Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Feet Friday

Glenn Miller and his band perform “Daisy Mae”. This is a live aircheck from 1940 of an instrumental tune that was never recorded in a studio and released commercially. Good, bluesy trumpet work by Billy May.

Happy Halloween II

The good little witch.

You mean, like the Great Flood or one of the ten plagues of Egypt?

Hillary Clinton apparently believes that God put her here on earth for a very specific reason (no, this is not from the Babylon Bee).

Update When it comes to a total absence of self-awareness and to thoroughly missing the point, there are few that can vie with Hillary...

Happy Halloween!

Don't annoy your pumpkin.

Minimalist pumpkin carving...

And the opposite...

That's all, folks!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Who are y'all runnin' from, Michelle?

Lots of minority folks at Martha's Vineyard, are there?
After Buying $15 Million Estate in Martha’s Vineyard, Michelle Obama Complains White People are ‘Still Running’ From Minority Communities
I'm looking at this chart, and I'm not seeing a whole bunch of racial diversity. Now, it doesn't matter to me where you and Barry live, and I don't think you two have any kind of obligation to live in a place because of its demographic make-up. But what possesses you to think you've got the moral authority to criticize other people's home-buying choices?

Send in the clowns

Paul Joseph Watson's latest.

Well, dogs are trustworthy, Democrat politicians aren't

UPDATE: Powerline has a "Mid-Week in Pictures" based on the hero-dog theme. Here's one of my favorites:

UPDATE II The Babylon Bee cuts through all the hype to get to the real story: "CNN Uncovers Evidence Hero Dog Sniffed Dozens Of Butts Back In College".

UPDATE III Via friend and commenter JeffS: "Joe Biden's Latest Pitch to Voters: He Owns a Dog—and Trump Doesn't".

When did "Drag Queen Story Hour" become a "thing"?

And what kind of idiot parents let their kids attend these functions? (He asked, rhetorically).

H/T: Ace of Spades

I never tire of reading about this episode in American history

"Adam Schiff and Echoes of the McMinn County War".

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

It is, perhaps, a thankless task

But Julie Kelly reminds us, once again, of our moral obligation to scorn Obama - both the man and his presidency: "Obama Successfully Hunted Trump Campaign Aides Instead of Terrorists".
Baghdadi’s death should be a reminder—an infuriating one at that—of how the Obama administration, particularly the CIA and FBI, squandered vital resources in service to a politically motivated investigation into Trump and his presidential campaign rather than focusing their efforts on the legitimate threats facing the country.
What a repugnant, metastasizing cancer on our society government has become.

Way to not make this look like a military coup, guys

National Security Council official Alex Vindman, who also is a Lt. Colonel in the Army but does not wear a uniform to his NSC job, decided to show up for the Democrats' star chamber impeachment hustle for the purpose of testifying against the President decked out like a Guatemalan field marshal.

Don't know anything about this guy's service record; he may be a genuine war hero for all I know. But he's not above criticism just because he's a veteran.

Update: This gentleman seems to have an even lower opinion of Col. Vindman.

Damn right!

Monday, October 28, 2019

And now, a word from our sponsor


"Trump Curse? Nasty Nats Lose Three in a Row at Home in World Series After Dissing POTUS".

Ridin' high with two victories on the road, diss Trump, collapse like a broken lawn chair at home. Go Astros!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Katie "Triple Thrill" Hill to resign

"Rep. Katie Hill resigning after allegations of improper relationships with staffers."

Which general do we need to talk to in order to have Bill Kristol removed?

Bill Kristol seems to be advocating something like a military coup - or at least a military-inspired coup.

At what point, I wonder, does Kristol's sugar daddy decide that he's a terrible investment?

Terrorist leader exterminated

Terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has gone to his reward.

Update Haw! The Washington Post struggles to capture the mot juste, at first referring to Ol' Baggy Pants in an earlier headline as an "austere religious scholar".

I can see the headline that today's Post writers would have concocted on the death of Joseph Stalin: "Ex-seminarian Joseph Stalin, dead at 74".

Update: As friend and commenter JeffS points out, the sugar-coated headline came later. Perfect.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Sunday funnies

Whatever you do, don't let the cat out.

