Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Get to know your government employees

"Senior Pentagon Official Charged for Involvement in Dogfighting Ring".

An FBI agent noted that authorities have been investigating the dogfighting ring, which called itself the “DMV Board,” for years. Members of the DMV Board had exchanged messages about training fighting dogs, exchanging videos, arranging fights and wagers, and comparing methods to kill dogs that lost fights.

I think an appropriate punishment would be to strip the clothes off these people, dip them in a vat of pork gravy, and heave them into the exercise yard of the dog pound. 


RebeccaH said...

I had a boss for a while who was black. He used to tell us about how his father and friends trained dogs to fight by feeding them hot sauce and beating them. When we, the women in the office, expressed shock he just shrugged and said it was part of "the culture". Not necessarily black culture either. I remember seeing homes in the countryside where multiple roosters were kept chained to little shelters, and my dad said those were places that raised chickens for chicken-fighting. It's all illegal now, thank God, but it still happens.

rinardman said...

...heave them into the exercise yard of the dog pound.

I'm afraid those dogs would just want to lick the gravy off. Better to throw them into their own dog fighting ring filled with the dogs trained to fight...and hangry!

Stephen A Skubinna said...

And in unrelated news, the Biden's Administrations (now former) Iran envoy has been running an Iranian spy ring in the US.

Wish I could be surprised, but given the Obama/Biden approach to Iran, can't muster the energy. My only response was "Oh, that explains everything then."

Veeshir said...

Maybe we could have the dog owners from that ring fight in some gladiator games.
Or just put them in the ring with starving tigers or something.
Go all Roman on them.