Saturday, July 4, 2020

Interesting, to say the least

"Remington Arms may file bankruptcy again, could be bought by Navajo Nation".


ck said...

The article says gun sales have been falling, oh yeah that's right. I hope the Navajo's buy it and place the manufacturing beyond the grip of the company killing unions. Remington bought DPMS which was a good competitive company in the AR business, they moved the production to a union operated plant and in no time they're belly up. It would be nice if they started manufacturing on Navajo land.

Veeshir said...

I was going to order a Remington Tac-14DM, now I think I'm going to get a Mossberg. I don't want to wait months while they straighten their stuff out.
If the Navajos do take it over, that could mean they move to AZ. That would be cool.

Paco said...

I think it's an interesting buy-out, for sure. I'd like to see Remington survive; it's an important part of our history. Although, the company has messed up over the last decade or so. For example, I heard that the quality of Marlin firearms declined after Remington bought the company in 2007. The only Marlin I have is a 336 (30-30) that I bought in the mid 80s, and it's always been a reliable shooter. And the only Remington is a Tac-13 pump, which I love.

Veeshir said...

The Tac-13 is the semi-auto version, that's why I'm getting the Tac-14.

I don't want a semi-auto shotgun. I want a pump action, that's why I'm getting the Tac-14.
After further consideration, I'm going with the Remington.
I've always been a Remington guy, my first 3 guns when I was in my teens were Remingtons, I'm used to the set up on them. Location of safety and whatnot.
If you have a shtf shotgun, you 'd better be very familiar with it.
Plus, I'm cheap, the Mossberg's MSRP is over 700 while the Remington is 560 or so.

The Mossberg has a 10 round mag while the Remington has 5, which I don't think is that big a deal. 5 rounds of 00 buckshot is pretty darn persuasive.

Paco said...

Right, right, I'm always getting the two mixed up (13 and 14). It is, of course, the Tac 14 that I have. Really smooth action, with (in my opinion) surprisingly non-wrist-breaking recoil.

JeffS said...

There's talk that should the Navajo tribe buy Remington, they would end AR-15 sales to the general public.

Which would be a real problem, if that rumor is true.

The Tac 14 does look interesting -- a shorty shotgun, magazine fed.

I'm a Mossberg guy, myself. I've thought about a 590, but never have taken the plunge. There's a magazine fed version (590M).

Veeshir said...

Jeffs, there are approximately 856 different manufacturers making ARs.
I was just wondering if Colt was bummed they stopped making ARs for civilians, considering the boom in sales.

I occasionally think about getting a 590 with a bayonet lug.
A 12 gauge with a bayonet is pretty intimidating. When the Germans want it made against the Geneva conventions, back when they were in the middle of trying to take over the world, you know it's bada**.

Thanks Paco, I was worried the action might have gotten cheap.

Paco said...

I've seen the 590s that actually come with a bayonet; pretty wild. Haven't seen them in a long time, though.

My Tac 14 has a tubular magazine. The Mossberg Shockwave has the advantage of possessing a 5-round tubular magazine, compared to the Tac 14's 4, but, as I think I mentioned recently, at the time I was shopping, I was looking for a raptor-grip "non-shotgun-shotgun" with wooden furniture, and, although Mossberg makes those, I couldn't find one, so I went with the Remington. No regrets, a great little firearm (it ought to be; it's based on the 870). Besides, if you're going with the dm, I imagine you get the same capacity as you would with a Mossberg.

I also have a Molot shotgun (the Vepr 12). Manufactured in Russia, I think imports were banned for a while because of sanctions once the company was bought by Kalashnikov (may still be banned, but maybe not; Kalashnikov now has a U.S. subsidiary, I think). I've got the 5-round mag it came with, but also purchased some 10-round mags. Heavy, mostly steel, very rugged, built, I believe, on the RPK platform.

JeffS said...

True, Veeshir, but I am thinking of the slippery slope. The gun grabbers do not hesitate to use baby steps to impose their hegemony on free Americans.

And a bayonet lug is why I've considered getting a 590.

How do the magazine fed shotguns handle? I've heard mixed reviews from the 3 Gunners I know.

ck said...

I've heard about the Marlin problems. I have a 2014 or 15 Marlin 336 also, it's been pretty much perfect. Very accurate(when I'm not being retarded) and I can't imagine a lever action gun getting much better.

Veeshir said...

I've read mag-feds work fine and watching some youtubes it seems to work well.

Firing an 1887 was easier than a stocked shotgun I found. I was very surprised. I braced myself heavily but it was no problem.

My buddy has a 590 with a bayonet.
I bet works great to clear it if you get your bayonet stuck in something.
You can even get a bayonet for it on Amazon. At least, you could a couple years ago, I'm not sure if you still can. It's very scary after all.

Same buddy has a SPAS-12, I don't really like it much. It's spotty on semi-auto and a pain to switch to pump. Typical Italian engineering. When it works, it works great. Then... it doesn't work.

Paco said...

Yeah, but being Italian, it sure looks purty!

JeffS said...

Thanks, Veeshir!

Spiny Norman said...

Gina Lollobrigida purty? That would be a lotta purty.

Paco said...

No, no, Italian-engineering-and-design purty. If it was Gina Lollobrigida purty, I'd probably just hang the gun on the wall.

Veeshir said...

I'd fondle it constantly.

To each his own I guess.