Friday, January 31, 2014

Gibson takes it to the Man!

Gibson Guitars, which recently tangled with the federal government over some of the wood used in its products, has come out with the Government Series II Les Paul :
Great Gibson electric guitars have long been a means of fighting the establishment, so when the powers that be confiscated stocks of tonewoods from the Gibson factory in Nashville—only to return them once there was a resolution and the investigation ended—it was an event worth celebrating. Introducing the Government Series II Les Paul, a striking new guitar from Gibson USA for 2014 that suitably marks this infamous time in Gibson’s history.

From its solid mahogany body with modern weight relief for enhance resonance and playing comfort, to its carved maple top, the Government Series II Les Paul follows the tradition of the great Les Paul Standards—but also makes a superb statement with its unique appointments. A distinctive vintage-gloss Government Tan finish, complemented by black-chrome hardware and black plastics and trim, is topped by a pickguard that’s hot-stamped in gold with the Government Series graphic—a bald eagle hoisting a Gibson guitar neck.
Speaking of classics, a, er, friend of mine recently purchased a Colt 1991 Government model semi-automatic pistol. Built on the traditional Colt 1911 platform, it’s all blued steel, complemented with deluxe checkered rosewood grips. This fine-looking weapon is chambered in the deadly accurate .38 super caliber, and comes with two 9-round magazines. It’s a great addition to the armory.

My friend’s armory, that is. Not mine. His.

One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice…

…and taxpayer-subsidized birth control for all.

Happy Feet Friday

From 1939, Earl "Fatha" Hines and the Grand Terrace Orchestra perform one of my all time hot and wide-open swing instrumentals, Father Steps In.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

If Obama won’t even enforce Obamacare…

…what in hell makes some people think that he will enforce legislation mandating secure borders? (Yeah, that’s right, I’m looking at you, Paul Ryan).

Related question: why are so many Republicans – not just the incurably dull-witted types, like John Boehner, but genuinely bright young men like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio – risking so much political capital on an issue that, as recent polls have shown, is near the bottom of the respondents’ list of priorities - especially in an environment where Obama and the Democratic party are vulnerable on several key issues of far greater interest to the American people?


Washington, D.C. is finding innovative ways to implement the spirit of ObamaCare:
“Woman asks firefighter to help dying father, firefighter says ‘Not until I am dispatched,’ father dies”.

So long, handsome

I’m sure California voters are capable of replacing him with someone equally liberal and repulsive, but still, it’s good to see Henry Waxman handing in his congressional ID badge.

Socialism with a, er, human face.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Israel “has got the mullahs surrounded”

A fascinating post by Robert Avrech on security agreements between Israel and two Muslim countries: Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Porsche automobiles

Well, those have certainly come a long way from humble beginnings.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Left-wing guitar strummer now entertaining Stalin, Mao

That's bound to be one hot concert. Pete Seeger finally shuffles off this mortal coil at age 94.

If you want to hear a speech real bad…

…you can count on Obama for a real bad speech. Kevin Williamson denounces the whole idea of SOTU speeches, with their increasingly monarchical trappings, in this fiery piece at NRO. A sample:
The annual State of the Union pageant is a hideous, dispiriting, ugly, monotonous, un-American, un-republican, anti-democratic, dreary, backward, monarchical, retch-inducing, depressing, shameful, crypto-imperial display of official self-aggrandizement and piteous toadying, a black Mass during which every unholy order of teacup totalitarian and cringing courtier gathers under the towering dome of a faux-Roman temple to listen to a speech with no content given by a man with no content, to rise and to be seated as is called for by the order of worship — it is a wonder they have not started genuflecting — with one wretched representative of their number squirreled away in some well-upholstered Washington hidey-hole in order to preserve the illusion that those gathered constitute a special class of humanity without whom we could not live.

It’s the most nauseating display in American public life — and I write that as someone who has just returned from a pornographers’ convention.
Update: Ron Swanson provides some balance to the utopian left-wing crap you'll be hearing from Obama tonight (or would be, if you were listening).

