Sunday, May 31, 2020

High time

President Trump has indicated that Antifa will be officially designated as a domestic terrorist organization.

And here's where it gets kind of interesting: "Barr about to unmask all of Antifa's communications with their media and political allies".

Hey, all of you Democrat media hacks and NeverTrump grifters are cool with that, right? I mean, about the unmasking. You didn't think it was a big deal with General Flynn, so you can't possibly have an objection now - correct?

What an infestation of social termites

I knew our society was in bad shape, but it seems I have underestimated the extent of the rot.

Commies and domestic terrorists and phony anti-fascists everywhere! And many are people of privilege - like these two fancy lawyers from Brooklyn, charged with throwing Molotov cocktails at a police cruiser. Or how about "fellow traveler" Justin Timberlake calling for fans to bail out "protestors" who have been arrested? Or how about the daughter of the freakin' governor of Minnesota aiding and abetting the rioters by pointing out the lag between the time that National Guard troops are mobilized and the time they are anticipated to arrive? Plus all the left-wing media hacks, the pusillanimous governors paralyzed by fear (not so much fear of the violence, but fear of offending the perceived sensibilities of important voting blocs), the professional race hucksters, not to mention the sinister financial backers of the mob.

I'm not at all sure that I possess a sufficiency of, er, Hummel figurines; may need to invest in some more.

Update Blinding, hilarious hypocrisy from this idiot.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sunday funnies

Just what Australia has been waiting for (H/T: David Thompson).

That one looks a little underdone (H/T: Ditto).

Courtesy of Savage Chickens.

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell engage in snappy patter in His Girl Friday.

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

Strange encounter

In our back yard, we have a small area fenced off for vegetables (peppers, green beans, strawberries, etc). The fence is only about a foot and a half high, but seems sufficient for keeping out rabbits, and we have put netting over the section with strawberries to prevent the birds from nabbing the fruit.

I was puttering in the yard in the early evening yesterday, and as I walked in the direction of the vegetable garden, a killdeer, situated about 20 yards away, ran at full speed in my direction. Suddenly, she stopped, maybe six feet in front of me, extended one of her wings a little bit, and began walking in a tight little circle - the classic ploy of a mother bird pretending to be injured in order to distract a potential predator's attention from her young.

So, I figured she had a little fellow nearby, and looked around, seeing, to my consternation, a little ball of fluff entangled in the net where it was draped over the fence. I made a move in that direction, with the goal of seeing if I could free the fledgling, but the mother became extremely agitated and, apparently thinking that the old injured-bird ruse wasn't working, took flight and began making some very close passes around my head.

Quickly figuring out that the killdeer mom wasn't going to accept my word that I meant no harm to her baby, I went in the house and conferred with Mrs. Paco. That's when we decided to tag-team the situation. Mrs. Paco hung back a little, and I advanced toward the vegetable garden. The killdeer mom, once again, made a beeline along the ground toward me and started performing her dying swan act. I walked after her, slowly, and she took off limping and dragging her wing along the side of the house toward the front yard. While she was busy leading me on the slowest chase in history, Mrs. Paco slipped over to the net and freed the baby. Then we both withdrew to observe events. The killdeer mom ran over to her young one, piped at it several times (killdeers have a call that sounds a bit like a note played on a fife), and walked off with her baby trotting along behind her, presumably to a nest back under the holly trees. Mission accomplished!

For those of you unfamiliar with this bird, here's a photo:

The killdeer is a member of the plover family, a ground-nester that, although it can fly, seems to prefer walking (and running, when necessary).

We should be rounding up the usual suspects

"If The Rioting Seems Coordinated".

Update Much more from Scott Johnson at Powerline.

Update II Sure, sure, that's entirely credible: "Minnesota Governor Says 'White Supremacists' and 'Cartels' are Part of Mass Rioting, Looting in Minneapolis". You mean like sheeted Klansmen and jackbooted Neo-Nazis? Gee, Mr. Governor, sir, I can't wait to see your evidence.

Pathetic progressive stooge.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Fake news at its stupidest

This reporter is standing in front of a building on fire and insists that the protests are "not, generally speaking, unruly".

Elsewhere, Paco World News Daily (PWND) has footage of an aircraft experiencing a slightly bumpy landing.


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Happy Feet Friday

Excelentíssima! Here's Cuban-born Mexican actress, dancer and singer Ninón Sevilla with a musical number from the 1953 film, Aventura en Río.

Maybe the killer asteroids will wipe out the murder hornets

MOTUS A.D. takes a skeptical look behind some scare headlines.

