Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Terrorism strikes Canada

A gunman (a Muslim convert, who woulda figured?) shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, an army reservist standing guard at the National War Memorial, and then ran into the Parliament building, where he himself was shot and killed by House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.

May God bless the soul of Cpl. Cirillo, and his family and friends. And hats off to Mr. Vickers, for stopping the terrorist before he spilled any more blood.

H/T: Captain Heinrichs


bruce said...

I'm impressed with Vickers.

It's reassuring to know such men still exist.

rinardman said...

It's reassuring to know such men still exist.

And that they are still allowed to carry a gun, to do their job.

I'm afraid, with the rise of the IS as a breeding ground, this sh!t will become all too common in a world full of muslims.

rinardman said...

I just heard Prime Minister Harper's response.

So that's what a leader says!

I thought it was supposed to start with "We're all shaken....