Saturday, February 4, 2023


"Planned New FBI HQ Is Twice the Size of the Pentagon".

Paco World News Daily (PWND) has learned that the FBI will be sticking to a variation of the number-five geometric theme; however, whereas the Pentagon has five sides, the new FBI building will have an interior pentagonal shape plus circumscribed extensions, making it a pentacle.

Yeah, that sure looks like the home of the Good Guys, doesn't it. 


JeffS said...

Ah, real estate and real property, as managed by the OGUS! I won't comment on the well known construction "management" practices, and "equity" is just another means of grift for the corruptocrats.

But the "climate change" element is likely to bite them in the a$$. Happens every time.

Case in point, the headquarters building for the Seattle District Corps of Engineers. I've been there. It was built with "green funding" during the Obama Administration, and certainly a step up from the converted warehouse they used to be in. Beautiful interior, wood paneling (some of it carved), spacious, ergonomic work areas, great landscaping, the works. The architects had a lot of fun putting this together. The employees were excited!

The engineers were shaking their heads, though. The REAL engineers, that is, not the employees.

For example, all that glass meant NATURAL LIGHTING all day! Woo hoo! Well, yeah, except keeping the building temperature at a steady level is very expensive. Some employees have to apply sun screen to work at their stations, or get sun burned.

AND there's a group of employees who do nothing but clean the windows, constantly. The site is in a port, with lots of smoke, exhaust, sea spray, and ... seagulls.

All of this is above and beyond the fact that the Effing Bee Eye likely has dark plans for a headquarters that can be blocked off from the rest of the world. God knows their transparency is severely lacking. To put it mildly.

RebeccaH said...

I can't wait to see how many billions of dollars this is going to cost. The only saving grace is that, given current work efforts, it will take decades to build.

Paco said...

When my agency's main building was undergoing major repairs and remodeling, I noticed on the sign out front that one of the principal contractors was some company affiliated with Biden's idiotic brother Jim. There were numerous delays and cost overruns.

I'll tell you a government building I really liked: the headquarters of the U.S. Geological Survey, in Reston, Va. I was there for a week-long management seminar six or seven years ago, and there are many big windows onto shady forest settings, and sometimes deer come up close to the building. Also, there are a lot of geological specimens on display here and there throughout the building. Their cafeteria isn't too shabby, either.

rinardman said...

Isn't it funny (i.e., predictable) how easy it is for a government agency spending other people's money to get large and fancy, when average and conservative would be all that is really needed?

When I was a kid, there was a lot of oil well drilling around this area, and some of the luckier farmers would do quite well with the wells on their land. Because of this, a joke developed that said "Sure, he can get a new tractor when that (oil well) pump jack is sitting in his field nodding 'Yes' to the question "Can I afford a new tractor?"

The government equivalent to oil pumps nodding 'yes', is free-spending politicians nodding 'yes'.

Veeshir said...

So.... they're expanding the IRS and the FBI. the two agencies tasked with going after Americans.
That cannot be good.