Thursday, May 31, 2018


President Trump to pardon Dinesh D'Souza.

We can only hope: "The words 'deep state' evoke images of evil geniuses carrying out schemes in hollowed-out mountains with submarine entrances. What if they’re not that smart, though? Just malicious?"

An outcome devoutly to be wished...

Britain: going...going...

If you think Florida Man is quite the character, wait until you meet Florida Woman (seriously, though, I hope she gets the help she needs).

Obama advisor and Hillary supporter Ben Rhodes learns there ain't no Santa Claus (or if there is, he decided Ben should be on the naughty list).

Google: just tellin' it like it ain't.

We really need to soundproof the attic; ol' Uncle John is making those strange noises again.

Possible job potential for a retiree?

Susan Rice: Where did I go wrong?

Darned kids. Always rebelling against their parents. Seems that John David Rice-Cameron, the son of Obama administration fixture, Susan "The Video Made them Do It" Rice, is a conservative Republican. And not just any conservative Republican: he's the pro-Trump president of Stanford's College Republicans.

Update: Friend and commenter Isophorone pointed out that the original link was busted. I have replaced it with a link to a different article on the same subject. For some reason, Fox News links always seem to break after a short while.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Good advice

"Never, ever, ever trust a member of the Washington DC UniParty."

I worked in commercial banking for years, and whenever a loan officer announced that he or she was quitting to take a position with another bank, there was no nonsense about letting them hang around. They would formally give two weeks notice, and then be ushered out of the bank within 24 hours of announcing that they were resigning. The bank didn't want them around to crib information to take with them for future business development, so out they went. And no hard feelings; everyone knew that's how it worked.

I devoutly wish that, once a senator or congressman announced his retirement, a figurative (or even a literal) trapdoor would open up under his feet, so that he could be shot immediately out onto the pavement. He could even be permitted to hang on to as much loot as he could cradle in his arms. Just get rid of him.

The Onion is now obsolete

Yet another piece of multi-culti stupidity out of Not-So-Great-Britain: "London cyclists too white, male and middle class, says capital's cycling chief in vow to tackle diversity 'problem'".

Yes, that's right. London has a "cycling commissioner". And there's a "problem" (you knew there had to be):
Too few women and people from ethnic minority groups cycle in London and more must be done to promote diversity among a largely white, male and middle class biking community, the city’s walking and cycling commissioner has said.
I suppose you could force white men off of their bicycles at gun-point (or perhaps "baton-point", since this is gun-phobic England, after all) and hand the bicycles over to women and favored minorities. But can these people be compelled to ride them? I know: threaten them with "breaching the peace" if they refuse to start riding.

The next big problem: how to get over the hazard of burkhas getting tangled up in the pedals.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


"Cindy McCain Likely to Succeed Husband John McCain in Senate".

Enough with husband/wife dynasties, please.

Don't forget scissors, your honor

"Judge calls for 10in pointed kitchen knives to be ground down to a rounded end after hearing three serious stabbing cases in last three months".

Too bad there's no one around to Make Britain Great Again. Quite the opposite, as the arrest of activist Tommy Robinson and the government-mandated news blackout surrounding him illustrates. More from Mark Steyn here, and Robert Spencer here.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

In honor of those who gave all.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Curses! All is discovered!

A sharp progressive has picked up on the fact that square dancing is a "tool of white supremacy".

Someone better notify our most prominent agent to lie low for a while.

Sunday funnies

Wanted: dairy farmers with really small hands.

Hey, I didn't need instruction to learn this method of surviving a knife attack...

It's on! Millenial vs. Baby Boomer...

Guy attacks Brit Hume in a three-word Tweet, gets two-thirds of it wrong.

"You can't say that, comrade."


"Because it's true".

Via Powerline's "The Week in Pictures"

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The "London-to-Langley Spy Ring"

An interesting piece in The American Spectator by George Neumayr on British/American collusion in the affair President Trump has designated "Spygate".

I wonder what the shade of Kim Philby has to say about all this?


Friday, May 25, 2018

Yeah, what's up with that?

Hillary was spotted in Boston today wearing a scarf and a heavy coat while the temperature climbed into the eighties.

My own theory is that her exoskeleton is in the shop for a lube job.

Speaking of Boston, the city's police commissioner had some pretty predictable things to say about guns, in comments he made about the recent House vote to liberalize concealed-carry laws. But what I really wanted to point out was this fellow's unusual physiognomy. He looks like the love child of Arwen Undómiel and Pa Kettle.

Clint Walker, RIP

I missed this by a few days, but wanted to note the passing of Clint Walker, one of my favorite TV western heroes. He'll always be Cheyenne, to me.

Happy Feet Friday

Here's Lowell Fulson from 1948 with some more of that proto-rock-and-roll.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Looks like the Dems have developed a winning platform

Via friend and commenter JeffS.

