Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Strange. I didn't think this sort of thing was ordinarily a disqualifier for holding political office if you're a Democrat: "New Mexico Democrat Leader Steps Down After Fraud And Racketeering Allegations.

The Chamber of Commerce continues to work overtime selling rope to Bolsheviks: "Big Business Lobby Urges Lawmakers to Quickly Pass ‘Infrastructure’ Bill.

Mandates are for the little people: "White House Defends Obama’s Massive Birthday Bash that Defies CDC Coronavirus Concerns". 

Man, who could have seen that coming? "Portland Unable to ‘Find Police’ to Fight Crime Surge, Murder Rate Spike".

This is the same guy who's pleading with companies to come back to New York, right? "Gov Cuomo begs NY businesses to ‘go to vaccine-only admission’".

This is literally what I'm afraid of: "Government Promises To Wrap Up War On COVID As Quickly And Efficiently As The War On Terror".


JeffS said...

Portland is declining faster than Detroit did.

Suicide by self-immolation (even metaphorical) is painful to watch.

rinardman said...

Maybe that New Mexico Dimocrat screwed up because some of his victims were fellow Dimocrats. If he just targeted Republicans, he probably would have gotten some kind of award.

Veeshir said...

I've been seeing NYC tourism ads lately.
There's not a mask in sight in the ads.
AZ has mostly ditched masks, I can go to work and a supermarket without wearing one, even Walmart ditched them. I haven't had to wear one for more than a month, maybe more than 2.
I think of the poor bastards going to NYC and finding out they're demanding masks and vaccines even if you stay in your hotel room.

RebeccaH said...

I bet Dopey Joe wasn't invited to his "good friend" Barry's birthday bash. After all, he was never invited into the White House residence wing while Barry was holding court there.

Paco said...

I think the one time he got loose in the residential wing, Michelle had to order new towels.

Gregoryno6 said...

Regarding vax-only admissions in NY.