I wonder how it knows the difference between a turd and a pine cone.

It was only a matter of time: "Man Identifying As 6-Year-Old Crushes Game-Winning Homer In Tee-Ball Championship".

Courtesy of Tastefully Offensive:

Join Stephen Green in celebrating "Florida Man Friday".

One of Jack Benny's classic encounters with Frank Nelson.

Don't even ask about the meatloaf: "Belgian Restaurant Serves Drinking Water Recycled from its Toilets".

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

We may wind up hearing a lot of this in the months to come

I vass just followink orders.

Man, I'm kind of torn by this

On the one hand, I'm tempted to think "better New Zealand than the U.S." On the other hand, New Zealand's never done anything to me. Ah, what the hell.
James Comey Says He’s Moving to New Zealand if Trump Wins Again
Take steps, New Zealand. Do it now.

And many returns of the day!

Today is Hillary Clinton's birthday - and also the third anniversary of the most LOL Tweet of all time.

The Devil can cite scripture to suit his purpose (indeed)

St. Cankles used the occasion of Rep. Elijah Cummings funeral to voice a not-so-veiled insult to Donald Trump.
“Like that Old Testament prophet, [Cummings] stood against corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.”
Hillary will be burning with envy and bitterness to her dying day. She would do well to recollect the effects of thwarted power on another figure in the Bible:
The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar: and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles' feathers, and his nails like birds' claws. (Daniel 4:33)

Friday, October 25, 2019

I would probably have said "pond" rather than "human"

President Trump calls the NeverTrumpers "human scum", and these people who have slandered him and his supporters for the last three years succumb to a severe case of the vapors. Streiff at Red State isn't wasting any money on smelling salts.
To tell you the truth, I really don’t care about the butthurt over this. For three years these people have degraded, demeaned, and libeled anyone who simply decided that, for all his flaws, Trump was better than any Democrat. No grace was offered to people who had considered them friends and colleagues. No common cause was allowed to be made. They stopped being conservatives and Republicans who simply disliked the candidate and then the president and became active Democrat partisans who simply called themselves something else. Every hoax and bad faith allegation made against the President and his administration, from the Russia bullsh** to defending illegal FISA warrants to the “Muslim ban” to “kids in cages,” was spearheaded by NeverTrumpers flagellating themselves with their principles and yodeling “we’re better than that.”
The NeverTrumpers are just Democrats who tore the labels off to conceal their real preferences. Now they barely bother to disguise their allegiance.

H/T: Ace of Spades (on fire, as usual)

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Happy Feet Friday

The Stanley Brothers, with my favorite version of “Mountain Dew”.

If anything needs to be downsized and restructured, it's the CIA

"The Rise of the Western Spy Assclown" (by Thomas Farnan) A sample:
As happens with any sclerotic bureaucracy whose mission is lost to circumstance—see, for example, your local post office—the former Cold War spy apparatus has grown sloppy.

It serves political ends without sufficiently hiding its nefarious intentions. Even its spy arcana has become as ill-fitting as the vintage striped shorts letter carriers wear on hot days.
H/T to friend and commenter Bruce

Update Ace breaks out the flaming skull on the news that DOJ investigator John Durham has now reclassified the inquiry into the Russian hoax as a criminal investigation.

Most people don't believe in the unicorn of American unity

Ace of Spades has a very good post up discussing a recent poll that reveals that 67% of Americans think we're on the verge of a civil war. A sample:
The pablum issuing from NeverTrumpers and Neocons is just creating a pleasant illusion in which it's 2003 forever and the only thing that should really matter is whether we are "consistent" on Trump and Clinton, preferring that political Neverland to the actual America we find ourselves in in 2019, pretending away unpalatable truths in favor of pleasant fantasies, continuing to pretend that everything's great (and that which is not great can just be saved by another round of tax cuts and trade deals), and that the left isn't scary at all -- that's just Evil Trump trying to convince you that they're really serious about their openly announced plans to seize America's guns and force churches to perform gay marriages, or go to prison.
The NeverTrumpers and the rest of the GOP-e are little more than Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston, managing a long withdrawal before the aggressive onslaught of progressive forces. I'm not sure what they hope to accomplish. Maybe they're looking for some sort of amnesty from their future totalitarian overlords. Count me out of the retreat.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Word play

An interesting chart (courtesy of 90 Miles From Tyranny).