Update II: Haw! Supreme Court justices Alito, Scalia and Thomas gave the speech a miss.

Update III: The only good thing about Obama's SOTU speech? Stephen Green's drunkblogging.

House for sale


Monday, January 27, 2014

Another big win for the vigilantes in Mexico

Amazing what can happen when the people take their destiny in their own hands:
Mexico essentially legalized the country's growing "self-defense" groups Monday, while also announcing that security forces had captured one of the four top leaders of the Knights Templar drug cartel, which the vigilante groups have been fighting for the last year.

The government said it had reached an agreement with vigilante leaders to incorporate the armed civilian groups into old and largely forgotten quasi-military units called the Rural Defense Corps. Vigilante groups estimate their numbers at 20,000 men under arms.

Massive prison break in China

Run, fellows, run!

H/T: Captain Heinrichs

Monday movie

Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan in a scene from I Was A Male War Bride.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday funnies

Bad NFL lip reading.

Fake blindness FAIL.

Pigeons and cement: they really don't go together very well.

That wild man of the worldwide web, TimT, pronounces from the theology corner.

Calvin Coolidge makes a joke.

And here's Silent Cal, celebrating the Second Amendment.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

I know how this is going to end

The Brits will take them in and place them under the protection of hate-speech laws
"A mysterious ghost ship carrying nothing but diseased cannibal rats could be drifting towards Britain after being lost at sea for a year, salvage experts have warned."

Deadwood on the Potomac (Part II)

Or maybe we should say Chicago on the Potomac. More on our gangster government from John Hinderaker at Powerline.

The war on the Second Amendment

It never stops:
A new gun law proponents say helps law enforcement has driven Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger out of California, and affirmed the suspicions of firearms rights advocates that the measure is really about making handguns obsolete.

The two companies have announced they will stop selling their wares in the nation's most populous state rather than try to comply with a law that requires some handguns to have technology that imprints a tiny stamp on the bullet so it can be traced back to the gun. The companies, and many gun enthusiasts, say so-called "microstamping" technology is unworkable in its present form and can actually impair a gun's performance.
The reason for this, of course, is because in California, the only people who can be trusted to carry weapons are the police.

What the...

Planet Hillary.


I haven't seen temperatures this cold in years. I half expect to see muskoxen in Lafayette Park.

Maybe I ought to take a trip to someplace warmer - like Alaska.

Happy Feet Friday

Benny Goodman and the boys perform a joyful version of Sugar Foot Stomp.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deadwood on the Potomac

Under the current administration, Washington, DC has become, in its own way, as lawless as any 19th century frontier town. Unfortunately, however, whereas the deficiencies in the upholding of justice in towns like Deadwood and Tombstone affected only the denizens of those specific municipalities, Washington’s - or, to be precise, Obama’s – dismissive attitude toward laws and regulations touches, or will eventually touch, practically everyone in the United States.

I see, for example, that the IRS, apparently unchastened by the recent publicity surrounding its targeting of conservative groups, continues in its role as one of the Obama administration’s ideologically-motivated enforcement arms. Now it’s subjecting a conservative Hollywood group, The Friends of Abe, to “the treatment”.

On a not totally unrelated matter, I pose the following admittedly provocative question: Are Darrell Issa’s numerous investigations intended to actually accomplish anything in the way of bringing this government to heel, or are they intended merely to provide subject matter for his election brochures? Mark Levin pointed out some time ago that what is needed are select committees to handle the investigation of some of these high-profile matters (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS stalking, etc.), not a single standing committee that lacks sufficient personnel and real investigatory competence to do the job properly. And one can’t ask the question without roping the increasingly useless John Boehner into the discussion: why has the House majority leader steadfastly refused to name any select committees? Is he too busy conspiring to launch his amnesty coup? There are times when I would gladly trade a nominal political majority consisting of an inordinate number of time-serving invertebrates for a minority made up of principled fighters who relentlessly pushed an agenda of liberty - for in the end, the latter might eventually become a majority that genuinely makes a difference, whereas the former will inevitably dwindle to a rump faction possessing hardly less influence than now.

