Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Time to get in on the ground floor of our new rickshaw business!

 New York passes law that will ban all gas-powered car sales by 2035.


bruce said...

Ha! I guess the coolie runners pulling the rickshaws will have to be masked too, can't have them breathing on the higher-ups.

We could offer sedan chairs as well.

Veeshir said...

Covered palanquins for the swells bruce. That way they won't have to smell the proles.
Dollars to doughnuts says legislators will be exempt.

I will say I'm as in favor of this as my family in NY probably is.
I really want to see people buying new cars in NJ for say $30k and reselling them in NY the next day for $40k.
Then NY pols will outlaw importing cars from the US, then a smuggling/re-VINing business, complete with bribes to pols, will unexpectadly pop up.
The ad campaign might say I (heart) NY, but the motto of their betters is I (club) NY!

Paco said...

Oh, I like the idea of sedan chairs and fancy palanquins! You have to be careful, though.

rinardman said...

I guess all the Uber drivers will have to switch to rickshaws. They had better start getting in shape now, though.

Deborah said...

NY will look like a cross between North Korea (especially at night) and Cuba anytime with all the great old cars.

This reminds me of the push to rid the country of incandescent light bulbs. The replacement turned out to be highly toxic. They are supposed to be disposed of at an appropriate site.The packaging recommended calling HAZMAT when broken. Paco, do you still have any incandescents left?

Paco said...

Deborah: Well, I don't know. Could be I might have a few truckloads. You asking for yourself or a friend?