Adam Schiff's attempted putsch experienced some technical difficulties today

Democrats in the House have frozen Republicans out of their hearings, so today, Republican congressmen actually stormed a secure hearing room. Bravo!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Laughing all the way to apocalypse

One of the most hilarious bits by the Babylon Bee, yet: "Always Appeals To Men With Pads Featuring Pictures Of Monster Trucks, Pro Wrestlers".
CINCINNATI, OH—Always is appealing to the company's male customers with its new "Always Macho" series of menstrual products.

The pads and tampons' packaging will feature pictures of monster trucks crushing each other, AR-15s, and John Cena dropkicking people.

"We want to welcome all people who menstruate, whether you are a cisgender woman, a transgender man, or a dude who really likes monster trucks," said a Procter & Gamble representative. "And you can't go wrong with monster trucks. Monster trucks are big. Monster trucks are cool. Monster trucks go boom."

Be still, my beating heart

Behold, a 1941 Packard for sale.

Before and after

El Mercurio has a gallery of photos showing metro scenes before and after the riots.

It is difficult to see how destroying infrastructure improves anyone's lot, but I guess that really isn't the point for the vandals and self-styled "revolutionaries" who engage in this sort of behavior.


Thanks for the advice, New York Times, I'm sure you've got our best interests at heart: "Media Attempt to School Republicans Is a Disingenuous Fraud".

It is a consummation devoutly to be wished, but I will believe it when I see it: "Flop Sweat Builds As It Sure Looks Like The Barr-Durham Probe Is Now A Criminal Investigation". Why am I not holding my breath? Because Washington insiders, themselves, are suspicious of the Deep State's willingness to police itself.

If this can happen in Texas, for godsakes, I'd say we've got worse things to worry about than Russian influence (more from Ace; the mother really is a monster, and if this kind of thing prevails, we will wind up with a society that isn't worth saving).

Too good to check: "Pork Fat is Officially One of the world's Most Nutritious Foods".

Funnyman Remy highlights the idiocy of Tweet-shaming.

Via friend and commenter JeffS:

Monday, October 21, 2019

And now, a word from our sponsor

Update on Chile (and ominous developments in Mexico)

Mrs. Paco's sources indicate that several hundred Ecuadorian "protestors" are among the rioters in Santiago; also, that the Foro de São Paulo may be involved (this is a conference of left-wing political groups that was established in Brazil in 1990).

Astonishing how a bunch of foreigners could be so moved by a four-cent increase in metro fares in another country, isn't it?

Elsewhere (H/T: Instapundit), I read this morning a shocking account of how a cartel military force in the city of Culiacán, the capital of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, forced the national government to free one of the sons of "El Chapo" who had been captured by security forces (another one managed his own escape, also with the assistance of highly trained cartel "troops"). Lots of fascinating insights in the article, for example:
“Drug War” is a misnomer for reasons the Culiacán battle lays bare. This is not a mafia-type problem, nor one comprehensible within the framework of law enforcement and crime. This is something very much like an insurgency now—think of the eruption of armed resistance in Culiacán in 2019 as something like that in Sadr City in 2004—and also something completely like state collapse. The cartels may be the proximate drivers but they are symptoms. Underlying them is a miasma of official corruption, popular alienation, and localist resentments—and underlying all that is a low-trust civil society stripped of the mediating mechanisms that make peaceable democracy both feasible and attractive.

Note as an aside that the cartels are not even necessarily drug-trafficking-specific entities. There have been ferocious and bloody cartel battles—against one another, against the state—for control of economic interests ranging from port operations to the avocado crop to lime exports. Illegal drugs supercharge their resources and ambitions, but absent them and that illegality they would simply assume another form.
I'm seeing very little in the mainstream press about either the riots in Chile or the insurrection in Mexico. I guess President Trunp's Tweets and Nancy Pelosi's temper tantrums are simply more newsworthy.

This should calm her down some

Hillary Clinton has begun the long process of healing her wounded ego by taking up the writing of children's books. Here's her first effort:

Hmm. Looks like she's got a long way to go to full recovery.

