Friday, August 17, 2012

The First Narcissist is now glorifying himself in State Department documents

So-called "Fact Sheets" have replaced traditional background reports, and they include a heaping helping of self-serving Obamaganda.

He'll be erecting statues of himself in our major cities soon.

Or worse...


Anonymous said...

Too bad the sad, hateful racists that hate black people as President can't prompt up Mittens to be the next Ray-gun, the fasley paint a picture of the president as a shallow, power-hungry narcissist, which he is not!

I'm wondering if any of the people bashing Obama for the state department daring to use his name in the new version bothered to check to see if Bush was referenced in the ones put out under his administration.

The irony runs thick in this thread.

Paco said...

As a matter of fact, if you had read the article all the way through, you would have seen that the previous reports mentioned past presidents rarely, if at all.

If you think it's impossible for a black person to be incompetent, or narcissistic or shallow, then you'd better examine your own outlook for racism. Or you can continue to respond to the mounting evidence of this president's self-importance, power-lust and ineptitude with an "Is not!" and be dismissed for the unthinking partisan you are.

JeffS said...

That should be "Is not, RAAAAACISTS!!!, Paco. Herr Anonymous makes it pretty clear that anyone not agreeing with this most recent bout of the Norkification* of America is a racist.

*: "Nork" = "North Korea". In this context, this refers to the unthinking, hysterical worship of Dear Leader as a not-so-minor deity.