Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Is Andrew Cuomo on his way to becoming a non-person?

Nancy Pelosi:  "Recognizing his love of New York and the respect for the office he holds, I call upon the Governor to resign, since the whole point of being a Democrat is to not get caught".

I may have altered that quote a tad to make it more "truthy".

Interesting. You can make callous decisions which result in the deaths of thousands of vulnerable elderly citizens, and the donks look the other way. But carry on like a horn dog with your staff (too obviously, that is) and it's off to the trash heap you go. Not that the latter behavior is at all acceptable; it just doesn't seem to be quite as big a deal as, say, negligent homicide, and Cuomo has clearly been given a pass on that.

Hey, whatever it takes to derail this scoundrel's future political hopes, it's fine by me.


rinardman said...

I have to admit, Paco, you had me there for a second with the Pelosi quote. I thought, man, they really are getting more shameless about admitting the truth! :-)

RebeccaH said...

The Democrats want to ignore Cuomo's responsibility for thousands of nursing home COVID deaths because if they criticize him, it will blow back on them. In the beginning, they applauded his handling of COVID, and they praised him as the probable next Democrat demigod. There's no way to hide all that. But since he's been caught harassing and molesting women, well, that's something they can condemn and feel reasonably confident that the feminist harridans will back them up.

Stephen Skubinna said...

Too many other governors are vulnerable on that granny killing thing. The Dems can't afford for that to become an issue, although their tame media has done a good job of burying it. Better to let Cuomo take the fall for something entirely unrelated, that they can all sadly deplore and "tsk-tsk" over, than open a can of worms that risks Wolf and Whitmer and Inslee and even Newsome.

Paco said...

Rebecca and Stephen: I'm sure you're right. It just goes to underscore the rotten hypocrisy of the Democrat Party.

Veeshir said...

I'd say there's about a 75% chance he'll weather this storm.
It's NY, they expect their pols to be slimy, corrupt and dishonest.
Cuomo and Schumer are the epitome of NY pols.
They face no repercussions until they're out of office and then it's only for stealing and then, it's usually only for GOP pols with occasional NY legislature Dems.
So I'd bet nothing happens to him.

I will say I'm in favor of that outcome. NYers have the pols they vote for, I want them to get it good and hard.
Smug, superior and aggressively willfully-ignorant voters deserve what they get.
Yeah, I'm bitter about it, but being on the receiving end of their smug, superior, aggressively willful-ignorance has made me that way.

Paco said...

Smug, superior and aggressively willfully-ignorant voters deserve what they get.

A great description of what appears to be a majority of New York voters (at least, those in NYC); "aggressively willfully-ignorant" really does clarify, I think, the perverse voting habits of people who are convinced of their "street savvy", yet continue to put crooks and psychopaths in office. This is a primary reason why the concept of mere mathematical majorities of voters was rejected by the founders as a basis for self-government (and why that same concept is constantly pushed forward by Democrats, secure in their teeming urban strongholds).