California's coronavirus Stasi

California's government is in the grip of lunatics and power-mongers, as Governor Newsom seeks to establish a corps of "coronavirus detectives" to “test, trace and isolate people who may have been infected.” So, when the coronavirus is finally under control to the governor's satisfaction, what to do with this new army?
In the best Kafkaesque style, a government Stasi force could be empowered to track and isolate just about anybody, “until we have a vaccine,” or a “cure.” Illegal aliens, even the criminals among them, would remain a protected and privileged class. As in California, this imported electorate would be supported by American taxpayers.

Law-abiding gun owners, even Sheriff’s deputies, could be blocked from exercising their rights under the Second Amendment, and the First Amendment would also stand at risk. So-called “red flag” laws could empower confiscation of firearms and ammunition from anybody the government doesn’t like.
Progressivism ruins everything, and, if we're not vigilant, California may become the model for the whole nation.

Meanwhile, lockdown state governors continue to practice two-track government in true commie style: "Democrat Lockdowners Keep Getting Caught Breaking their Own Rules".

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Working-with-your-hands Wednesday

Bonus video! From wood to LEGOs.

Monday, May 25, 2020

God rest the souls of our honored dead

I've posted this one before, but it is well worth posting again. It is a tribute to U.S. Marine Cpl. Brett Lundstrom, American Lakota warrior, killed in action in Iraq, January 7, 2006.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Did Jonah swallow the whale?

I'm not, of course, talking about our own friend and commenter Jonah, but the absurd Jonah Goldberg. He was NeverTrumping with gusto recently, attacking the President's press secretary. This is not what interests me; the guy's about as relevant as an 8-track tape player. What fascinates me is his ghastly appearance. Check out his photo in this Breitbart story. Not only does he appear overweight, but with his hair slicked down and parted in the middle, he resembles a sea otter. I bet he even uses his stomach as a food tray, gobbling down his lunch while he floats on his back in the nearest public pool.

Sunday funnies

Yeah, apparently.

No couth (make sure the sound is on) H/T: David Thompson.

Antidepressants or Tolkien? H/T: Ditto.

One of many great scenes from Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

As usual, the Babylon Bee isn't far off the mark: "Democrats Unveil Proposal To Just Guess How People Were Going To Vote.

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Assortment (eclectic edition)

Where is Cuomo's apology? Why, lining the nest of a great auk, I imagine, or enmeshed in the feathers of a moa.

Red State makes the case that FBI Director Christopher Wray's upcoming investigation into the handling of General Flynn has some teeth. I'm still suspicious that the teeth, at most, will only wind up biting some mid-level flunkies who were just bit players. We'll see (why not, as I believe Veeshir has suggested, a special counsel?)

A question we in the U.S. need to be asking, as well: "Can Australia Flatten the Curve of Its Economic Dependence on China?".

I don't follow the NFL very closely, but it appears that under Commissioner Roger Goodell's stewardship, the whole thing is turning into a criminal organization.

Ok, one down, how many umpteen thousands to go? "Ex-Philly election official pleads guilty to stuffing ballot box for Democrats".

Don't be a lonely loser! Join scores of other losers just like you at the NeverTrump convention in Charlotte, NC this summer!

Here are a couple more videos by Mark Felton on some little-known aspects of WWII.

Obviously not all French citizens opposed the Nazis. Here is the story of Frenchmen who were actually formed into an SS unit.

This is the story of the mysterious SS Werewolves (not the Lon Chaney, Jr., kind, but an outfit that was supposed to carry on guerrilla operations against the allies in the last chaotic months of the Third Reich).

Wheels within wheels

Are people within Obama's tight circle of flunkies preparing to throw Comey under the bus? CTH has some interesting speculation.

Friday, May 22, 2020

That didn't take long

"Trump Campaign Launches ‘You Ain’t Black’ T-Shirts Mocking Biden".

I'm pretty sure they're lying

"North Korean regime finally admits Kim Jong-un cannot magically bend time and space".

See, that's just what they want us to believe, to make us drop our guard.

When Dracula got drafted

Via Robert Avrech's Seraphic Secret blog: check out this photo of Lt. Bela Lugosi, of the Austro-Hungarian army during WWI.

Which I'm sure he would have done even without the recent avalanche of negative publicity

"FBI Director Christopher Wray orders internal review of Michael Flynn investigation".

You know who can look beyond the meaningless veil of mere pigmentation to discern a person's true race?

Joe Biden, that's who.
Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) declared Friday morning that if black Americans are unsure whether to support him over President Donald Trump in the November election, “then you ain’t black.”
Corn Pop just emailed to say "True dat."


"I'm going to beat Joe Biden" says...Joe Biden.

You know, he just might.

