Thursday, March 31, 2016

The State vs. the People

The U.S. Dept. of Just-Us has resurrected a program which enables state and local law enforcement agencies to legally rob citizens.

It is crap like this that is going to one day trigger a rebellion - or (ever the optimist) a revolution.

I thought these things were extinct in Florida

Obviously not. Woman takes video of Florida panther running past her on nature walk.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sometimes the bulls**t is so egregious, it makes me want to scream

President Jughead H. McMulligan gets it entirely wrong on Islam: "Fight Against Islamic Terrorism Not a ‘Civilizational Conflict’" (the whole thing is just Republican fear-mongering, as if you didn't know).

This clown is going to go through the rest of his life in an impermeable bubble of willful ignorance, completely secure from the prospect of ever acquiring a true knowledge of the world or of himself. He is the Dunning-Kruger effect personified, a man for whom mere intellectual obtuseness would represent an actual improvement over the feeble cognitive spasms of a brain not fit to serve as ballast on the Ship of State, much less to command the helm.

"An attack on one right is an attack on every right"

One of the targets of the IRS's harassment of conservative organizations speaks out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hey, it wasn't me

I know better than to carry in Washington, DC.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Is Jill Abramson "fundamentally" intelligent?

Quite possibly. In the same sense, that is, that Hillary Clinton is "fundamentally honest".

Yes, that Jill Abramson is a regular human polygraph machine. Myself, I wouldn't be surprised if, in the event of a successful run for president, Hillary Clinton's White House becomes known as the new Home of the Whopper.

Well said

Victor Davis Hanson neatly sums up Obama's weltanschauung:
There is a strain of the affluent, leisured westerner...who—after never having worked in the private sector, and having grievanced his way from one academic or political job to the next—seeks to reconcile his own privilege by claiming abstract victimhood for himself and blanket culpability on the part of his country, especially while abroad and in the company of the illiberal and antidemocratic.
To Obama, Uncle Sam was never anything but a jingoistic, racist, chauvinistic old man whose tiresome existence embarrassed him at embassy parties and diplomatic gab-fests. BHO is the political heir of Henry Wallace - every bit as ignorant, and, I believe, not even marginally more intelligent.

Sunday funnies (Monday edition)

Now, there's a presidential candidate: "General Mattis Crosses Potomac With 100,000 Troops; President, Senate Flee City".

Probably DUI.

Do you really need a reason to drink whiskey? Well, in case you do, here are 22 of them.

You have to wonder if the store is still even in business: "A North Carolina man says he was arrested for failing to return a VHS tape that he rented in 2002" (H/T: Mrs. Paco)

Meanwhile, in Russia...(H/T: Captain Heinrichs)

In the comments last week, Gregory left a link to this magnificent, albeit NSFW, image.

Very scary prank.

You know what Canadians need? A wall.

This dog is either snoring or doing an impression of Donald Duck...

Monday movie

Josey Wales carries out some ticklish negotiations with Chief Ten Bears. I particularly like this line from Ten Bears: "It is sad that governments are chiefed by the double-tongues". Amen, brother!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Have a blessed Easter

Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance. So she came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved, and said, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don’t know where they have put him!”

So Peter and the other disciple started for the tomb. Both were running, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first. He bent over and looked in at the strips of linen lying there but did not go in. Then Simon Peter came along behind him and went straight into the tomb. He saw the strips of linen lying there, as well as the cloth that had been wrapped around Jesus’ head. The cloth was still lying in its place, separate from the linen. Finally the other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, also went inside. He saw and believed.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Ominous development: "Belgian nuclear plant guard is murdered and his security pass is stolen amid concerns terrorists are plotting an attack on power station".

Obama's no socialist; he's a fascist.

The new Jacobins. Remember, though, guys: this time, when the Terror starts, your opponents will own most of the guns.

Follow the logic, if you can (I can't): DHS chief says that illegal aliens are "in effect" US citizens.

Safety last.

Here's a good article that deals with an issue I've been curious about: "Are You Required To Inform Law Enforcement Of A Concealed Firearm?"

The fate of a moderate Muslim.

So, just exactly where is the backlash against Islam?

Trump and his Pecker.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Obama: Hey, capitalism, socialism. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Although I suspect, if he had his druthers, he'd druther have communism.

Sure, sure. Just pick what "works". A little socialism here, a little capitalism there, throw in a dash of fascism and a dollop of monarchy, and sprinkle lightly with anarchism. Serves 320 million.

