, July 31, 2017

Reboot of Seven Days in May

Kurt Schlichter imagines a more or less standard military-type coup against Trump. Which (this being Kurt Schlichter) would not be without the occasional comic incident:
Timing was everything – all the pieces had to be in place to act. But they weren’t. As the weeks wore on and February turned to March and March into April, the plotters grew anxious. Every passing day made it more likely that their plan would be leaked and exposed. It actually was exposed once – a CNN reporter did a segment headlined “Rumors of a Military Coup in Swirl in Washington” before the executives shut it down. Luckily for the conspirators it was on Chris Cuomo’s show, so no one saw it.


bruce said...

A coup by the pearl-clutchers and media mean-girls.

rinardman said...

Patriots watched Hillary on their television, then unlocked their gun safes.

Yeah, she has that affect on patriots.

JeffS said...

REAL Patriorts were stocking their gun safes before Hillary "won" the DNC nomination.