Monday, December 15, 2014

Mark Levin vs. the Vichy Republicans

I was able to listen to a little of Mark Levin's radio broadcast tonight, and he was pouring boiling oil on Boehner, McConnell and company for their total uselessness. And it was well deserved boiling oil.

The Boehner-McConnell GOP transformation project is nearly complete.

Or, to put it another way...

Update: Yet another version (H/T: R-Man, in the comments)

Cartoon courtesy of Legal Insurrection


rinardman said...

Did you see Branco's cartoon over at LI, today?

RebeccaH said...

A pox on both Houses.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Something I posted on Small Dead Animals:

The biggest of all dangers for conservatives is a candidate that runs right but votes RINO.

The problem for establishment candidates of conservative parties is they do not understand that the guys on the ground want right and will not turn out for a RINO, or CINO in Canada.

They are generally well-funded and think they do not need the schmoes on the ground. Of course, they loose 15-255% of their vote by doing so.