Friday, November 9, 2012

Surely not

I’ve seen a few news articles and blog posts that seem to seriously include Joe Biden in the handicapping of the 2016 Democratic nomination. That’s what I call extremely long odds, given that Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly interested in the nomination, but after this past Tuesday, who knows? A Biden victory would certainly underscore one of Marx’s best known lines: history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.

Oh, and the surest way for Ann Coulter to completely lose her credibility – with me, anyway - is to ever again promote the presidential aspirations of Governor Sandy McLardass.

On a related topic, I agree with Michael Thornberry:
"Our liberals can beat their liberals" is not a battle cry Republicans can follow to victory. Even if it were, such a "victory" would be as hollow as a tennis ball.

The Democrats are unapologetically the party of the left. If Republicans would ever stop mincing around and start being the full-service party of the right they might get somewhere. As it stands, Republicans continue to natter on about the "electability" of yet another moderate, politically correct, Marquis of Queensberrry, oh-so-polite candidate who refuses to pin the tail on the odious donkeys and as a result gets his rear handed to him by Democrats who never hesitate to throw the fastball high and tight.
Amen. A Republican Party that would be a “full-service party of the right” might have trouble at the national level for another cycle or two, but I believe it would greatly lend itself toward the creation of a powerful grassroots movement that could begin rebuilding the party from the ground up, starting at the all-important local, county and state levels. As things inevitably get worse over the coming years as a result of the Democrats’ statist policies, there is at least a chance that, demographic changes notwithstanding, a large proportion of the electorate will eventually catch up with the novel idea that the touchstone for many good things, including economic prosperity, is individual liberty and the reduction of the scope and expense of government. If we truly believe in what we’ve been advocating, then either the majority of people ultimately come to accept our philosophy or they don’t – but they’re definitely not likely to if Republicans don’t do anything but offer a “Me too” program. For all our sakes, let us at least provide a clear and consistent alternative to the present madness: a ray of hope for the believers, and a beacon of enlightenment for the currently benighted who may well tire of their role as domesticated ruminants in the Democratic pasture once they’ve seen the dreary, soul-destroying aspects of American liberalism up close.


Albury Shifton said...

Let's remember that it was also Annn Coulter who scolded all those who didn't want Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee. She said he was the only one capable of beating Teh Won.

Steve Skubinna said...

Well, make fun of Joe Biden all you want, but at least he isn't that totally stoopid Sarah Palin!

I mean, can you imagine? If McCain had won in '08 we'd have that dopey Palin as Vice President, making plans to run in '12.

Whoa, we sure dodged a bullet, huh? Right now the only positive aspect I can imagine of a Hilary Presidential run is the thought of her choking the everliving shit (a technical term) out of Smirkin' Joe Biden during the first debate. She does that, she's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Debit Leigh said... The thought of Joe running should be cause for concern because the clueless voters will "pull the lever" for him as easily as his "Master" pulls his strings.

The Republican Party needs to get back to it's basics. Make it clear what they stand for and do not compromise those values and principles.

Robert of Ottawa said...

The major impediment to de-Socializing a socialist state structure tha Obama wants is the Nomenklatura thats is installed.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I understand that Hispanics went more to Obama and whites turned out 8 million less. That's why O won, not because of policy.

There is no need to go left; be honest right, just appeal to these people as well.

Yojimbo said...

Happy 237th Birthday to the USMC.

Also coming close to Remembrance Day "downunder".

RebeccaH said...

... once they’ve seen the dreary, soul-destroying aspects of American liberalism up close.

If they didn't notice it in the last four years, how are they going to recognize it in the next four?

Paco said...

Rebecca: It's probably got to get a whole lot drearier and hopeless before it makes a dent in the thick skulls of many of our fellow citizens.