Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ahmadinejad plans on throwing a rock (probably like a girl) at Israel


"Hey, aren't these things supposed to come with pointy white hoods?"


Anonymous said...

Aren't Muslims supposed cleanse themselves before embarking on pilgrimage? Well, whatever they use to do it will never be sufficient in Ahmadinejad's case. However, fire may do the trick. Oh, wait...Satan is his best bud.

Deborah Leigh

richard mcenroe said...

A-jad throws a rock. Israeli throws a .338 Lapua.

I'm good with it.

bruce said...

The 21st century looks more and more like the years BC (except the Persians then were pro-Israel)

'A TURKISH immigrant who claimed he was performing a traditional dance with violent-looking moves as he beat his wife has been convicted of assault by a New Zealand judge.'

bingbing said...

That'll teach those evil Juice.