Monday, June 14, 2021

Happy Flag Day!

 Update and bumped (from one of my favorite movies, Big Trouble in Little China).

Much abused by leftist radicals and other idiots, Old Glory soldiers on.

Also, very happy birthday wishes to President Donald Trump!

On a comparatively minor note, it is the birthday of yours truly, as well. At 66, it is time to be grateful for small accomplishments.

H/T: Mrs. Paco


RebeccaH said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Paco sir. Many, many returns.

JeffS said...

Happy birthday, Paco!

One possible solution to the losing balance issue .... wear a kilt. Underwear is optional with one.

Nashville Beat said...

Happy birthday! May you have many more.

bruce said...

Best wishes Paco. It was a very good year. Never rode in limousines tho.

Veeshir said...

Happy Birthday Paco!
You and the guy who actually won the election.

Skeeter said...

Mrs Skeeter and I wish you a very Happy Birthday Paco, and many more of them!
But please don't consider yourself to be entering old age at 66.
Modern lifestyles and healthcare have allowed us to enter our 90s in a few months and we're both looking forward to many more years of being able to get our pants on while standing up.
We have been invited to a neighbour's 100th birthday on Thursday. She is living independently with a walking stick her only mobility aid. She attends the gym three days a week to do the same workouts as us.
Now, this should make you feel really young: All the aircraft I have flown are now found in museums. The year you were born is notable for me because it was the first time I flew faster than sound.

Paco said...

Well, thanks, Skeeter, that does put things into perspective! Lord, what a full and interesting life you (and Mrs. Skeeter) have led.

With respect to gyms, the only one I used to see regularly was in Fairfax County, as I drove past it on my way to the store to buy cigarettes. Which, I should point out, I gave up about 2 1/2 years ago.

Paco said...

Bruce: Next time J. Packington Paco III plans a trip down under on his yacht (the Jolly Codger) I'll ask him to swing by and take you for a ride in his 1939 Packard touring sedan (which he carries with him everywhere).

bruce said...

I shall keep a watch for the Jolly Codger's arrival, the natives will prepare a traditional feast and singsong.

rinardman said...

How about that, our birthdays are only one week apart.* Who knew?
A belated Happy Birthday, Paco!

*On the calendar, not the same year, though. 🙂

Paco said...

Many thanks for the nice b-day wishes, everyone!