Thursday, June 30, 2011


William Shawcross is in danger of being stripped of the American Spectator’s first J. Gordon Coogler award.

Richard McEnroe has a video of the Obama legacy (described in in under four minutes; not sure that’s long enough).

Mr. Bingley looks at a tale of two dicks.

Pixie Place has several good music clips, including one of the great Chet Atkins playing a duet with Jerry Reed (the classic “Summertime”).

Do not miss this hilarious collection of actual word verifications (H/T: The Shadowlands).

Looks like Obama may have to completely drain the Strategic Oil Reserve to have an impact on his poll numbers gasoline prices (or better yet, how about just lifting the “permitorium”?)

Troglopundit hopes to benefit from increasingly loose court interpretations of the Constitution.

Kae’s dog plays innocent.

People who know more about economics than Barack Obama: John Mariotti, James Taranto, Jim Hoft, and, er, Lindsay Lohan.

Mika Brzezinski, of MSNBC, recently implied that Sarah Palin was famous for being famous – you know, like Paris Hilton. At least Sarah’s not trading on the name of her famous father.


rinardman said...

And Mika Brzezinski is famous for being....wait a minute...who?


Paco said...


kc said...

Paco, I have it on good authority that Kae's dog IS 'innocent.'

No, really! 8D

WV: museuhk...ya gotta be kiddin' me - even I know there's no 'h' in music!

Minicapt said...

Boy dogs are always innocent, just ask them.