Saturday, July 4, 2020

A Paco is on the scene

Bro Paco went with one of his old army buddies to Seattle to link up with bikers and others who planned to, um, vigorously exchange views with the commies who had set up an autonomous zone. Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately is a more appropriate word), the little left-wing Liechtenstein had pretty much been dismantled by the time they got there, and it appears that protesters and counter-protesters mostly just yelled at each other. If he sends me any photos, I'll see if I can post them.


Gregoryno6 said...

It has been good to watch, from the far side of the globe, these small but determined demonstrations of resistance to the Resistance.

JeffS said...

Interesting -- the appearance of bikers to deal with the idiots in Seattle was supposed to be a rumor. That might have been another reason for Mayor Derp-Derp to disperse the commies.

In somewhat unrelated news, two BLM protestors were hit by a car. One is dead, the the other in critical condition.

A video of the incident was posted on YouTube.. If you watch it (and it is unedited, as near as I can tell), you will see that it took place at night. The idiocy of those protestors knows no bounds.

The article implies, but doesn't state, that the Washington State Patrol has been enabling protests on a major interstate (I-5) by shutting it down, whenever the BLM idiots decided to block it. NOW the WSP is shutting down those protests.

Hmmmmm...... and no cries of foul from the BLM leadership. Interesting. That would be at the top of the news.

Paco said...

As the saying goes, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes".

My brother did send one photo back; I'm sure everybody will be glad to know that the statue of Jimmy Hendrix hasn't been torn down.

JeffS said...

Indeed, Paco.

And the statue of Lenin, in the Seattle suburb of Fremont, remains untouched as well.

Spiny Norman said...

In somewhat unrelated news, two BLM protestors were hit by a car.

Antifa did something similar in San Diego a while back, trying to block that end of Interstate 5, but cleverly tried it during rush hour. The victims (of their own stupidity) who got hit while running around in traffic sued (as far as I can remember) the city of San Diego, the California Highway patrol, and UC San Diego (for not warning them that it could be dangerous to run out onto the Interstate). Luckily for the entitled college students, none of them were killed.

Spiny Norman said...

Oh, and this:

The article implies, but doesn't state, that the Washington State Patrol has been enabling protests

If that's true, even passively "enabling" by making no attempt to stop them opens WSP up to an enormous lawsuit - and deservedly so, IMHO.

JeffS said...

My apologies, Spiny, I should have been more to the point.

The article steps around the fact that the Washington State Patrol has been enabling the protests. In spite of the anger and frustration of the public.

And if the WSP gets sued, the taxpayers will foot the bill.

There's a reason why most people loathe the current governor, Jay "Scooter" Inslee. He's been weaponizing state agencies to enforce his proclamations. This is but one example.

Paco said...

Jeff, for all I know, the mobilization of bikers might actually have been a rumor that my brother assumed was a true fact. When he gets back, I'll have to talk to him about that.

JeffS said...

Well, if so, your brother would not have been alone in that, Paco. But he might have better connections. I will be interested to hear what he has to say!