This fellow Bezos is no fool

Jeff Bezos, who purchased the Washington Post last year, has shaken things up with two outstanding decisions: he has let the shifty, untrustworthy, faux-wonk Ezra Klein walk (after spurning Klein's preposterous request for more than $10 million to set up an "explanatory journalism" web site), and he has offered to host the excellent Volokh Conspiracy blog.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Great Moments in Driving History

One suspects that alcohol was involved.
A Wisconsin man who became lodged in the windshield of a car that struck him said he turned to the driver and said, "Hello, I'm the guy you hit on the bicycle."

The driver did not respond, but continued on, running a stop sign and hitting another vehicle before he arrived home, the cyclist, Steven Gove, told HTR Media about the Saturday incident.

The man finally noticed Gove when he stopped the car outside his home.

"He looked at me and said 'Who are you? What are you doing in the car?'" Gove said.

Man wins suit against IRS

But, interestingly, his victory didn't have anything to do with taxes.
A taxpayer undergoing an audit at an Internal Revenue Service office on Long Island successfully sued the IRS for $862,000 after he was injured by tripping over a phone cord.

William Berroyer claimed in his lawsuit that he could no longer play golf or have sex with his wife more than once a month after he fell during a 2008 audit at an IRS office in Hauppauge, N.Y.

It's not just about competence

J. Christian Adams argues that Republicans need to stop giving this president the benefit of the doubt.

Why, yes

Yes, I believe I do want one of those for Christmas.

H/T: Instapundit

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Poor kid

First, Obama's imaginary son gets shot, and now his dad won't let him play professional football. Next I suppose pop will yell at him for pinching the presidential stash and getting cooties on the First Bong.

Why not pack the boy off to Chicago for a little quality time with Uncle Rahm, Barry?


If anybody ever deserved pilin' on, it's Wendy Davis.

Now, here's some gun control I might be able to get behind (H/T: The Walla Walla Tea Party Patriots).

Steve exposes the fraudulence of Melbourne's supposedly sophisticated coffee culture.

Black conservatives: not as rare as the liberal media would have you believe.

"The most destructive, dangerous president we've ever had." Must be the opinion of one of those tea-bagging racists, right? Er, right?

The coming GOP establishment sell-out on amnesty.

Tim Geithner, brownshirt.

Sean Hannity prepares to vote with his feet.

Rock musician and, er, petroleum engineer Neil Young is taken to task for his opposition to the exploitation of oilsands in his native Canada (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

Well, then, things are lookin' good for me as I age.

The suave and courtly Mr. Bingley celebrates his 50th birthday. Best wishes, Old Top!

From the garden of FAIL...

...comes this exotic blossom of imbecility:
In his New Yorker interview published over the weekend, President Obama stated that current Al Qaeda was “jayvee” – and said that his analogy was often used around the White House. “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said.
I guess in the same way that if a big-city machine politician with no executive experience lives in the White House, that doesn't make him George Washington - or, for that matter, even James Buchanan.

Communism didn't have to be monolithic to murder hundreds of millions of people. Al Qaeda doesn't have to have the same organizational structure as GE to carry out numerous acts of terrorism in potentially dozens of countries. And, frankly, quite aside from the geopolitical ignorance reflected in the president's remarks, I'm getting sick of his sophomoric basketball analogies.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mystery solved

Or, actually, not solved at all; it just got more curious.

The Mars rover, Opportunity, took a picture of what scientists originally thought was a small rock.

However, scientists at the Private Association for Cosmic Observation reviewed the photo using state-of-the art, proprietary picture enhancement technology, and were able to positively identify the object as something else altogether...

Opportunity has now been instructed to keep its eyes open for Moon Pies.

Career change

DEA agent quits, goes to work in legal marijuana industry.


Two pessimistic assessments of America's future.