Yeah, that nuclear agreement with Iran is looking pretty solid

I mean, you can't go wrong putting your faith in people like this: "The Obama administration unsealed a federal indictment Thursday charging seven Iranian government-backed hackers with cyber crimes as the result of multiple attacks in recent years on several U.S. banks and a New York dam, according to officials."

A stirring message from Charlie Daniels

Terrorists may have Obama figured out, but they don't know America.

Happy Feet Friday

Charlie Christian makes some early electric guitar magic in Swing to Bop.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obama finally realizes life-long dream

Doin' the wave with Raul Castro.

Oh, and for you Che-t-shirt-wearing hipsters out there, this is the guy you're honoring.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terrible news from Belgium

ISIS murders and wounds scores in Brussels.

But the biggest victim is, naturally, Barack Obama.

A little context

Babalu blog is the place to go for background information on Obama's new friends in Cuba.

Update: Rebecca in the comments pointed out that I had originally inserted the wrong link (and how!). It's fixed, now.

Plus, here's a photo that's one for the ages (click to enlarge)...

(H/T: Babalu)

Monday, March 21, 2016

The puppeteer...

...and his puppet (check out the GIF at the end of the article).

Boy, both Clintons are really on a roll

Yesterday, I agreed with Hillary's description of Obama as being "incompetent and feckless", and today I find myself sharing Bill's view of Obama's two terms: "the awful legacy of the last eight years".

Haw! Won't be long now before they start calling him a candy-assed pecker-head (although Hillary might want to wait and see if the FBI recommends her for an indictment, first; dissing Barry probably won't help her with the Department of Justice).

I doubt this will happen very often

I finally agree with Hillary Clinton about something: "Hillary Clinton called President Obama 'incompetent and feckless' and charged that he had 'no hand on the tiller half the time'".

Monday movie

A hilarious (and provocative) line delivered by Doc Holliday to Ike Clanton at the end of a hand of poker.

Who does this sound like?

"He is a childish man running for a job that requires maturity. He is an insecure boasting little boy whose desires were somehow arrested at age 12. He surrounds himself with sycophants."

That's David Brooks writing about Trump; but, as Aaron Goldstein points out, it's a pretty good description of Obama, too.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Castro family values

Juan Reinaldo Sanchez, one of the Maximum Leader's former bodyguards, dishes on Fidel Castro, Horn Dog.

Sunday funnies

Rediscovering a lost art: artisanal pencil sharpening.

In fact, you can put the word "artisanal" in front of practically any activity or craft and multiply your earnings enormously. For example, there's also artisanal firewood manufacturing.

(Both of the above items courtesy of Captain Heinrichs).

The spirit of enterprise still lives in Albion! "Drone flies pair of bolt cutters to jail as part of escape plot".

If you're going to Russia, it might be a good idea to take along a case of peanut-butter crackers.

Dads are now getting in on the baby shower tradition.

Hi yo, Silver! Away!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Obama: the buck starts here

Victor Davis Hanson ponders Barry's endless blame-gaming.

Weepin' John Boehner demonstrates why a Tea Party candidate won the primary for his congressional seat

John Boehner called Ted Cruz "Lucifer" during the Q&A session after a speech he gave recently.

After which, he downed a glass of gin, lit a cigarette and spontaneously combusted. Attendees pointedly refused to p*ss on him.

Happy Feet Friday

The dynamite duo of Elmore James and Joe Turner perform TV Mama.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Whip envy

Obama is preparing to visit with his dictator friends, the Castro brothers, in Cuba next week. An acquaintance of mine is going to be with the delegation. The daughter of a Cuban freedom fighter, she grew up, sadly, to be a Democrat. I was amused when she spoke of Obama's popularity in Cuba, and the fact that he is scheduled to give a speech which will be broadcast live, without government censorship.

Why would the communist government bother to censor his comments? He's the most radical, left-wing president in U.S. history, a man who hobnobbed with retired (but unrepentant) terrorists in his early career, and who makes cooing noises at entire terrorist states, now.

Two peas in a pod.

Of course

Obama's pick for Supreme Court is a threat to our Second Amendment rights.

More here from Bob Owens.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mitch McConnell wants Ted Cruz to apologize for telling the truth about him on the Senate floor

Get bent, frog face.

Rising conservatives

Senator John McCain is facing a primary challenge from Dr. Kelli Ward, and Tea Party candidate Warren Davidson won the primary in Weepin' John Boehner's congressional district.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Late this afternoon, word began circulating that the Washington Metro is going to completely shut down tomorrow while employees check out the electrical works and other equipment. This action was prompted by yet another fire, this time at the McPherson Square station.