Update II

I guess this must be true, too: "If You Don't Let Me Sniff Your Hair, You Ain't A Woman".

Update III

Biden is getting positively hammered by black people who, justifiably, find his comment condescending and reeking of racism. Here, for example, are some choice words from BET founder Robert L. Johnson.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Happy Feet Friday

What a combo! Tiny Grimes on guitar and Charlie Parker on alto sax, with “Tiny's Tempo”.

WWII odds and ends

Mark Felton has explored some odd corners of WWII history and created some very interesting short video documentaries.

For example, here, he talks about one of Nazi Germany's last jet airplane prototypes, the Horten 229:

And, to tell the truth, I had never heard rumors about a Nazi base in the Antarctic, but Felton looks at the facts and fiction of the legend in this video:

Yeah, who could've seen that coming

"Andrew Weissmann, former lead prosecutor on Mueller’s special counsel team, is headlining a June 2nd virtual fundraiser for Biden."

Cuomo and Newsom and Whitmer are getting all the attention for their Mussolini cosplay...

...but we shouldn't overlook governors like Janet Mills in Maine: "Maine Governor Janet Mills Secretly Pays $370,000 to Spy on Citizens".

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Democrats are always complaining that Republicans want to kill grandma...

...but it's always the Dems' DNA that is found at the scene of the crime.

Something like this might help me with my rabbit problem

Might excite comment among the neighbors, though.

Just so it happens

I think President Trump is biding his time, probably because of what has come to be known as "optics", in getting rid of Christopher Wray at the FBI; however, I believe the rubbery-faced, duck-lipped Wray is toast shortly after Trump is inaugurated for his second term (if Trump wins, of course). I sure hope so.

What is it with Illinois voters?

I somehow contrived to accidentally delete my original post. Here's some updated information.

Governor J.B. "Illinois Fats" Pritzker, who recently decreed that small business owners who violated his closure orders could be sent to prison, has since backed down from that threat.

Nonetheless, he is still hideous.

And this little piggie goose-stepped all the way home...

Working-with-your-hands Wednesday

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I thought, at first, maybe she meant "zeros"

You know, like all those zeros in the number three trillion.

But, nope, Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House and Queen of the Dead - is, in fact, touting the new Bankrupting America legislation as the "Heroes Act".

Strange, though, how most of her heroes seem to be illegal aliens, incarcerated criminals (domestic as well as foreign), and people who are, arguably, pretty well off.


"The ultimate troll move".
Donald Trump is more than just a president. He's America's troll-in-chief. From "low energy Jeb" to "fake news" and "lock her up," he masterfully used the quick-draw capability of social media to brand his political opponents all the way to the White House. Which is why I must confess to being surprised he has yet to realize he's sitting on the greatest troll of all time. The troll of trolls. The greatest troll ever trolled.

President Trump should pardon Barack Obama for "ObamaGate."

Redlining on the satiremeter

The Trump campaign has put out a satirical "investigative" video about Joe Biden, which is hilarious. Even more hilarious is the fact that a lot of people, many with journalism "duh-grees", don't get the joke.

Ok, Dems and other progs, you can breathe easy now

"Trump Assures Nation He Will Leave Office Peacefully At End Of His Eighth Term".
"Some people are worried I won't leave the White House. Not true! In 2048 I will be more than happy to let the next person have a turn," he told members of the press gathered on the White House lawn. "I'll be 102 years old and very energetic. Why would I want to spend any more time in this dump? I'll be ready to retire then."
Of course, the rest of us might have something to worry about...

"Mitt, can you hear me? This is your big chance!"

Anybody can write a Jennifer Rubin column

Even a bot!
President Trump tweeted rage on Wednesday, the worst in history. To compare with decent man Joe Biden, the difference is leadership courage. Trump possesses the bad qualities without precedent, said the expert. The expert is also a victim of Trump because he is an elite nonwhite immigrant.
Now, I believe this here is what you call satire, but, as is the case in these strange times, satire is so close to fact that it's hard to tell the two apart.

Monday, May 18, 2020

And now, a word from our sponsor

We're living in the crazy stupid years

"Restaurant in Maryland to Use ‘Bumper Tables’ to Keep Customers Six Feet Apart".

Unfortunately, someone beat Pandemic Accessories for Cafes and Ordinaries to the punch on this fine product.

Grade A hypocrisy

President Trump has caught a lot of flak from donks (both those holding elective office and those with bylines and television programs) for firing an Inspector General.

But look at one of the IGs Obama fired, and the reason why: "Obama Fired an Inspector General to Cover Up a Sex Scandal and No One Said Boo About It".

If you have 30 minutes...

There are some fascinating short films on YouTube ranging from love stories to westerns to sci-fi.