First, from Ace:
But Obama's excellence as a candidate (at least in 2008) and perfect timing -- the Perfect Semi-Stealth Socialist Candidate at the perfect Socialist Moment for such a thing -- cannot obscure the fact that something has changed in America. We all feel it; we all know it. Even the very reasonable and moderate-tempered Mitt Romney, who wouldn't start yelling "Socialist!" at the drop of the hat (to the chagrin of some of us), can feel it.

I think we have not been quite the same since 2008, and probably never will be the same again. We didn't leave America; America has left us.
And then this, from Victor Davis Hanson:
Every three working Americans provide sustenance for two who are not ill, enfeebled, or too young. The former help the disabled, the latter take resources from them. The gang-banger has only disdain for the geek at the mall — until one Saturday night his liver is shredded by gang gunfire and suddenly he whimpers (who is now the real wimp?) that he needs such a Stanford-trained nerd to do sophisticated surgery to get him back in one piece to the carjackings, muggings, assaults, and knockout games — or lawsuits follow!

Given that the number of non-working is growing (an additional 10 million were idled in the Obama “recovery” alone), it is likely to keep growing. At some point, we will hit a 50/50 ratio of idle versus active. Then things will get interesting. The percentage of workers’ pay deducted to pay for the non-working will soar even higher. So will the present redistributive schemes and the borrowing from the unborn.

We forget that the obligations of the working to care for the 70-80 million who genuinely cannot work become more difficult, when the 90 million who can work for all sorts of reasons won’t. Note the theme of this essay: the more in humane fashion we provide unemployment insurance, food stamps, subsidized housing, legal advice, health care and disability insurance, the more the recipients find it all inadequate, inherent proof of unfairness and inequality, and always not enough.
Sobering observations to mull over as another blizzard advances toward the Paco Command Center.

Terry McLowLife's sleaze machine...

...just keeps on oozin' (with an assist from an erstwhile Republican lobbyist).

Monday movie

Robert Mitchum makes some fast moves in Macao.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday funnies

So, what do you think of Joe Biden?

Did you ever wonder what a dog would do if he actually caught a car he was chasing? Wonder no more!

In the event of nuclear war, it's ok to drink the beer.

Might want to overnight those.

Get a jump on next Christmas with these fine gifts from Paco Enterprises.

Congratulations, Mr. President! You earned that one.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Are you smarter than Matt Yglesias?

H/T: Ace

“Like investigating a burglary without interviewing the burgled”

Robert Avrech on the FBI, Obama’s “Praetorian guard”.

Marc Thiessen also has a good post on the phony investigation of the IRS over at AEI.

The gradual coup continues. One day we will all wake up to find ourselves either serfs or outlaws.

Doing the job the government won't do

Mexican vigilantes return land stolen by narcotraficantes to rightful owners.

Harvey Weinstein, no doubt, would not approve.

Happy Feet Friday

Now, that right there’s an all-star team: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Peggy Lee.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Obama's not the only one trying to take away our Constitution

So is the International Olympic Committee.

Hey, you'd never have this problem with a bottle of Thunderbird

But if you're drinking the fancy stuff - you know, that's got a cork - and you don't have a corkscrew, here are some novel ways to open a bottle of wine.

Chronic Tingle Syndrome

H/T: Moonbattery

Bad movie alert

Rich Hollywood elitist (and major Obama donor) Harvey Weinstein is teaming up with Meryl Streep to make an anti-gun movie. Watch out, NRA! This flick is supposedly going to make you guys "wish [you] weren't alive".

Pity. One would have thought there was at least a small chance that someone who portrayed a concentration camp survivor would have a better understanding about the connection between gun ownership and freedom.

Update: Good thing this guy doesn't listen to Harvey Weinstein.

As the twig is bent grows the tree. Hillary Clinton's dishonesty and ruthlessness go a long way back - something to bear in mind.

H/T: B.C.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dim Jim Moran calls it a day

Congressman Jim Moran, who represents the next district over from me, is finally retiring after 35 years of glassy-eyed, mouth-breathing disservice to Virginia. While it's always possible that he may ultimately be succeeded by someone equally obnoxious and "progressive" - he does represent Arlington, after all - I propose to celebrate the moment.