Yeah, this ought to help

"Unhinged Nancy Pelosi and Top Lt. Adam Schiff Fly Off to Jordan for Meetings on Syria".

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Update and bumped: Much, much more on Romney's "alter ego" from John Nolte.

Mitt Romney = Pierre Delecto.

What did he do, go to a porn-name-generator site?

Update: BTW, I went to a superhero-name-generator site, and you may now address me as...Doctor Cosmic.

There was a time when I would have accepted this conclusion without giving it much thought

But the FBI has so severely damaged its credibility (Thanks, James Comey!) that I'm not sure I believe it at all - "Tourist deaths in Dominican Republic were due to natural causes: FBI".

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sunday funnies

Fido listens to the Democratic debates.

"New Smart Doorbell Will Argue With Jehovah's Witnesses, LDS Missionaries For You".

Nice try.

The, um, Ferrari of toilets.

Don't try this at home (unless you're Florida Man): "Florida Man Pulls Massive Alligator from Pool by Playing with the Reptile Until It Tires Out".

The return of Steven Wright and his wild imagination:

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

Ominous turn of events

Riots have broken out in Santiago, Chile, initially prompted (so they say) by an increase in metro fares. Mrs. Paco's sources in Chile are chalking this up to mounting leftist agitation on a broad range of issues.

Update: "New clashes in Chile as two die in protest violence".
Louis de Grange, president of the state Metro S.A. company, told Canal 13 the "brutal destruction" of Santiago's metro service had caused more than $300 million in damage.
Per Mrs. Paco, it was a fabulous metro system, clean and efficient. Now large parts of it are apparently scrap.

They are, literally, everywhere

"Hillary Clinton Asked To Leave Costco After Repeatedly Accusing Sample Lady Of Being A Russian Asset".

Friday, October 18, 2019

Cuck diagnostics

Oregon Muse over at Ace of Spades has a great list that can help you discover if you're a cuck. Here are just a few symptoms (click on over to see them all).

"If you call yourself 'conservative' but sort of wink your eye when you say may be a cuck.

"If you've ever written a think piece that starts out 'The conservative case for...', you may be a cuck.

"If you think Bill Kristol is a great may be a cuck.

"If your name is Mitt may be a cuck.

"If the only enemies you see are on your may be a cuck.

"If you're in favor of open borders, but live in a gated may be a cuck.

Russians behind every tree!

I cannot envision any circumstances under which I would be willing to vote for Tulsi Gabbard. She's a veteran and (comparatively) moderate on two or three matters of policy but pretty much a garden variety liberal in all other respects. But because she's a moderate relative to all the other crazies trying to secure the Democratic presidential nomination, she must be destroyed, and what better way than to smear her as a Russian agent. BTW, the way you can be absolutely sure this story is totally false is because Hillary Clinton says it's true.

"Tulsi Gabbard? You're freakin' kidding me, right?"

Update: Tulsi Gabbard rips Hillary a new one.

Yeah, let's let the brass hats run things

The only thing that keeps this from truly generating a Seven Days in May vibe is the fact that McRaven is a retired admiral.

And what's his beef? Apparently, that Trump doesn't want America playing the world's policeman anymore:
McRaven does not argue that President Trump has done anything wrong in particular, but that he has no respect for America’s values. These values, McRaven declares, involve a commitment to “help the weak and stand up against oppression and injustice” around the world.

“[W]hat will happen to the Kurds, the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Syrians, the Rohingyas, the South Sudanese and the millions of people under the boot of tyranny or left abandoned by their failing states?” McRaven asks, without explicitly calling for military intervention in any of the regions mentioned.
I don't know, Admiral, what happened to them under the boots of the Romans, the Ottomans, the Russians and their own homegrown strongmen? Do you want to incorporate them into some kind of nominal American protectorate, maintained by the ceaseless draining of American blood and wealth? Doesn't sound like much of a strategy to me. Tell me what victory looks like.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Happy Feet Friday

New Orleans R&B singer and guitarist, Smiley Lewis, and his juggernaut rhythm section launch themselves “Down the Road” (1955).

You mean, in addition to Mark Sanford?