Thousands of bureaucrats, including yours truly, will be unable to go to work....

...You're welcome, America!

Trump romps

Sort of. He came out ahead everywhere except in Ohio, where the odious John Kasich pulled out a victory.

There are a lot of conservatives who seem to be rallying around the #NeverTrump meme. I'm attracted to the idea of #NeverKasich. I believe this guy is aspiring to be the Colonel George Armstrong Custer of the GOP establishment. One way or the other, he's just going to wind up lying face down on the prairie with an arrow in his back.

George Soros - again

The would-be James Bond billionaire-villain, George Soros, continues his attempts to unravel the fabric of American society by supporting a host of shadowy causes, including the presidential campaign of John Kasich.

They say the mind is the first thing to go

Possibly that concussion Hillary got a while back has clouded her memory: "'We Didn’t Lose A Single Person’ In Libya".

She also apparently forgot that coal miners can vote.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday funnies

World's largest hummingbird:

Some Australian ads that have come under fire.

Hell at a discount.

Most popular Valentine's Day gifts, state by state.

Preparing for the future with a college degree...

Friday, March 11, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Who knew?

The anti-Trump fat cats apparently have their own air force.

Sorry, Chuck

Now, don't roundhouse kick me into next week, Mr. Norris, but this endorsement is probably more meaningful than yours: Carly Fiorina endorses Ted Cruz for president.

I'd LOVE to see Ted Cruz make mincemeat of Hillary Clinton in a debate. For that matter, I'd love to see Vice Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina tackle whatever ruling class humanoid Hillary names as her sidekick.

Yo, I'll even drive you to the airport

If only you all will really go: "9 Celebrities Who Vow to Leave the U.S. if Trump Wins".

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Socialism illustrated

Update: Return of the Wobblies? Bernie scores upset against Hillary in Michigan.

Ted Cruz ups his endorsement game

Chuck Norris climbs aboard the Cruz bandwagon.

Today's Chuck Norris fact: Chuck Norris got out of checkmate.

Update: CORRECTION!!! Chuck Norris now says that he has NOT endorsed Cruz.

However, he did roundhouse kick John Kasich's head so hard that the thing spun around like a New Year's Eve noisemaker.

Hey, the camera doesn't lie, right?

Even if Hillary does...

H/T: Moonbattery

Monday, March 7, 2016

So, how's Obama's early release program for "non-violent" prisoners going?

About as well as you might expect: "A convicted crack dealer who left prison early as part of the Obama administration’s mass release of federal inmates has been indicted by a grand jury for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend and her two kids in Columbus, Ohio."

Pretty shocking

Not. When voter ID requirements are in place, Democrat turnout seems to be way lower.

If we're ever going to downsize...

...Mrs. Paco is going to have to stop picking up stuff the neighbors are throwing out.

Maggie with her new friends...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday funnies

Ace has one of the funniest debate-scoring posts I've seen in a long time.

Russian crime bosses really have an eye for the, er, rare and beautiful.

Let's all go for a ride.

Aussie marketing...

German parrot turns out to be Nazi, embarrasses zoo.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Look, it's still a reasonably free country, and Mitt Romney can say whatever he wants. I don't disagree with all of the points he made against Trump in his speech the other day.

But in spite of the fact that Mitt has demonstrated considerable smarts as a businessman, and he's a decent guy, he's always come across, in the political arena, as a kind of doofus. And I certainly think this is a fair question: "Why Didn’t Mitt Romney BRUTALLY Blast Obama Like He Did Trump?" For that matter, why didn't he actually endorse one of the other Republican presidential candidates before now? This is a basic fact about RINOs: their most fervent, genuine contempt is reserved for people in their party who don't accept the GOP establishment's estimate of its own worth.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Drip, drip, drip...

"Judge Napolitano Says Hillary Clinton ‘Should Be Terrified’ of New Revelation in Email Scandal".

So, which Republican candidate is the most Second Amendment friendly?

Looks like Cruz.