Update"The 8 Most Terrible things Done by Jim Moran, America's Worst Congressman".

Update: Smitty, over at The Other McCain, has endured Moran as his congressman for 15 years. He is - how shall I put this? - mildly pleased that this political excrescence is returning to private life.

Francois Hollande

President of France and noted horndog.

Chick magnet.

"You realize, of course, zat I taught heem everyt'ing he knows, yes?"

Gee, where's the Obama administration press release on this accomplishment?

The U.S. has dropped out of the top 10 most economically free countries.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I know, I know

It's just David Freakin' Brooks. But I continue to be astounded that he can write pabulum like this and actually get paid for it.

In a Lite-Thought piece on political leadership, Brooks talks about translating that "moment of spine-tingling transcendence" into the successful pursuit of public service by, among other things, apprenticing oneself to "a modern version of Ted Kennedy". Really? Marking time as a pimp and a procurer of booze and covering up the odd felony for a leftist lout is a step up the career ladder of good governance?

But that's not the worst of it. The primary irritant is the banality of the observations and an insipid prose that itches to turn purple in its tedious praise of "effective" government, but fails to rise above a dreary taupe. One example will suffice:
This wisdom is based on a tactile awareness of your country and its people — what they want, how they react. You don’t think this awareness. You feel it. You experience a visceral oneness with culture and circumstance — the smell of the street, tinges of anger and hope and aspiration.
Oh, there's a smell, all right; the rancid scent of aging mediocrity and stale ideas. I could write better stuff than this in my sleep. With my feet. In the throes of a malaria attack.

You have been warned

Beware the RINO in sheep’s clothing.

Another great pic

See this post by Ed Driscoll for the domestic and international context.

Picture, thousand words

U.S. Senator Mike Lee reveals the crushing weight of bureaucracy in a single photo.

There's getting it wrong...

...and then there's getting it awesomely, spectacularly, epically wrong.

Monday, January 13, 2014

That's different

One of my friends at work, whose office is directly above mine, called today and told me that if I looked out of my window, I'd see a hawk eating a squirrel in a tree. Sure enough, there it was, standing on a branch almost at eye level, savoring a fresh kill.

I don't know if this is a sign or portent that has any bearing on me, but if it is, I sure hope I'm the hawk.

I dunno

I drink two or three cups of this stuff a day, and...uh...ahm...what was I talking about?

We can put a man on the moon, but we can't cure irritable bowel syndrome

Senator Harry Reid provides further evidence that he belongs in a rubber room (and maybe should be wearing rubber pants).

Monday movie

Gregory Peck makes a young whippersnapper stand down in another scene from The Gunfighter.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday funnies

Olive oil: good for cooking with, pouring over salads, and removing naked Australians from washing machines.

Man fails in quest for beer, gets beaten with a ceramic squirrel by thirsty girlfriend.

Modern threat: radioactive diapers.

News flash: Chihuahuas are terrible drivers.

Don't even think about trying to outrun the police in Dubai.

Hey, don't let life get you down; show a little optimism!

Tim Blair "outs" James Delingpole (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

As long as it's freezing out there, you might as well put the cold to good use.

A sentimental ballad of lost love by Junior Brown, entitled My Wife Thinks You’re Dead.

Friday, January 10, 2014

"Traffic Armageddon"

So help me, that's what some news guy on ABC radio called the big traffic jam in New Jersey.

Look, I'm not a fan of Chris Christie, but, in the grand scheme of things, "Bridgegate" doesn't hold a candle to a few Democrat scandals I could name.

Happy Feet Friday

Harry James and his band perform Flatbush Flanagan.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


What is it about Arizona? Is it something in the water, or in the air? Valley Fever, perhaps, or some kind of mind-altering mold spores that breed among the desiccated remains of dead saguaro cacti and infect their human hosts with toxins that atrophy the brain?

