Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hollywood offended by…bad taste?!?

Is such a thing even possible? Joel Engel scoffs at the notion.

On a more positive note, Robert Avrech continues to build his list of the twenty greatest movies of the 1950s.

If you're Joe Biden's mailman... might want to wear body armor, just to be on the safe side.
“Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”
Update: : Can’t wait for Biden’s next awesome piece of advice on home defense; probably he’ll be telling us that, once we’ve shot the guy on our front porch, we need to be sure and drag him inside the house. Or, after blasting away with our 12 ga., maybe we should position the body in the yard with a gun in his hand in such a way as to suggest suicide.

* * * * * * *

Investigating officer: So, Mr. Vice President, you’re saying that you heard a noise in your front yard, came out to look around, and you saw the deceased lying there with a gun in his hand?

Biden: That’s right, officer. Just flat on his back with a handgun pointed at his own head. Looks like suicide to me.

IO: Hmm…that’s strange. His own gun is a Glock semi-automatic pistol, and it’s still carrying a fully-loaded magazine. The face of the deceased is full of holes, but you’re suggesting that he shot himself multiple times, and then reloaded? Is that what you’re saying?

Biden: Yeah, sure looks like it. I suppose you guys see this kind of thing every day.

IO: A lot less frequently than you might imagine - particularly among police officers who are just going door to door handing out flyers on missing children.

Biden: Guess the, er, pathos of the whole thing finally got to him.

IO: Possibly. In any event, I’m sure the chief would be very interested in hearing your theories on this shooting down at the station. Would you come with me, please? We’ll take a nice little drive in the great big patrol car down to see the friendly police chief. Just duck your head getting into the back seat…Mind your plugs.

Biden: Can you turn on the siren? And the flashing lights? I love that stuff!

Update II: Haw! H/T to JeffS for this one:

The self-policing press

Several liberal media people press agents for Obama are already attacking one of their own for being critical of their little tin god.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The Paco Command Center will be maintaining radio silence for a day or two, so consider this an open thread. You might want to, ahem, discuss any interesting books you've read lately, or comment on the intriguing dynamics of the current Australian political scene, or mull over Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea, or maybe just groove on this 1947 Lincoln Continental...

"A person with a gun and a government badge asked me to swear in writing that a lie was true today"

The zombie apocalypse is here, although we know it better as bureaucracy.

(H/T: Ed Driscoll)

Monday, February 25, 2013


The modern state: too big to succeed.

Journalist Frumley Brooks girds his loins and goes among the bitter clingers.

Expect the preshizzle to make the sequestration as painful as possible.

Meanwhile, DrewM at Ace of Spades adds some Tolkien context to the sequestration.

“[W]hat the left wants is one thing: a gentrified, neo-aristrocratic ruling class; and the rest of us, the masses, over which they will watch benevolently with an occasional stern hand should we get a bit too uppity.”

Whew! That’s a relief. Our constitutional rights are safe. How do I know? Because Joe Biden says so.

The New York Times has the solution to our societal malaise: “taxes, pain and war”.

Yet another lesson in reality for the fans of ObamaCare.

Is Australia taking its cue from the U.S. on immigration?

Conan the Barbarian: more barbarous than we thought?

"I dunno. Biden still looks kinda one dimensional to me"

The two-fold problem with Republican moderates

(1) They don't really stand for anything, aside from access to lifetime boarding passes on the taxpayer gravy train, and

(2) They are absolutely clueless.
On Sunday morning’s Reliable Sources, the press got a qualified defense from a surprising source: Mitt Romney chief strategist Stuart Stevens. Host Howard Kurtz asked Stevens if ” much of the media is in the tank for Barack Obama,” to which Stevens replied, “In the tank? I would say no.”
The Democratic Party and its allies in the media represent a belligerent left-wing ideological movement that is bent on destroying the GOP. It would be bad enough for Republicans to only bring a knife to this political gunfight, but Romney campaign strategist Stuart Stevens apparently refuses to even carry a rape whistle.

We conservatives will never really know if our cause is truly won or lost unless we field an unabashed conservative in the next presidential campaign. What a tragedy and a shame it will be if the right goes down to defeat under the leadership of these establishment frauds.

(H/T: Ed Driscoll)

Monday movie

The gunboat scene from Khartoum.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday funnies

Quantitative easing explained (H/T: Robert of Ottawa)

Wouldn't it have been easier just to say, "bicycles only"?

(Photo courtesy of Mrs. Paco)

Bears and the evolution of grooming techniques.

An interesting case of a woman's reckless use of social media and her husband's revenge.

A man plans an elaborate marriage proposal, but things go just a tad wrong.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Joe Biden: firearms sexist

Joe Biden thinks the fair sex is better off blazing away with shotguns than having to master the complexities of an AR-15. Kate Ernest disagrees:
“It was poor advice, and it comes off a little sexist,” Kate Ernest said on Fox News Channel.
Kate has a few more choice words for Plugs:
Ernest, who boasts a small arsenal that includes an AR-15 rifle, said she didn’t need Biden to tell her how to arm herself.

