Sunday, November 30, 2008

There May Not Always Be an England

The long line of distinguished English jurists includes such great names as...

Sir Edward Coke

Matthew Hale

Sir William Blackstone

But somehow the English have now wound up with Stephen Hockman

Among Hockman's brilliant ideas is the acceptance of Sharia Law in Britain, and the creation of a world court to administer climate change regulations.

Thank you Stephen Hockman for inspiring today's motivational poster!


blogstrop said...

Tell him he's dreamin'.

the_real_jeffs said...

Are those wigs impregnated with lead, or maybe LSD?

No, wait.....sorry, I double checked, it's natural stupidity. Dang.

yojimbo said...

"We surrender to everything and everyone, just get in line."

RebeccaH said...

Yet another sad illustration of how far the Merrie Olde has fallen.

JeffS said...

Here's a new title for your poster, Paco:

"Putting the 'dim' in 'dhimmi'."

bruce said...

Dhimmi maybe, but the Brits have often enough been admirers of the Muslims:

- TE Lawrence and his Seven Pillars (Seven! Rather Olympian, eh what?).