Happy Feet Friday

I ain't got no t-bone steak, but I do got some T-Bone Walker.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

From the Shelves of the Paco Library

Mrs. Paco has gotten into the habit of shopping regularly at Dollar Tree (thrifty woman!), and one day, not so long ago, I went with her and idly perused the book section. As you would expect, the inventory was mostly melodramatic potboilers, romance novels, self-help tomes and the like, but I made a couple of accidental discoveries which have provided me with an introduction to two interesting authors. One is Ben Bridges, whose novels of the Old West I’ve been devouring at a furious rate. As the world devolves into moral ambiguity, political pusillanimity and decadent perversity, I can’t resist the stark and unapologetic contrast between good and evil that characterizes much of the genre’s offerings, and Bridges fills the bill to my complete satisfaction; his lawmen and bounty hunters, ranchers and outlaws, collide in stories that are well-plotted and well-written, and I have yet to tire of them.

Another author I came across, William Dietrich, has created a marvelous character named Ethan Gage. Gambler, adventurer, ladies’ man and former assistant to Benjamin Franklin, Gage is an interesting denizen of the early National Period, whose combination of luck (good and bad), dalliances with comely representatives of the fair sex, and proclivity for getting thrown together with ambitious villains (quite against his will) propel him into fantastic voyages of discovery, mostly in the company of mad savants, mysterious beauties and accidental friends who bail him out of some impossible predicaments. In the first novel of the series, Napoleon’s Pyramids, Gage finds himself footloose in Paris, making his living at the card table and basking in some minor notoriety because of his previous association with Franklin, and using his limited knowledge of the phenomenon of electricity, picked up from his mentor, to do parlor tricks. At the tables one evening, he wins a primitive-looking artifact– a small golden disc decorated with curious markings – from a soldier who has lost all of his cash. Another player – Count Solano – demonstrates an ill-concealed desire to possess the medallion, but the more strongly he expresses his interest, the more resistant Gage is to selling it. Before the evening is over, Gage finds himself framed for the murder of a prostitute and on the run for his life. Through the intercession of a friend, our hero ultimately winds up as one of the savants that Napoleon carries with him on his invasion of Egypt, and becomes embroiled with Freemasons, Mameluke warriors, an ancient pharaonic priesthood, the British Navy, and, of course, a beautiful and mysterious woman named Astiza. All of the participants are in search of one treasure or another – Napoleon and Count Solano for a book that presumably contains the secrets of life and, more importantly (for Napoleon, at least), the keys to political power, whereas Gage has visions of mountains of gold.

Treasures are found, change hands and are lost at a dizzying pace in this fast moving, highly entertaining novel, which has given us a decidedly human-scale, and frequently reluctant, hero acting in a world of visionaries and fanatics who are groping for knowledge that could be a boon or a catastrophe for mankind, depending on who is in possession of it.

This series is very much in the tradition of the old-time adventure novels, with a picaresque twist in the form of Ethan Gage – part Indiana Jones, part Flashman. The second book in the sequence - The Rosetta Key - picks up with the continuing escapades of Gage in Egypt, and his return to France (I should mention that not least of the stories’ charms is the author’s sure-handed depiction of Bonaparte). The Third Novel - The Dakota Cipher - takes Gage back to America, on a dual mission for Napoleon and newly elected president Thomas Jefferson, in the company of an earnest Norwegian who is searching for proof of the early venturing into North America by Norsemen, and for an ancient artifact that may contain god-like power (the Norwegian, incidentally, sports the awesome moniker, Magnus Bloodhammer).
These are intriguing reads, infused with descriptions of genuine historical events and even fascinating detours into the strange and revealing mathematics of the pyramids. They are tales of a time that was ripe with hope and revolution and infinite possibilities, and are thus the perfect anodyne for the tedious concerns that consume - or are rather imposed on - us by a world that has lost its sense of wonder and embraces banality as if it were a bride.

Super Tuesday

Primary time in Virginia and many other states today, so Mrs. Paco and I will be ambling down to the polling place this evening to cast votes for Ted Cruz.

This is one of the craziest election years I've ever seen. I'd like to think we'll be seeing more normal times after this cycle, but I doubt that's the case. See, for example, Mark Steyn's long view of America's political trends. A sample:
The red state/blue state division has been horribly unhealthy in a civic sense: It's given us the worst of all worlds - a hyperpartisan public discourse that provides a tedious and pointless vaudevillian cover for the cozy bipartisan Washington conspiracy that's screwing over your future 24/7 regardless of who's in office. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, Rethuglicans are always at war with Demo-rats, and hey, let's toss another trillion into the great sucking maw of the federal leviathan.
And the grim bottom line?
Long term, two things have to happen: America has to restore the integrity of its borders, and conservatism has to get a piece of the action in the schools and the culture. Short term, the GOP has done a grand job of screwing itself out of electoral viability.