Thursday, April 18, 2024


The Resident in the Oval Office thinks Israel was planning to invade...Haifa (which happens to be Israel's third largest city). 

Yes, a mere slip of the lip. But it happens all the time, and there are plenty of nominal grownups in the administration who are only too happy to cover for this imbecile. 

I have this dark fantasy that the world is going to go up in a nuclear conflagration soon because, one night, Joe Biden will neglect to take his Donepezil.


RebeccaH said...

Haifa, Rafah, tomato, tomahto. It's all that same hazy blob of a world to Dirty Old Joe.

Paco said...
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Stephen A Skubinna said...

Are we certain "Haifa" was a slip of the tongue? I mean, if Joe wants to pander to his base (hint: he does) then it's no slip at all. His base demands the end of "Occupied Palestine," which non lefties know as Israel. And being in "Occupied Palestine," Haifa certainly should be Judenrein (to use the quaint DNC approved term of art).