Thursday, January 20, 2022


Does the federal government , or any private entity, actually track flu deaths, breaking them down between the vaccinated and unvaccinated?  Because I'm thinking that if the Goebbels media tracked down flu deaths among people who did not get flu shots, and made a point of writing stories about these people every freakin' day - and, by the way, ignoring flu deaths among people who had received flu shots - they could make the same case for locking up this class of unvaccinated, too. 

But they don't, for some reason. Not that their advocacy for treating people who had opted not to get flu shots as pariahs would have any more legitimacy than the same argument applied to those refusing to get COVID shots, but why create a climate of fear over one and not the other? Is the flu just too much of an "institution", something people are too familiar with to worry about?


JeffS said...

I view nearly all of the COVID related "information" put forth by the federal/state/local government and/or media as fear mongering. Even our local fish wrap does it, sometimes subtlety, sometimes blatantly.

The whole COVID vaxxed/unvaxxed "reporting" has been, to put it mildly, skewed. There has been demonstrated data manipulation at all levels.

Not that the media much appreciates anything that fails to match up with The Narrative, of course.

I suggest following bad cattitude on Substack -- he has a good eye for statistics, and a knack for explaining them. I can generally follow the statistics, but I don't have his experience in parsing data sets for anomalies.

He was booted from Twitter because he keeps on pointing out issues with the vaccination program, as pushed by Fauci and crew. That's a recommendation, in my mind. He's up there with Dr. Malone.

Bad Cattitude's one detractor is that, for some reason, he rejects conventional grammar as applied to capitalization. Aside from that, he's quite readable.

And I think that you'll like this post of his!

Paco said...

Thanks for the tip, Jeff.

I love my mom but that's her said...

It's not a flu bug! It's...something I hear on the 6 o'clock news!

Stephen Skubinna said...

Well, we already know that they don't make a point of covering COVID deaths among the vaccinated, so that may be a clue.

Deborah said...

True. I wondered that very thing about last night's COVID statistics, especially since they were high. Another point of contention for me is the omission of population numbers because it is the context.

Deborah said...

My previous comment was in response to Steve Skubinna.

shall said...
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