There’s definitely something out there that afflicts high-visibility Republican office holders, causing them to act in ways that seem very inconsistent with the best interests of their party. First, you had Senator John McCain, who frequently gives the impression that the only reason he became a Republican at all was because there wasn’t already a party named after him, and it would have taken too much time and money to start one from scratch (although who can doubt that McCain, in his heart of hearts, doesn’t occasionally dream of an army of yowling McCainiacs, wearing armbands featuring a picture of an elephant with a knife in its back?). Then there was Governor Jan Brewer, who initially created an image of herself as a feisty and outspoken opponent of President Obama, only to later “grow in office” by fighting conservatives in her own state in order to adopt portions of ObamaCare.

Now we see Republican Senator Jeff Flake knocking former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and his new book which is highly critical of Obama (and Obama's wanna-be successor, Hillary Clinton). Flake writes: “[F]or a former Secretary of Defense to be so critical of the current commander-in-chief, particularly on an issue like Afghanistan when negotiations over future security arrangements remain unresolved, strikes me as bad timing and bad form.”

Now, I, myself, wonder if Gates wasn’t a bit naïve in being shocked by the overarching theme of c-y-a political posturing manifested by Obama (and Clinton). And as I wrote yesterday, I would have preferred to see Gates publicize his criticisms prior to the 2012 election (Gates left the administration in 2011). Nonetheless, I believe that Gates was, and is, an honorable man, who tried his best to limit the damage that his boss and the Secretary of State were capable of doing to U.S. foreign policy (ultimately an impossible job, given the massive ineptitude, duplicity and ignorance deployed on multiple fronts by those two, and others within the administration). Whatever complaint I might have about the tardiness of Gates’ public comments, I see his book as a legitimate attempt to set the record straight, and to highlight mistaken strategies and skewed perspectives from which future presidents (even one whose name might be Clinton) can learn. Does Flake disagree with Gates’ assessment of Obama’s motives and competence in defining and carrying out U.S. policy in Afghanistan? If so, then I invite the senator to go a step further and enumerate the president’s shining accomplishments in this area. If he doesn’t disagree with Gates’ overall view, then how is a self-imposed gag order supposed to assist an incompetent president to satisfactorily negotiate “future security arrangements”?

Flake then makes the astonishing claim that Gates’ criticisms undermine the likelihood of future acts of bipartisanship:
“Worse yet, it makes it less likely that this President, or future Presidents, will reach across the political or philosophical aisle when filling out his or her cabinet,” Flake wrote. “The country benefits when people with discordant views are in a position to challenge and shape a President’s views in private, when in matters most. This book makes that less likely to happen.”
Leave aside, for the nonce, the indisputable fact that Obama is the most hyper-partisan president in recent times, and that his decision to keep Gates on represented a rare moment of lucidity, when the reality of the situation - i.e., the obvious dangers associated with any immediate, radical changes in the continuity of our policy in a country where we were at war - trumped, however briefly, the new president’s otherwise obsessive desire to put distance between himself and his predecessor. Flake seems to be unmasking himself as one of these fatuous aisle-straddlers for whom bipartisanship is more important than truth and transparency. Is it also more important than the lives of our troops, Senator? Because if Obama’s lukewarm and insincere commitment to a workable military strategy in Afghanistan – and Iraq – has led to the unnecessary deaths of our military personnel, then the whole point seems to be that the sacred gesture of “reaching across the aisle” was a cynical exercise in window dressing, and that Gates’ valiant efforts to “shape a President’s views in private” ultimately failed - at which point the only honorable course is public disclosure.

Doubtless one could fill a sizeable room with tomes written by disgruntled bureaucrats who took aim at presidents who belonged to their own respective parties. Is there now to be a doctrine of omertà imposed on cabinet-level officials who are members of the opposition party? Even after they’ve left government employ? If the spirit of bipartisanship, as understood and practiced today, is such a delicate flower that it cannot survive the bracing winds of truth, then let the thing wither and die, for it was never what it was held out to be anyway.

This should be interesting

"Alfred Hitchcock's unseen Holocaust documentary to be screened".

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How cold is it out there?

This cold.