"GOP Presidential Candidate Mark Sanford Kicks Off His Campaign. One Person Showed."

Unintended consequences

Some very interesting comments and links from Stacy McCain on feminism, prompted by debate over Australia's family court system.

I find this observation by Rollo Tomassi particularly striking:
Children from single parent households (overwhelmingly single mothers) account for 80% of rapists motivated by displaced anger.

Congratulations feminism, you've literally bred and raised the 'rape culture' you claim to fear.

The ghost of Cale Boggs is somewhere laughing his a$$ off

"Flashback: Biden, 29, Won Election By Highlighting Opponent’s ‘Old’ Age".

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Could be both

Caption time!

Great Leader Kim Jong Un must have gotten a pony for his birthday, because he was recently filmed riding it on what purports to be a "sacred mountain" (not sure how you can have a sacred mountain in a godless commie country, but, there you are).

Here's a shot of the Rone Ranger cantering on the mountain (guess he left his cowboy hat and signature Tom Mix cap guns back at the palace).

"Whoopee ti yi yo, get arong rittle dogies..."

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sunday funnies

Hey, fair's fair: blonde man jokes.

Clint Walker makes an appearance on the Jack Benny show.

Comfort bull?

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

There's always one guy who can't seem to figure it out.

Looks like a Mexican standoff.

H/T: Tastefully Offensive.

Could these be the end times?

If this madness prevails, I sure hope so: "Liz Warren, CNN Cheer the Abuse of 9-Year-Old Children Paraded as Transgender".

Friday, October 11, 2019

These pricks

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich dislikes Trump intensely, but is down with Chinese communism.

Also, Steve Kerr and the decidedly creepy Adam Silver - not so much simply "woke" as social justice insomniacs (not to mention prominent figures in the Gallery of Leftist Douchebags).

Cool rifle

I was out on the range today, and met a man who had brought a Burnside rifle to shoot - an original, Civil War era rifle. Invented by the future Union General Ambrose Burnside, this rifle was purchased in large quantities by the U.S. Army and was the first U.S. military firearm that took a self-contained metallic cartridge. The shape of the cartridge is unique, and looks something like an ice cream cone. Of course, the cartridge is not the sort of thing you'll find down at Walmart or Bass Pro, so he loads his own. The rifle sounds like a small canon, and generates lots of smoke, so, yes, I loved it.

Here's a video from the invaluable YouTube site, Forgotten Firearms, if you're interested in learning more about this rifle.

Incidentally, I was shooting a replica of the Colt Lightning rifle, manufactured by Italian gun-maker Uberti. It is a pump-action rifle; mine is chambered in .45 Colt and holds 14 rounds in a tubular magazine. After I purchased the gun, I began reading online that some people were having trouble with the action - specifically, that cartridges were sometimes getting jammed under the feeding rail. Although I've had the rifle for several years, this is the first time I've shot it. No problems, fortunately. Very fun to shoot, and extremely accurate. Also, beautiful wood stock and checkered wood foregrip.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Happy Feet Friday

The great Charlie Christian, with the Benny Goodman sextet, playing “Gone With What Wind”.


The Economist has decided that, really, electricity is pretty overrated.

Update: With respect to another, er, "magazine", I hit a link over at Ace's sidebar that took me to The Dispatch, which looks, as advertised by the sidebar commenter, like a mere blog. In any event, I started to read an article on the Trump administration's defiant response to Congress regarding its bogus impeachment inquiry, and it's exactly what you would expect: criticism of Trump with exactly zero context on the motivations of the donk hacks running the show, the lack of evidence of any crime, etc. I can't remember where I read it (probably in the comments in one of Ace's posts), but someone said the Left is using the NeverTrumper "conservatives" as a booty call, and these clunks will get dumped by their lefty friends as soon as Trump is out of office. No telling what these bozos are going to do once Trump is gone; I see no path to a return to credibility for them.

The outfit's podcast is called The Remnant. Nah. Just leftovers that have sat out too long.


In his article, "Is America Entering a Dark Age?", Victor Davis Hanson points out that we have largely lost the vision, boldness and freedom that made our country great.

I knew that China had extended its tendrils far into the U.S. economy, but this is getting ridiculous (not to mention ominous).