Here's one about a mother and son team of astronauts called Icarus you might enjoy.

And this one features an explorer on Mars who makes the unpleasant discovery that he is not alone.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Dining in the time of pandemic

"Dining with dummies? Renowned restaurant uses mannequins to fill seats."

"Cafe in Germany Asks Customers to Wear Pool Noodles On Their Heads".

(Don't want to brag, but that last one is a new product from Pandemic Accessories for Cafes & Ordinaries, one of the restaurant supply subsidiaries of Paco Enterprises).


I Lived on Parker Avenue is a 30-minute documentary about a young man whose biological mother changed her mind about having an abortion at virtually the last second, and ultimately put her baby boy up for adoption. It is a moving story, showing the survivor's loving home environment and the touching moment when he meets his biological parents for the first time as an adult. The film is available on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sunday funnies

Via the Bookworm Beat.

Ah, fun at the beach! So many things to do: swim, surf, play volleyball, update your bullfighting skills...

Speaking of volleyball... (H.T: ditto)

That ain't how it's supposed to go, is it? (H/T: David Thompson).

A classic scene from the film, Arsenic and Old Lace.

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Mussolini wanna-be

Talk about the arbitrary use of power: "Power Hungry Mayor Garcetti Says LA Beaches Will Only Be Open For Exercise on Wet Sand, No Sunbathing on Dry Sand".

Paco World News Daily (PWND) caught hizzoner on film, making the formal announcement:

Translation of the key part of the speech: "Everything in the pandemic, nothing outside the pandemic, nothing against the pandemic".

I could've used these when I lived in Northern Virginia

Showing some improvement

President Trump's biggest failure has been his inability to get a handle on personnel issues and sift the wheat from the deep state chaff.

But I think, in Ric Grenel, he has a winner. The guy's smart, gutsy and has no compunction about cutting to the chase. For example: "Ric Grenell Strips FBI of Election Security Candidate Intelligence Briefings".

Friday, May 15, 2020

Kate Brown is no slouch when it comes to yielding to the totalitarian temptation

The Oregon governor obviously considers herself to be She Who Must Be Obeyed: "Oregon Gov Pulls Out All the Stops to Destroy Mother Who Reopened Her Salon".

The stupid party

Well, one of my senators - one of my so-called Republican senators - has been in the news, lately, and not in a good way. Joseph P. Duggan of The American Spectator takes a close look at a genuine dumbass whose main purpose seems to be serving as a napkin to sleazy Democrat Senator Mark Warner.
It is clearer than ever that the chairman of a legislative committee overseeing national intelligence misled the American public and, by undermining the Trump administration’s ability to govern, harmed our national security.

What’s more, we’re not talking about the odious Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), whose perfidy at the service of partisanship and ideological madness is obvious. We’re talking about the nominal Republican who up until a few hours ago was chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, North Carolina’s Richard Burr.

I hear they're going to start the baseball season

Here's what it looked like during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic (H/T: Seraphic Secret):

By the way, I never miss Seraphic Secret's Friday posts: lots of great photos, recollections of the Golden Age of Hollywood, gorgeous old automobiles, and more.

One of these days, somebody's going to flatten this guy's curve

"Biden Cuts Hole In Mask So He Can Still Sniff People's Hair".

The Babylon Bee just keep getting truthier and truthier.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

So, what's the first gun you ever bought with your own money?

Old Paco handed down several firearms to me before I ever bought one, including an L.C. Smith shotgun, a Ruger Super Blackhawk (pre-transfer bar), a Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum (with a stainless steel finish),and a G98/40 carbine. But the first one I ever bought for myself, I acquired at a little gun store in Miami around, I believe, 1985. The fellow who owned the shop was a melancholy sort, a gunsmith who seemed to resent the fact that he had to run a gun store in order to supplement his inadequate income from gunsmithing, which is what he really loved. In any event, he didn't have a whole lot of inventory, and I was eager to have some kind of home protection, so I bought a Ruger Police Service Six (click to enlarge photo).

The "Six" series of handguns manufactured by Ruger - the Security Six, the Service Six and the Speed Six - represented Ruger's first foray into the market of double action revolvers. Chambered in .38 Spl or .357 Magnum, they were very popular, and have become minor collectors' items (the "Six" line was discontinued in 1988, replaced by the GP-100). The Police Service Six was a subset of the Service Six, and was aimed at the law enforcement market. It's a no-frills duty revolver, with a notched rear sight and a fixed ramp front sight. Mine is a .38 Spl, and it's a pretty gun and a sweet little shooter, although I don't take it out to the range much any more.

Happy Feet Friday

Watch out, now. Amos Milburn has been thinking and drinking.

