Monday, June 14, 2021

I still have to go to Australia to get rigorous coverage of the disastrous Biden usurpation


Update  Biden is a silly old fool - who, unfortunately, happens to be president of the U.S. Here he is, apparently hoping that if he stays quiet long enough after a tough question from a reporter, everybody will fall asleep and he can tiptoe out of the press room without having to answer.

I do not think the farce of foisting this inflatable politician on the world as the actual leader of the United States is going to work much longer. Prepare yourselves for Kackling Kamala.


RebeccaH said...

Watching that video was just plain painful. I'm sure DOCTOR Jill was behind the scenes dancing from foot to foot, wanting to scream: "Joe! Say something!" said...

Sky News Australia is the white sheep of the family. Both AS and AK versions are separately owned, and are as bland as vanilla on vanilla.
It's great to see the local team scoring points worldwide.

Paco said...

They're informative and fun to watch!