Tuesday, January 31, 2023


"Hilarious Video of Vegans Vowing to Stop Livestock Truck, Learning a Hard Lesson"

Spoiler: the driver doesn't stop. Fortunately (?), no one was hurt.

The article includes a link to the following explanation (with a graph!) of the relevant math involved.


Stephen A Skubinna said...

Reminds me of when in the 80's some protesters were kneeling on a train track used by the Navy to transport ordnance to Weapons Station Concord (CA). They were beyond a bend in the track from the oncoming train, and apparently thought a loaded weapons train could stop like a Toyota.

One protester was dragged by the train a few yards and survived, but lost a leg. Something that anybody with an IQ above room temperature would have foreseen.

rinardman said...

Spoiler: the driver doesn't stop.

Female vegan: Jesuuus! What the f*** is wrong with him?

What is the word for 'clueless X 1000'? Megaclueless?

I also thought I could hear those hogs laughing. Which is nice of those vegans to give them one last laugh.

Stephen A Skubinna said...

This kind of thing would be avoided only if we had dedicated routes for motor vehicle traffic, which were somehow clearly understood so that pedestrians could avoid being run over.

Oh well. Yet another failure of Late Stage Capitalism. And White Supremacy. And the Patriarchy. Damn those cis white men and their trucks!

RebeccaH said...

Soyboy sounded kind of shaken up. I bet he won't try that anymore.

JeffS said...

Steve, that happened with the White Train, up here in Washington, in the 1990s.

The idiots were protesting nuclear weapons, and one clown sat on the tracks. He lost both legs.