This is kind of creepy: "Thousands of tarantulas are emerging from the ground in the San Francisco Bay Area, looking for mates". They might need flashlights.

Maybe they can be housed in the newly-available prison space that Alexandria Donkey Chompers has been talking about: "Cornell Law Prof Encourages Congress to Arrest Trump Allies in NYT Op-Ed".

I haven't formed any hard opinions on the U.S. military presence in Syria, and I know quite a few conservatives believe President Trump's decision to withdraw our troops is a mistake; on the other hand, maybe not, as Kurt Schlichter explains. I invite the comment academy to weigh in (on this, as in all matters).

If the state of Georgia starts offering bounties, I'm there: "Invasive fish that can breathe air, survive on land found in Georgia".

Probably wouldn't happen if they checked their oil from time to time: "Squirrels stash more than 200 walnuts under hood of car".

Durham digs deep

Hey, Deep-Staters, those footsteps you hear, getting closer and closer, belong to U.S. Attorney and chief investigator of coup skullduggery, John Durham. Quite a big net he's casting:
The expanded parameters of the Durham probe also makes clear that Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller have joined John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey as principal targets of the investigation. There is a good reason for the expansion. Both Rosenstein and Mueller have a lot of explaining to do.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Death of a murderer

Almost missed it! Today is the anniversary of Che Guevara's execution (October 9, 1967). Join me in celebrating No More Che Day!

One of my favorite versions of the Che t-shirt...

Cootchie-coo, you child-shooting bastard!

Update: Jeff, in the comments, says the GIF isn't working for him; here's the web page with the GIF if the embed isn't working for you.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Spot on

"After Trump, We’re Next".
The Democrats in 2016 graciously gave Americans the opportunity to do as we were told and vote for Hillary Clinton. And just as we so many times disappointed Barack Obama, we failed them as well, proving our illegitimacy as a citizenry.

Electing Trump was the last straw for them – plastic, of course, paper is for us rabble. They used to want only our money, but since we elected Trump, they’ve decided to come for everything else we enjoy as free citizens of the Republic.


President Trump tells House Democrats that they can insert their bogus impeachment inquiry in an orifice unreachable by photons.

Here's a bloke who sells guns

I'm posting this, partly to highlight an interesting-looking rifle - the Marlin 336 in curly maple - and partly to show an actual Australian handling a rifle in a gun store. I think we yanks forget, sometimes, that you can still buy rifles and shotguns in Australia, although I don't really know what the restrictions are (e.g., do you have to store them at a range? Can you only buy hunting rifles? And what do you all hunt over there?)

Update: BTW, I recall reading here and there that Marlin has had some issues with quality since the purchase by Remington in 2007. Does anybody know whether the guns are getting better?

It'll happen for real, just wait

"New Law Requires You To Listen To Greta Thunberg Lecture Before Purchasing Gasoline".


After much breathless anticipation in CuckWorld, Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg have announced the rolling out of their newsletter - pardon me, their "digital media company" - which will be called The Diss Patch The Dispatch. Ace of Spades couldn't be more thrilled. And there will be a podcast, too, not at all pretentiously called The Remnant.

Happy sailing to The Dispatch as it commences its maiden voyage!

Steve: "Hey, Jonah, do you remember me saying something about closing the seacocks?"
Jonah: "Oh. I misunderstood. I thought you were saying that Ace had just called us a couple of sea cucks."

Monday, October 7, 2019

And now, a word from our sponsor

Looks like another highly ethical, straight-shooting, non-partisan, 100% professional makes a highly questionable call that just happens to feed impeachmentmania

"Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday the intelligence community inspector general (ICIG), with whom an intelligence official filed a whistleblower complaint against President Trump, 'knowingly changed' the complaint form in order to help get the complaint out publicly."

The requirements for filing a whistleblower complaint were relaxed at almost the same time the complaint materialized. Yeah, I think Michael Atkinson has some explaining to do, under oath.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Canoodlin' with another man's wife can be very costly in North Carolina

"Man wins $750K lawsuit against wife's lover".

I also read somewhere that the majority of people moving to North Carolina are coming from Florida. So the question of the moment is, will we shortly be hearing wild tales about Carolina Man?

