Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday funnies

At last, a device (ouch!) that helps me (yow!) limit my time on the internet (owww!)

There are no stupid questions. Or are there?

I wonder how Ace feels about the selection of Ben Affleck to play Batman.

We know, we know...

Steve Burri's got your border security right here.

Hey, stop playing with your food.

Whoa, what's that smell?

Clothing malfunction from Bringing Up Baby:

Emergency Update: they're coming.


RebeccaH said...

Good ones, Paco. Especially Ace's Ben Affleck.

Paco said...

The opposition to Affleck seems to be well nigh universal.

Minicapt said...

I think Ben is well suited for the role and will make a splendid 'Batman'. Obviously Ace is feeling hurt because the role will interfere with his "relationship" with "Le Bon Ben".


Anonymous said...

Deborah ....Paco, it's like "National Treasure" when one story leads to another. The copper thief led to a story of a Atlanta church that was gutted by copper/metal thieves. The congregation of 50 doesn't know where they will go, but are trusting in the Lord.

That story led to the Massachusetts man who made a replica of a beloved church that was demolished. He made it out of 20,000 LEGOs. That was amazing, but even more so was why. The church was demolished for a housing development. This is the new America...taking God out of the community.