Mystery solved (maybe)

In a previous post, I featured a video showing a guy restoring an old pepperbox pistol. Friend and commenter Spiny Norman recollected that John Wayne had mentioned a pepperbox in one movie, and a few of us had the same vague memory, but couldn't recall the precise circumstances.

Well, according to this table, that shows the firearms used by John Wayne in all of his movies, he apparently used an Allen & Thurber pepperbox in the 1975 film, Rooster Cogburn. That movie notably also featured a Gatling gun; remember the exchange between Rooster and bad guy Hawk, as the latter, standing at the top of a cliff shouts down to Rooster (who's floating down a raft on the river with the Gatling gun), chiding him, "You don't even know how to fire that thing!" Rooster opens up and blasts the cliff face, bad men scattering everywhere. "Ain't that how she works, Hawk?".

One of my favorite national holidays!

Today is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day. Think I'll go down to Bojangles and get me some.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Sorry, John, you can die but you can't hide

"Emails Suggest Obama FBI Knew McCain Leaked Trump Dossier".

The ghost of John McCain: "You people just hate me because I was a maverick!"

I think it's great that Trump has appointed numerous new judges

But that still leaves us with the problem of what to do about transparent political hacks like Judge Emmett G. Sullivan (and the 'G' stands for Godawful).
The judge presiding over the case of Michael Flynn has delayed any decision on whether to grant the Justice Department’s motion of May 7 to drop the case against the former national security adviser and ally of President Donald Trump.

Emmet G. Sullivan, a district judge in Washington, on Tuesday, May 11, issued an order saying he’ll soon accept “amicus curiae,” or “friend of the court” submissions, in the case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Sullivan had previously refused to hear any amicus briefs in the case against Flynn, and this decision to not drop the case comes after Democrats criticized the DOJ last week for doing so.

Sullivan has indicated he will set a schedule to accept briefs from those who may have an interest in the case. “[A]t the appropriate time, the Court will enter a Scheduling Order governing the submission of any amicus curiae briefs,” Sullivan wrote in an order posted Tuesday afternoon. He said that “given the posture of the case” he expects there will be many outside parties wanting to have their say.

The counsel for Flynn was quick to reply, “A criminal case is a dispute between the United States and a criminal defendant,” Flynn defense lawyer Sidney Powell and her co-counsel wrote in a court filing later Tuesday. “There is no place for third parties to meddle in the dispute, and certainly not to usurp the role of the government’s counsel.”
Longest-running coup attempt in history. Even though the central plan has collapsed, with the on-going revelation of complete and total mendacity on the part of the coup participants, topped off with clear evidence of criminal behavior, the political fabric is still shot through with the machinations of these pathetic little second and third-tier Democrat commissars. God save the Republic (because, God knows, the Lindsey Grahams and the Mitt Romneys and the Vichy media "conservatives" sure aren't going to).

"Well, as I always say, if you cannot beat them, join them, yes?"

Working-with-your-hands Wednesday

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Thanks for nothing

Really getting tired of the conservative cosplay, Lindsey.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: never trust a male politician who looks like Eleanor Roosevelt.

Hey, I resemble that remark!

Monday, May 11, 2020

And now, a word from our sponsor

Our "Forever POTUS"?

God willing, no. But Obama does want back in, as William Jacobson points out, at least indirectly, so that he can neutralize those who are turning over a whole lot of rocks and finding out many interesting things that do not, to put it mildly, reflect well on Barry and his merry band of traitors.

That's why it is indescribably important that Trump should win in November. And that's why the Democrats will pull every dirty trick in the book (and quite a few new ones) to stop him.

President Magufull of Tanzania

What a card!
We took samples from goats. We sent samples from sheeps. We took samples from pawpaws. We sent samples from car oil. And we took samples from other different things. And we took the samples to the laboratory without them knowing. And we even named all the samples. Like the sample of car oil. We named it Jabil Hamza, 30 years old, male. The results came back negative. When we took a sample from a Jackfruit (Durian) we named it Sarah Samuel, 45 years old, female. The results came back inconclusive. When we took samples from a Pawpaw we named it Elizabeth Ane, 26 years old, female. The result from the Pawpaw came back positive that it has corona. That means the liquid from a pawpaw is positive. We took samples from (a bird) called Kware. The results came back positive. We took samples from a rabbit. The results came back undeterminent. We took samples from a goat and the results came back positive. We took samples from a sheep and it came back negative and so on and so on. And so now you see this you have taken samples and the results come back positive and they have the corona. That means all the pawpaws should be in isolation also… The goat should be in isolation also.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Yeah, you want to explain that, Trey?

