Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Remember the old days, when the Koch brothers were conservative fanatics?

Good times, good times. "Far-Left Koch and Soros operatives mount lobbying campaign to revive Iran nuclear deal".

Of course, the Koch brothers were never actually conservative; the media simply used some of their business-friendly and low-tax positions to make them out as such in order to club their friend George Bush - and we all know now that the Bush dynasty wasn't conservative, either, just a pack of corporatist, uniparty shills whose brief success at obtaining power was resented by their envious and more ideologically-driven confrères on the left

Maybe some day soon there will be a genuine faceoff between the Left and real conservatives, instead of the awkward dance routine featuring Democrats and RINOs that we've been enduring for so long.


Stephen A Skubinna said...

Over the past decade, I have been astounded by the number of "libertarians" who have turned out to be hard left statists. 2016 was probably the wake up for me, when the Libertarian Party did what I would have thought impossible: run a gun control libertarian and a big government libertarian on the Presidential and VP ticket.

Veeshir said...

You could see mainstream libertarians go all Deep State. Reason has even argued for more gov't control.
They're basically libertines and liberaltarians.
Except Ron Paul's folks, they were the ones who had it right.
Which is about scary.

Paco said...

Stephen: Yes, their drift (or was it a march?) toward the Left has been something to see. A few libertarians I have known were, in reality, Republicans who had ripped the labels off, because of the inferiority many of the breed feel in the company of Democrats. Inside the beltway, particularly, I'd see cowering Republicans masquerading as libertarians or independents because of their fear of being viewed as gauche by members of their class who were overwhelmingly of the Democrat persuasion.

Veeshir: "Liberaltarians" is a good descriptive term.