Hey, thanks, Bob, for confirming our suspicions about Obama's cynical and cold-blooded political calculations

It would've been nice, though, if you had said something before the 2012 election - when it might, you know, have made a difference.

Hey, I'm against income inequality, too

So, where's my $4 million vacation?

Since when does the rat wear the lab coat?

Al Sharpton apparently figured that the way to hammer home the “science is settled” meme was to put on a lab coat and spew discredited statistics on global warming while standing in front of a table crowded with beakers filled with colored water and dry ice. Too bad he didn’t have some of those electric gizmos from the original Frankenstein movie to give his presentation some real verisimilitude.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Good news!

They've finally found a use for electric cars. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the "Deskla". (H/T: Mrs. Paco)

Update: Captain Heinrichs finds an even more interesting vehicle-to-furniture conversion.

Color me skeptical

Some doofus claims to have killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas, of all places. Says he lured it into a trap with $200 worth of ribs (I do have to admit, he probably could have nabbed me with that bait).

Artists create micro-world

The husband and wife team of Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ido employ food as a medium.

Monday movie

Tension between Cody Jarrett and Big Ed in White Heat.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Virginia RINO alert

Virginia Virtucon has the inside skinny on wanna-be U.S. senator Ed Gillespie.

Sunday funnies

Ray Stevens sings The Global Warming Song.

Calendars make nice Christmas gifts - although, as with all things, some are better than others.

Folks enjoy the simple pleasures up there in South Porcupine, Ontario. And in Tasmania, people adapt to an apparent boat shortage.

Two fellows try Veet Hair Removal for Men Gel, applying the product south of the Mason-Dixon line. Amazon has posted the Most Helpful Positive and Most Helpful Critical reviews - which sound oddly similar, and are both hilarious (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

"You really need to quit, dad."

Friday, January 3, 2014


According to this report, North Korean dictator (and world-class sadist) Kim Jong Un personally supervised the execution of his uncle and five aides, having them thrown alive to starving dogs (I indulge a fantasy of Kim Jong Un, trussed up like a pit-cooked hog, being tossed to starving North Koreans).

The guys at Duck Dynasty are partnering with Mossberg to release a line of Duck Commander firearms.

In other firearms-related news, Magpul, which has been threatening to leave Colorado because of stringent gun-control laws recently passed by the state legislature, has in fact pulled the plug and is relocating its various operations to Wyoming and Texas.

Man, I can’t believe the new owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos, wasn’t all over Obama-shill Ezra Klein’s offer to establish, er, “a new website dedicated to explanatory journalism on a wide range of topics beyond political policy." And it was only going to cost around ten million dollars!

A collection of witty observations from The American Spectator’s “Enemy Central” column, including this gem focusing on President Obama’s golf attire: “[H]e continues to wear those same funny shorts, the ones that make him look like a bona fide member of the LPGA.”

Detroit’s police chief seems to “get it” when it comes to concealed carry.

There are mammals that lay eggs, so I suppose I shouldn’t be astonished to hear of the Liberal Gun Club. Interesting:
More regulations on lawful gun owners "are overprescribed political placebos that fail to cure ... the root causes of violence," the gun club said in a position statement.
We got three inches of Gore’s Dandruff last night, and temperatures here in Fairfax are in the low 20s. Florida may have sink holes, hurricanes, airborne cockroaches and, now, escaped lions, but I don’t care; the state is going back on my list of potential retirement locations.

Happy Feet Friday

Long John Hunter lays down some of those foot-stompin' Border Town Blues.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nice shot, mate!

An Australian sniper team picks off a Taliban commander - from 1.75 miles away.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Boroughs

New NYC mayor William de Blasio and crew make New York City sound like some nightmarish vision from a Hogarth drawing. I guess he has to try and make the city look worse than it is so that any improvements will look like a progressive miracle. I imagine, however, that any genuine improvements are going to be hard to come by, since socialism always and everywhere represents nothing more than wishful thinking.

How de Blasio views New York today...

How de Blasio thinks it will look after a few years of his socialist administration...