Most Republicans will always let you down in the crunch.
Gowdy had just appeared on Sean Hannity's program to discuss a series of questions he asked of Obama White House officials regarding the early Russia investigation efforts. Remarking on the response of then-U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power to a question about the publicization of Michael Flynn's involvement with Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak, Gowdy said Power's answer "ought to scare the hell out of you."

Appearing on the show shortly after Gowdy, [Rep. Matt] Gaetz sarcastically referred to "Trey Gowdy's exquisite questions in 2017 to these corrupt officials."

"Why was it then that in late May of 2018 that Trey Gowdy went on Martha MacCallum's show and said that the F.B.I. did exactly what all of our fellow Americans would have wanted them to do and it had nothing to do with Donald Trump?" Gaetz said....

"Unfortunately when [Rep. Devin] Nunes and [Rep. Mark] Meadows and [Rep. Jim] Jordan and I wanted subpoena power it was Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy that wouldn't give us that subpoena power. Democrats sent out hundreds of subpoenas," he said.
One disappointment after another: Darryl Issa, Trey Gowdy, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham - and, of course, my own North Carolina knucklehead senators, Tom Tillis and Richard Burr. It is a measure of how truly incompetent and beyond the pale the Democrat Party has become that it hasn't been able to sweep the Republicans away like the Prussians brushing aside the army of Emperor Napoleon III. The sorry state of education being what it is in this country, generating vast armies of ignorant, but hyper-partisan, leftists who infest every aspect of our culture and economy, I do not think time is on our side.

Jerry Miculek takes a walk down memory lane with the first center fire pistol he ever shot

Interesting history, a neat little gun, a fun video.

But that's not the main reason I posted it. The main reason I put this up is to illustrate the one, single beef I have with Mr. Miculek: the near-fetish he makes of bore flags.

Now, he's been shooting competitively for decades, and he's indisputably one of the greats of the sport, and I'm sure that safety is drummed into the heads of competitive shooters incessantly. Nonetheless, if you're sitting at your own bench in your own house, or standing on your own outdoor firing range, do you really need to stick a plastic twist-tie into the bore of your pistol every freakin' time you're not actually shooting it? If he just did it without drawing attention to it, I probably wouldn't mind so much, but he actively proselytizes for these things ("You can buy a bag of a hundred for a couple of bucks, no reason not to have a bore flag handy"). Thank you, no. When I shoot a semi-automatic pistol, the slide will typically lock back when I've emptied the magazine. I always look in the bore to make sure it's empty, and I remove the magazine. And I leave the pistol on the bench, slide open, muzzle pointed down-range, while I reload the magazine. Enough is enough. I don't need to be trailing plastic twist ties all over the place.

Of course, the first time I shoot myself, or somebody else, in the leg with a gun "I could have sworn wasn't loaded", I'll eat a nice, big crow sandwich. But, until then, I'll use that couple of bucks to buy some cleaning patches or a bore brush or something.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sit down a spell and relax, all you moms out there, this is your day!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sunday funnies

You should give up smoking before you put your eye out (H/T: David Thompson).

Snowball-fight technology (needs some work). H/T: Ditto.

The consumer products division of Paco Enterprises is facing stiff competition from this outfit.

Variations on this routine have appeared in several movies, but this one is my favorite (from Never Say Die).

It's great to be a dog and alive! H/T: Mrs. Paco.

Good analogy.

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

The New York Times wins another liar's trophy

Maybe it's time to retire the Pulitzer Prize - "The greatest Pulitzer since Duranty: the 1619 Project".
Hey, if Arafat could get a Nobel Peace Prize, and Obama could get one for merely existing, and Walter Duranty can get a Pulitzer for dastardly lies, why not give it to the NY Times for its bogus anti-American “history” lesson known as the 1619 Project?

Harvard man

The Texas judge who sentenced a Dallas salon owner to jail for opening her shop early is everything you'd expect from a member of the totalitarian ruling pool that's just waiting to take over.
Moye has also shared some harsh words toward Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for acting as a traitor his own African-American heritage for his critiques of the civil rights movement under President Ronald Reagan.

“I think there is a profound sense of despair,” Moye told the Washington Post in 2007. “In order to have disappointment you have to have high expectations. I think there were those who hoped he was going to blossom and develop. But I don’t think you know many African Americans, other than those who know him personally, who think he turned out all right.”
Politicized, activist judges are truly the bane of our republic.

Update and related Elections do, indeed, have consequences.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Happy Feet Friday

Oh so smooth! Lionel Hampton joins the King Cole Trio for a performance of "Jivin' With Jarvis".

Big Day!

