Monday, December 27, 2010

So, what did Santa bring you guys?

I received a Kindle. Joy in the morning! This is going to be great for those long meetings at work where I am subjected to the dreary maundering of human tranquilizers and have to fight constantly against falling asleep and toppling out of my chair. The Kindle will fit inconspicuously between the covers of my notebook, and I can stare at it, a pensive expression plastered on my face, looking, for all my colleagues know, as if I am drinking in the proceedings with deep interest. There is, of course, one hazard: the dreaded question, "So, what's your opinion, Paco?" I generally find that something along the lines of, "I definitely think you're on the right track" or "what is the impact on resources?" seems to demonstrate sufficient evidence that I've been paying attention.

And since a lot of the stuff I read is old and in the public domain, I've already managed to find and download a couple of books, free of charge (one by Wodehouse and one by Rafael Sabatini).

Thank you, Santa Mrs. Paco!


Skeeter said...

Me too, Paco.
Our son unexpectedly gave me a Kindle for Christmas.
He was a little late (Boxing Day) getting his order in, but I should have it in 2 to 3 weeks.
At last, something to keep me awake while Mrs Skeeter watches the TV.

Robert Blair said...

I got Glenmorangie single malt (my favourite) and a bunch of actual books.

A book downloading tip for you Paco - Australia has looser copyright rules. Gutenberg Australia has many books that Gutenberg doesn't have:

Paco said...

I think you'll like it, Skeeter.

Robert: I'll keep my eyes open for good things from down under. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's a good tip, Robert Blair. I've been to that site and could spend hours there! Look for Dr. Wdiger's Library (there's a link on the home page). He's got a section on Jefferson that includes digital photos of Jefferson's draft of the Declaration with edits by Franklin and Adams.

Books are searchable, which I think is one of the best features.

Have fun with it, Paco.


Anonymous said...

I think I want one for my next birthday, Paco. I have little luck even having time to read a book these days. Staying awake during regular 'book reading' time is difficult these days.

Thanks for the recommendation on a book for the ol man for Christmas - he says he's gonna love it!

Anonymous said...

remember Fred Flintstone's line when he was impersonating a tycoon,
"Who's baby is that?"
"I go along with that!"

Sorry, I can't use Kindle, had one for some time now but only dead wood will do for me for reading. Somehow it's just not the same.


TimT said...

Paco, that sounds like a plan. It takes me back to days at the old public school, when, while all the class around me was in uproar - the sort of uproar that only teenage kids can create in a public school environment - and while the teacher struggled to deal with the uproar, I would quietly sit and read my book.

Once it's true another kid complained that the books I read had nothing to do with the subject being studied, but the teacher replied, "at least he's quiet".

I see no reason why this shouldn't be emulated at any of the ridiculous meetings I have to attend as an office drone.

bruce said...

Bing Crosby in 'Going My Way' among other things. Wonderful.

RebeccaH said...

I got a month on a beach in Florida (Dec. 17 thru Jan. 15), while SW Ohio is buried in five inches of snow. I've already managed to burn my face and shins, and my lips look like sausages (and not in the sexy, Angelina Jolie way), but I'm having a pip of a time, especially with the kids and grandkids just down the beach for at least another week. Best Christmas present ever!

No Kindle this year, but I've got a honkin' big book to fill in the time.

Paco said...

Rebecca: Ah, how I envy you! I just got through taking Mabel - the official dog of Paco Enterprises - for a walk, and the chill wind cut right through my coat.

richard mcenroe said...

So how big a pile of global warming did you get at Paco Palace?

Paco said...

Just a dusting of snow, but extremely high winds (30-35 mph, gusting to 50); highs in the mid to upper 30s.

JeffS said...

I visited a lot of relatives -- three cities over 5 days -- played with the kids, annoyed my brothers, and in general had an excellent time!

I didn't get much for Christmas, mostly gag gifts and candy as I'm hard to buy presents for. This included a GI Joe "Real American Hero" action figure, complete with hand grenades, M16 assault rifle with an M203 grenade launcher, and dog tags. The dude stands on a pedestal with the engraving, "GI JOE -- A REAL AMERICAN HERO".

That's going to the office for prominent display. Because I can.

Anonymous said...

That's not a gag gift, JeffS - that's a Tribute!