Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1) Joe Biden isn’t often right, and when he is it’s usually by accident, but when he said that Obama would be tested in the first few months of his presidency, he was right as rain (more on the rattling of nutbucket sabers from the Belmont Club and Jennifer Rubin).

2) Links within links: Suzanna Logan has a great roundup of links to some blogs you ought to get to know better (plus a special bouquet for yours truly).

3) Stacy McCain – who has more RINO heads mounted on the wall of his den than anybody else I can think of – is getting some help from American Spectator intern Helen Rittelmeyer.

4) I’m beginning to think that the history of the Left is nine parts irony.

5) Richard McEnroe at Three Beers Later puts Twitter in context.

6) The sweet, sweet sound of GM bondholders giving the board a Bronx cheer.

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