Hallelujah and Jubilee! Ace very appropriately gives this news the flaming skull header: "JUSTICE DROPS FLYNN CASE".

Meanwhile, Congressman Nadless blows a gasket.

Also, one of Mueller's pet rottweilers, Brandon Van Gracken, who was instrumental in stonewalling the release of exculpatory information in General Flynn's case, has withdrawn from the Flynn case, and other cases, as well (he ought to be attorney shopping). Much more on Van Grack here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Have we reached peak stupid?

I don't know. Paul Joseph Watson seems to have some doubts:

The Tik Tok dance videos represent pretty much the nadir of civilization.


What, were you raised in a barn? "Sound of Toilet Flushing Heard on Supreme Court Oral Arguments Phone Session".

Well, at least nobody tossed an air biscuit.

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Yes, San Francisco is a veritable hobo heaven: "A Major City Gives Its Homeless Hotel Rooms, Alcohol, and Drugs".

Reporter shoots spitball, hits self

Ace has a good clip of Trump's Press Secretary, Kaleigh McEnany, turning a reporter's snarky question into a boomerang.

Also via Ace, the victim in the Kennedy/Dodd "waitress sandwich" scandal admits to being baffled by Joe Biden's decision to include Christopher Dodd on his VP search team (remember, Biden has committed to a female VP).

This one personnel decision, in and of itself, should utterly condemn Biden as an out-of-touch, unserious nincompoop (which we already knew as a result of all the other evidence that's plain as day).

Seems to me there's an easy solution, Governor Abbott

Just pardon her.
With the backing of the Republican governor, the Texas attorney general is urging a Dallas judge to free a salon owner he jailed Tuesday after she refused to apologize for keeping her business open in violation of the governor's coronavirus order.

The office of Attorney General Ken Paxton told Dallas County State District Judge Eric Moyé in a letter that he abused his discretion when he "unjustly jailed" Shelly Luther for seven days, Fox News reported.
Update Oy, Canada! "Woman In Stormtrooper Costume Promoting ‘Star Wars Day’ Bloodied In Arrest".

Working-with-your-hands Wednesday

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

One big ball of ineptitude, wickedness and mediocrity

Victor Davis Hanson very nicely sews up several themes - including the media, the absurd Joe Biden, the Mueller investigation, and the persecuted General Flynn - into one crazy quilt of leftist overreach: "Do the Media Even Exist?"
Reporters are journalists in the sense that Hollywood still believes it has actors and real scripts, or China still poses as an important contributor to the international community, or the World Health Organization assumes it is a go-to global health resource, or the FBI Washington hierarchy is a protector of American freedom, or John Brennan and James Clapper are distinguished senior “wise men,” or Barack Obama oversaw the most scandal-free administration in history.

And now, a word from our sponsor

Monday, May 4, 2020


In some ways, the Democrat playbook hasn't changed very much in the last 80 years.

This woman's self-regard has risen higher than a weather balloon

Michelle Obama:
“You know, the day I left the White House, it was painful to sit on that stage, and then a lot of our folks didn’t vote — it was almost a slap in the face,” the former first lady added.

“It wasn’t just in this election, but every midterm, every time Barack didn’t get the Congress he needed, that was because our folks didn’t show up,” she said during another point in the film. “After all that work, they just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all. That’s my trauma.”
Imagine that. Some black people weren't as enamored of the Jug-headed God-King and his Divine Consort as the Obamas thought they had a duty to be.

Has there ever been a more narcissistic, self-centered duo in the history of American politics? The Clintons, perhaps, come close in some ways, but I'm pretty sure even they didn't believe a hundred percent of their own b.s. The Obamas genuinely appear to think that they are God's (completely undeserved) gift to America. The mind reels at the never-ending display of such towering amour-propre.

Exactly right

Nancy Pelosi decides to take care of liberty.

H/T: 90 Miles From Tyranny

Don Shula

Legendary NFL coach Don Shula has died at age 90.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

I think this may be one of those "six of one, half a dozen of the other" type things

But I'll put it to a vote: who is more disgustingly disingenuous and transparently hypocritical, Chris Wallace or Jake Tapper?

Journalism is like a giant cat that never coughs up its hairballs.

Update So, according to the commentariat, it's a real horse's ass race.

I don't often comment on either of these two because, in order to do so, I'd have to listen to/read their stuff regularly, and, as I'm fond of saying, I'd rather be disemboweled with a tent peg than watch this duo try to out-smug one another. Tapper, in order to maintain his bogus patrician vibe, holds his nose so high in the air he'd probably drown in a rain storm without an umbrella, and Wallace has a constant smirk that gives him a bad case of resting asshole face ("Hey, turns out he only looks like an asshole, he's really not", said no one, ever, after an interview with Wallace).

