Thursday, September 16, 2021

Happy Feet Friday

 The soulful singing of Larry Johnson, in “Catfish Blues”.


bruce said...

Wow, I finally hear the original and it's pretty good. First I heard Hendrix' Voodoo Child, then his live recordings of Catfish Blues which it was obviously based on, now back to the source. Only took me 50 years...

bruce said...

PS, this military deal between the US and Australia is looking so good, we don't care what you call our PM. I think the deal will get mass support here, now after the last 2 years.

The point is deterrence and our vast coastline. We had these stupid French submarines on order and it looked like a fiasco. Now there's hope.

Best news in years.

Paco said...

I think it would have been hilarious if some saboteur on Biden's staff had slipped in a cue card with a bogus name for the Australian Prime Minister: "I'd like to welcome...[looks down at notes] Wallaby J. Digforth, Prime Minister of Austria [I think he could mess up the country's name all on his own].

Caveat emptor with those submarines, Bruce. I understand some are defective; they were manufactured with screen doors.

bruce said...

'Screen door on a submarine' huh?

Well we're no Barney Fife buying a car from a little old lady who only drove it on sundays doncha know.

Unknown said...

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