Pelosi is truly a witch. But she needs to be more careful in public: lately she's been gabbling her incantations out loud.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

John Brennan, "Mastermind"

John Brennan's attempt at blowing up Trump's presidency looks to be about as successful as the pathetic scheme of Guy Fawkes. George Neumayer at The American Spectator covers Brennan's role in this farce in detail. I find it particularly hilarious that Brennan used a bogus tip from Estonia's intelligence agency to start the ball rolling. I wonder how that went?

The scene: John Brennan's bedroom, well past midnight.

"Psssst! John! Oh, Johhhhnnnnyyyy!"

"Z-z-z-z...*Cough!*...Ummm...Gus Hall, he's our man, if he can't do it, nobody can-n-n...Z-z-z-z..."

"Ach! Vat a kakker! Vake up, John! I haff news fur yew!"

"Huh? Wha...what's that? Who are you? How did you get in here?"

"I yam Estonian secret agent, at your service! Ve are ver' gewd at de late night sneakings."

"Gawrsh! An Estonian secret agent! So, Estonia...That's somewhere near the Bahamas, right?"

[Sotto voce: "Ach, sa oled idioot!"] "No, is Baltic Republic".

"Oh, so down around Serbia."

"Is BALTIC republic, not Balkan republic! Never mind. Listen. Yew haff great hatings for dis fellow Trump, yes?"


"Gewd, gewd. I haff information dat yew can use against his presidential campaign. De Ruskis are giffing him much rubles. Yew take dat back to your FBI and tell, yes? Giff dis feller Trump much trouble."

"But how do I know this is true?"

"Yew haff vord of Estonian secret agent! Estonians never lie. Vell-known fact."

"But I don't even know your name or your position as an Estonian secret agent."

"Of course not! Vouldn't be a secret, denn, vould it?"

"Hmm. M'yes, you've got a point there. Thanks for the information. I'll get right on this."

"Jah, jah, yew do dat. You are needing anyt'ing else - more political secrets, birch firewood, dates vit' pretty Estonian girls whose favorite t'ings are including reindeer, herring sandwiches and taking de long valks on ice floes - ve are being glad to provide. Head aega, Johnny!"

* * * * * * * * *

The following morning...

"Ok, boss. The seed has been planted. The soil is not too deep, but there's plenty of fertilizer, so this idea looks like a winner."


Even MS-13 gang members know they're animals

"An MS-13 gang member nicknamed 'Animal' has been convicted and sentenced to prison for the murder of a 15-year-old boy in East Boston".

Hey, Nancy Pelosi, looks like the "divine spark" in this guy fizzled out.

Update (via Ace):

Monday, May 21, 2018

Happy 6th!

Mrs. Paco and I went to Virginia Beach this past weekend to help granddaughter Maggie celebrate her 6th birthday. Here she is taking a whack at her cake with a knife, and scarfing down pizza with her friends.

Happy anniversary, Bob!

Bob Mueller's absurd investigation celebrated its one-year anniversary the other day.

You ought to at least get a cake, Bob.

Update: John Brennan weighs in on President Trump's call for an investigation of John Brennan and his gang, and Paco World News Daily (PWND) is there to capture the ex-CIA chief's reaction:

"Stop enabling the kakistocracy!"

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The latest twist in gun control

Just refuse to honor credit card charges for services and products already sold.

Sunday funnies

From "The Week in Pictures" at Powerline

If the problem hadn't gotten fixed, the situation would have called for an unprecedented level of cooperation for the rest of their lives: "Wildlife officials rescue six squirrels with tails tangled together".

Bird version of dancing in the end zone.

I'm not sure this satirical piece is so far from becoming a likely outcome in the future: "Episcopal Priest Forced To Resign After Revealing He Believes In God".

Also from the Babylon Bee: "Bigoted Boy Scouts Welcome Girls But Still Exclude All 49,247 Other Genders".

Yeah, that sounds plausible: "Mutant Elephants with Woolly Mammoth DNA Might Save Us From Global Warming by Knocking Down Trees."

Friday, May 18, 2018

Happy Feet Friday

The Will/Bradley/Ray McKinley orchestra (McKinley on vocals) performs that sentimental ballad, "All That Meat, and No Potatoes".

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Have we reached peak Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Possibly not, but maybe we're closing in. Democrats and their allies in the media took umbrage at Trump referring to MS-13 thugs as "animals" (first, of course, they tried to squeeze some mileage out of the lie that the president was referring to all illegal aliens).

News flash to the rabid-wing of anti-Trumpers: this is how you get more Trump.


Update and bumped: Gina Haspel has been confirmed as the CIA's first female director.

All I want for Christmas is...well, no, I don't need two front teeth. Maybe I can substitute this.

The war against the right to bear arms continues, on an increasing number of fronts.