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Sunday funnies

That's one guilty-looking dog.

Ralph Kramden has a tax problem...

Reminds me of the tone of today's political discussions in the U.S. (h/t: Tastefully Offensive)...

This one's actually for real: "Unable To Compete With Reality, Babylon Bee Founder Starts Real News Site"

I think you were supposed to pull, brother.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Not very practical, I suppose...

...but it is beautiful craftsmanship.

Update - Rinardman, in the comments: "I'll stick to making my single shot adapters, they're a lot easier than something like that knife. And if I screw one up, it's no big deal."

Dude, why are you hiding your light under a basket? I googled single shot adapter, and there's a video on YouTube posted by you!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Happy Feet Friday

One of my favorite singers, Anita O'Day, performs “How Come?” (1945)

Don Surber says, "Make them pay for impeachment"

I certainly agree with that.

Also, dig the cool logo at the head of the article (via Matt's Idea Shop).

Poor Queen Elizabeth

Her family has certainly been a trial to her. The latest spot of bother involves her grandson Harry's spouse, the former Meghan Markle, a particularly unsavory sort of American, who suffers from ominous levels of narcissism and virtue signaling. Rod Little of the Spectator tries gamely to get us to take her back., by the way.

Murder-mystery writer had a close brush with the real thing, herself

An interesting account of Mary Roberts Rinehart's narrow escape from her crazed, homicidal chef.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Cool sub-machine gun

An Australian weapon, with a very interesting back story: the Owen SMG.

A$$hole of the Month

And it's only October 2nd!

Thousand Oaks, California Police Chief Tim Hale is the picture perfect representation of the political hack in uniform: "A charity flag football event in honor of fallen Ventura County Sgt. Ron Helus, the deputy killed in the Borderline mass shooting in 2018, has been put on hold after organizers say a local police chief and a Democratic politician derailed it because they didn’t want Republicans at the event."

To hell with the money that would have been raised for the family of the fallen officer, I guess. Can't have any of that Trump trash smelling up the place under any circumstances.

All in favor of Tim Hale being appointed as chief gun confiscator for, say, Harlan County, Kentucky, raise your hands!

Update: More from Jack Dunphy.

Note of clarification: Dunphy identifies Hale as the Ventura County Sheriff Captain who heads the patrol station covering Thousand Oaks. The original article referred to him as a police chief. He's still a$$hole of the month.

Gettin' a little long in the tooth for this kind of thing, Bernie

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was hospitalized with chest pains yesterday, and received two stents to relieve blockage of an artery.

Naturally, I pray for his quick recovery. And, for his sake, I hope these were not stents made in some socialist country.

Whole lotta fakin' goin' on

Oregon Muse has a pretty good description of the Democrats' m.o.
So, to recap the Ukraine hoax: a fake whistleblower who was not in room and who didn't actually hear anything writes a fake complaint with no personal knowledge, leaks the fake news at NY Times and the Washington Post , which fake news then gets cited as fake evidence for fake verification of the fake whistleblower's fake story, which then gets taken up with fake concern by congressional fake Adam Schiff who opens hearing with fake quote from Trump as Pelosi launches fake impeachment effort.

Gee, I wonder why the place has so many MS-13 gangsters? Just don't have a clue.

My former abode, Fairfax County, has suspended a policeman for actually cooperating with ICE.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Babylon Bee once again cuts very close to the bone

"Adam Schiff Revealed To Be Parody Of Actual Congressman".

The ghosts of Brunswick County

Long-time readers know that I like to take pictures of abandoned homes, warehouses, stores and other structures (meh, weird, but everybody needs a hobby). Here are a few lonely places located within a six or seven mile radius of my home (click to enlarge).

Not an abandoned building, but an abandoned neighborhood. Looks like the developers ran out of money once they built the entrance and paved a few streets. I didn't see a name for the place anywhere.

This house is relatively new-looking to be abandoned, but it has been empty since we moved to the area 1 1/2 years ago.

This building, located on state road 906 (which runs through a rural area), appears to have been some kind of professional building, maybe a dentist's or doctor's office. There were no markings, signs or clues. Whatever it was, it seems to have offered plenty of parking.