Friday, June 18, 2021

Here's another firearm from the past

 Courtesy of Ian at Forgotten Weapons.


JeffS said...

Interesting history. Repeaters were fairly new, so I imagine there was competition for the best design.

But the magazine design of this one wasn’t effective. Oh, well .....

Veeshir said...

I have to stop looking at armslist.
Sure, it's full of people gouging on ammo or trying to sell a WASR10 ak for $2,000, but there are good deals in there too.
A WWII lend/lease S&W Victory revolver (model 10 I think) for less than $400 and a couple 100+ year old Winchester 1894s, 30wcf (30-30) and 38-55 wcf for $2200 for the pair or $1k for the 30-30 and 1200 for the other..
I shouldn't even look but I can't stop. I want that S&W bad and I'd really like the 38-55 wcf.

Paco said...

Yeah, I've been slowly getting addicted to Armslist, myself. The store which handles my transfers of online purchases in Wilmington has some pretty interesting stuff listed on Armslist, including an original Colt Lightning rifle in .38-40, and some nice Colt Police Positive revolvers.

That S&W Victory sounds sweet (I imagine it's chambered in .38 S&W?). $400 sounds like a really good price, depending on the condition. I've been window shopping for a .38-55 lever-action rifle, myself.

Paco said...

Jeff: The rifle does, indeed, have a weird feeding system.

Veeshir said...

I'd love a Colt Lightning. If I saw one of those near me, I'd own it. I used to have an Uberti copy but it sucked, it fed okay but only liked Hornady ammo, it would fire less than 50% of any other ammo.
The Victory is .38S&W. It has a copper-looking patina but the guy says it shoots fine.
I wonder if that copper color has something to do with that it was probably a Royal Navy guy's pistol. Maybe salt water messed with the bluing?