One of the new, and more moronic, faces of the Democratic Party: Richard Painter.

A handful of journalists have distinguished themselves from their Democrat-hack brethren in their coverage of the Mueller witch hunt.

Apparently, some in the media think that MS-13 thugs are just misunderstood boys.

Well played, Seattle.

There's a surprise: "IG Horowitz Found 'Reasonable Grounds' FBI Violated FEDERAL CRIMINAL LAW in Bureau’s Handling of Hillary Investigation".

A "news item" from the satire site, Babylon Bee; I think it should become a genuine challenge to Democratic presidential candidates.

A little background

I know what a Sam Browne belt is...

...but just recently learned its history.

Old Paco wore one when he was a city cop back in the mid-1950s. Very dashing!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Yeah, but what a way to go!

"Too much sex puts Australia marsupials on endangered list".

Southport, and the livin's easy

I took Daisy outside yesterday morning and found this fellow adhering to the front porch overhang...

That's a green tree frog, and not my last encounter with one that day.

The mailboxes for our neighborhood are centralized in one location about a fifth of a mile from the house, and are of the lock-box variety, requiring a key. Mrs. Paco and I walk there most evenings to retrieve our mail, and yesterday, after unlocking the box and extracting the three letters that happened to be in there, I was about to close the door when Mrs. Paco said, "Um, I don't think you got it all." I peered into the box and there was a small green blob - another tree frog. For a moment I thought the poor little fellow might have expired, but I saw his throat throbbing, so I picked up a stick and gently nudged him toward the opening, where he headed for the tall uncut.

Today, Mrs. Paco and I went to see a lawyer to update our wills. We were glad to find the attorney to be a man of experience, learning and wry humor, and, upon hearing that he should have drafts completed in the next couple of weeks, we assured him we would try to hang on long enough to finish the process. Then we took a stroll along the waterfront in Southport, which is on the Cape Fear River where it flows into the ocean. It is a lovely and picturesque little town, with well-maintained parks, lots of shops and eateries, and numerous covered tables and swings from which one can watch the river. Here are a few photos.

Here are some houses that reflect the typical architecture of homes alongside the river (at least one of them - I think the second house - is over 150 years old, if the little plaque by the front door is accurate).

Of course, aside from getting our wills in order, I had a strong ulterior motive for going downtown (good hot dogs and ice cream, I can report)...

I was hoping to run into this guy, but didn't see him around today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

John Oliver: "What elephant?"

What John Oliver knows about socialism could be engraved on the head of a pin, with room left over for the lyrics of the Internationale.

Dangerous threat to Chicago's mayor countered

Rahm Emanuel and the killer tomatoes.

Glad to see that hizonnor's porch has, once again, been made safe for democracy. Now, about the rest of the city...

Tom Wolfe, RIP

Journalist, novelist and brilliant observer of American culture, Tom Wolfe, has died at age 88.

Apparently, the security of the United States and James Comey's reputation are the same thing

James Comey claims that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is putting the Republic in danger for...well, doing his job.

The above story appeared in a link on the sidebar at Ace of Spades, in which someone (presumably Ace) coined the hilariously appropriate moniker James "Ichabod Christ" Comey.

So, do they think they got a bargain?

Via friend and commenter Mike_W: "Pet dog raised by Chinese family for two years turns out to be a black bear".

Update: I really shouldn't make fun of these folks. I once bought a baby iguana at a pet store, and a year later I was stuck with this thing in my back yard...

Notice, also, the "Japanese quail" soaring in the sky.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday funnies

Do visitors have a choice? (Via Ace of Spades).

"It's a frame up!" (Via 90 Miles From Tyranny).

Dog plays hide and seek.

I can relate (Via Hi, I'm Liz).

Update: President Trump takes on the mullahs (scroll down at site for video).

Happy Mother's Day!

Best wishes to all you moms out there.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Perfect end to a perfect week

After dining on haute cuisine at one of the little restaurants in the St. James Plantation community where we live (I had a haute dog and fries), Mrs. Paco and I took a stroll on a nature trail that meanders through a maritime forest and marshland behind the club. A gorgeous day in Carolina, filled with bright sunshine and the fragrance of pines. Here are some photos from the trail...

Here, Mrs. Paco contemplates the strange twist of fate that has stuck her with a husband who insists on dragging her into the mosquito-infested wilderness...

We picked up a brochure today that, among other things, lists many of the birds to be found in Brunswick County. I don't claim to have identified any by sight, but I find the names of some of them intriguing or amusing or both and hope to get a glimpse of some of these eventually: the greater scaup (not to be confused with the lesser scaup); the worm-eating warbler; the dark-eyed junco; the eastern-wood pewee; the boat-tailed grackle; the lesser yellowlegs whimbrel and the least sandpiper.