Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

I am shocked that a major political party could offer up a candidate who has such little experience in foreign policy, national security and health care.

But since the Democrats have decided to do that , they really can’t complain about Sarah Palin, now, can they? In fact, she’s had more executive experience than Obama, plus she’s a pork-buster to boot.

Frankly, I think this is an exciting choice. The only “dirt” on her, so far, is that she has been accused of pressuring the state troopers to fire her brother-in-law, ostensibly for personal reasons. Well, just take a gander at this from Confederate Yankee and let me know if you think the guy was fit to wear a police uniform.

Somewhere, Hillary is holding her sides, laughing her gluteus maximus off.

BTW, don’t miss these fun facts about Sarah Palin (also via Confederate Yankee).

Update: And you won't be seeing Obama or Biden in anything like this kind of setting (H/T to Currency Lad).

Update II: Hey, John Edwards is going to give a speech, too. Word on the street is that the stage will be set up like a hotel room, complete with champagne bottle in a bucket of ice and a porn video stream on a plasma TV. The subject of his speech (per Brit Hume): "The American Dream."


missred said...

somehow i doubt hillary is laughing..
what a wonderful choice
a musical tribute is on my blog.. but then you dont list me ;(

the_real_jeffs said...

Of course they can complain about Palin, Paco. The Dhimmicrats are not above lying, after all.

But I'm certain that Hillary is chortling with glee. But she might not do so in 2012; if McCain decides not to run again, and Palin steps up to the plate, Hillary will have herself a serious opponent.

Paco said...

Missred: One of those hollow, mirthless laughs, perhaps.

missred said...

the real jeffs.. hillary is a sarah wannabee
sarah has convictions hillary has nothing

the_real_jeffs said...

Heck, missred, Hillary is practically a black hole for good intentions. Put a good thought in front of her, and it vanishes like a bit of hamburger down a garbage disposal.

Anonymous said...

...and it vanishes like a bit of hamburger down a garbage disposal.

That's no way to talk about President Clinton.

mojo said...

Palin by comparison:

Two words - common sense

You can get by ok in the city without it if you (as Warren Zevon put it) "live on the Upper East side and never go down in the street."

It might even be a positive boon i n that context. But how many people live in that context? Paris Hilton? Chuck Schumer?


In the backwoods of Alaska it's a different matter. In the backwoods, stupid kills. Not immediately, perhaps, but over time, quite inevitably.

Think of it as "evolution in action."

I'm very pleased with the choice.

Can you tell?

the_real_jeffs said...

That's no way to talk about President Clinton.

I dunno, C.L., is he the hamburger or garbage disposal in this analogy? ;-p

In the backwoods, stupid kills.

mojo, how true that is. Alaska is mostly a howling wilderness, with a few pinpricks of civilization here and there. Wolves run around the edges of Fairbanks and Anchorage, for example. Sometimes they foray in as well.

I didn't do much traveling outside of the urban areas of Alaska when I was stationed there, in large part because I wasn't familiar with it, lacked the equipment (it was at home), and didn't have the time to find a suitable mentor. Entering the wilderness (even the national parks) means ramping up your situational awareness; that ain't Kansas by any stretch of the imagination.

So Palin is well aware of just how thin the veneer of civilization truly is on this planet.

A wise choice indeed.

RebeccaH said...

First of all, I'm pleased with the choice of Palin for VP, for a number of reasons. But because I do not agree with all of her political philosophy, I'm not so giddy as some.

That said, let's let her serve in the office of VP for a term or two before we consider her for 2016 presidential bid. All in all, I think she might be a viable choice for then, but that's a lot of years away. Plenty of time for her to screw up, as so many good ones have before.

Mr. H says that I am a wet blanket. I prefer to think of myself as realistic (or as having let myself fall too many times because of my overenthusiasm).

I want Palin to succeed. I desperately want the McCain/Palin ticket to win in November, because I fear the Obasocialist future. But I'm not expecting rainbows and unicorns, and neither should you.