Sunday funnies (cont'd)

Hillary Tweets a photo of herself wearing a mask. Hillararity ensues.

Friend and commenter Rinardman mentioned Bob Uecker in the comments section of today's main Sunday Funnies post, and his doing so reminded me of how funny Uecker could be. After a mediocre career as a catcher in major league baseball, Uecker built a second career making fun of his not-exactly-sensational legacy (additionally, he worked as a sportscaster and an actor in television). Here he is on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson from the early 70s (not that I needed to mention the decade; check out those threads!)

And here's the Miller Lite commercial with Uecker's classic line, "I must be in the front row".

What now?

Seriously? Murder hornets?

The real story, of course, is Trump's delay in taking steps to combat this menace.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Sunday funnies

Updated and bumped (H/T: R-Man)

Remembering "Tastes great! Less filling!"

At this stage, it really wouldn't surprise me: "YouTube Removing All Videos That Don't Begin With The Chinese National Anthem".

Lots of useful new words here. For example: BACKPFEIFENGESICHT (GERMAN) - A face badly in need of a fist (H/T: David Thompson). Ahem...

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

This is the kind of thing that makes me regret I didn't buy a double-wide trailer and 50 acres of desert land in the foothills of the Dragoon Mountains

"Neighbor sends rude ‘stay at home’ note to woman—has no idea she’s a 911 dispatcher".

Neighbors. You can never be sure what kind you're going to get. If your closest one lives a half-mile away, it's no problem. If we're talking 30 or 40 feet, that's when you run the risk of...issues. Like the woman in the story linked above, who was the victim of the nosy, know-it-all neighbor who leaves notes. Or the little girl who posted "No Smoking" signs on the cul-de-sac where I used to live in Fairfax, VA (I was the only smoker in the immediate neighborhood). Or the fellow next door to me now who overwaters everything in his yard, from the grass to the shrubs - which would be ok, except for the fact that there's one strip of land between us where I will probably only be able to grow cattails or maybe lily pads.

Isolation. It's greatly underrated.

Friday, May 1, 2020


Unlike Francisco Franco, Kim Jong-Un apparently isn't still dead. And who knew he was such a playah: "Kim Jong Un may be holed up with his 2,000-woman ‘Pleasure Squad’".

Republicans can usually be counted on to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but, fortunately, this tendency is somewhat counterbalanced by the Democrats' uncontrollable impulse to overreach: "Thousands Amass in Front of Huntington Beach Pier to Protest Newsom’s Order to Close Orange County Beaches". And let's not forget Gauleiter Whitmer: "Mich. Gov. Whitmer Extends Emergency Declaration Until May 28th".

UK police don't have anything better to do than to track down some wag who's walking around in a medieval doctor's plague suit.
While police admit that the person has committed no crimes, Norfolk Police has said that they want to “provide words of advice” to the walker, according to The Telegraph.
While police admit that the person has committed no crimes... Full stop; he has "committed no crimes". Leave him the hell alone.

Lock 'em all up, let God sort 'em out.

Boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a massive gun ban in Canada (Next year's most popular Canadian book? The Complete Guide to Elk Hunting with Sling Shots).

Probably the most interesting, and ominous, nugget in this story is the assertion that Michelle Obama is interested in an Illinois Senate seat: "Bucking Obama, Senator Duckworth breaks ranks with party on Biden rape charges".

(From Powerline's "Mid-Week in Pictures: Week Seven Edition")


Hillary Clinton is supposedly "waiting for the call", as Biden continues to dissolve into a blob of incoherence.

Hillary just keeps on keepin' on.

H/T: Ace

Update Some valuable old gold courtesy of Veeshir, Lord of the DoublePlusUndead.

"Have you ever laughed so hard your soul came out your nose?"

May Day

Historically, this day has been used by commies, socialists and similar types to celebrate the working class.

Here is a photo gallery showing some of the benefits that accrued to the people of Russia and Eastern Europe under that great champion of the proletariat, Joseph Stalin.

Oh, swell

We also have Chris Wray to thank for promoting the execrable Andrew Weismann.

I'm going to keep asking: why is this shifty, beady-eyed weasel still head of the FBI?

Update Conservative radio talk-show host Todd Herman is filling in for Rush Limbaugh this week, and he floated a crazy idea that will never happen, but which I love and get goose pimples just thinking about: how about, when General Flynn is exonerated, President Trump appoints him as head of the FBI?

Good thing Joe Biden only has to deal with one allegation of inappropriate conduct

Or is it eight?

This is...creepy: "He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub noses with me. When he was pulling me in, I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth.”

Rub noses. What the...