“It’s good to have a way to protect yourself rather than just being a sitting duck,” she said of her trusty assault weapon.
Aw, she's just jealous because she doesn't have a Secret Service detail to protect her - and, incidentally, to pay her for the privilege.

Taking a stand for the Second Amendment

Today is the Day of Resistance, with people around the country demonstrating in favor of their right to bear arms. Doug Ross has photos of the action in various cities across the nation. One of my personal favorites:

Friday, February 22, 2013

How curious

The majority of America's most miserable cities seem to be in blue states.

Just one of those great mysteries, I suppose.

The Chicago-Washington axis

Plouffe: Mr. Axelrod, permit me to congratulate, salute and udderwise give yez da t’umbs up on yer new gig at NBC.

Axelrod: T’anks, Mr. Plouffe, but it ain’t really a new gig. I’m doin’ da same woik – boostin’ da Boss – but jus' more like a freelancer.

Plouffe: Ya mean like a independent contractor what gets hired to do sump’n for da same outfit dat he used to do on a reg'lar salary?

Axelrod: Yeh. Dat’s da ticket. When yez get right down to it, it’s all da same mob anyway. I’m blazin’ away at da same targets. It ain’t hardly no different dan jus' changin’ socks.

Plouffe: So, as a independent woikin’ fer dese allied fam’blies , youse are kinda like Moider, Incorporated, right?

Axelrod: Sure, sure. Dat’s a real good – whaddayacallit? – banalogy. Only it’s Left-wing, Incorporated.

Plouffe: Heh. “Left-wing, Incorporated”. Dat’s a hot one, Mr. Axelrod. But dere’s one t’ing: I tawt da nooz netwoiks was s’posed to be sorta unbiased. Not really, ya know, but kinda like a front operation. Youse’ll stick out, wontcha, since all dat time in da White House?

Axelrod: Are you kiddin’? Don’t be so nave, buddy. Da netwoiks gave up all dat fairness stuff a long time ago. Us lefties got to stick togeddah. I mean, it’s open warfare, now, just like Capone vs. Moran – and it wasn’t candy dat Big Al gave dose nort’side boys on Valentine’s Day, was it?

Plouffe: Heh. No, no it wasn’t. Anyhow, da right-wingers squawk too much, ya can always t’row ‘em a bone, put one a’ dere own guys on da program – like David Brooks or Joe Scarborough.

Axelrod: ‘zactly.

Plouffe: Well, it’s all jus' a big racket.

Axelrod: I know. Ain’t it grand?

The language of civility

Cripple...eviscerate...pressure...slam him...

But it's ok when Democrats do it.

The hypocrisy in this country appears to be terminal.

Update - Civility, UK-style: British MP George Galloway walks out on a debate at Oxford University when he finds out his opponent is an Israeli citizen.

Happy Feet Friday

Pete Johnson knocks out some post-war R&B with the Rocket 88 Boogie.

And while we got that eight-beat goin', here's Jack McVea and his crew, groovin' the boogie.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Al Gore rides again

I don't think Al Gore was anywhere near Arizona recently, but he must have been thinking about it, possibly telepathically directing cold rays toward Tucson - which looked like this yesterday...

C'mon, Yojimbo, let's see pictures of your snowman!

Spending cuts

If the anticipated sequestration forces the federal government to institute spending cuts, how about starting with the elimination of financial assistance to left-wing NGOs that are attempting to undermine Israel's security?

H/T: Jill J.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Man, I'm really getting tired of these old white guys and their war on women

Guys like, for example... Bob Beckel.
“When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?” Bob Beckel, a liberal co-host of Fox News' "The Five," asked his four colleagues on Tuesday's show.
I think it happens a lot more frequently than Beckel making an intelligent comment on this or any other subject.

Here's some information about sexual assaults on one campus, Bob.

Press to Obama: You never call, you never write

Professor Jacobson scoffs at the media's complaints about their lack of access to the president. They've been such utter toadies that Obama realizes he doesn't owe them any special regard.

Be sure to click on the link; you don't want to miss the screen-capture of Iowahawk's Tweet.

More tips from Joe Salazar to the ladies on how to avoid rape

Highly instructive.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yeah, we’re boned

Human intelligence may be declining.

That would certainly go a long way toward explaining the phenomenon of low-information voters and Barack Obama’s most recent election victory (plus the fact that Joe Biden was ever trusted to do anything besides dress up in the uniform of a Honduran field marshal and open doors for the patrons of some fancy hotel).

Obama handpicking drone targets?

Bob Belvedere has the photographic evidence.

On the importance of containing one's enthusiasm

"Brothers blow up house celebrating lottery in Kansas".

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pardon me, I'm Joe Salazar and I feel an attack of stupid coming on...

...are there any emergency call boxes around here?

(H/T: Tree Hugging Sister)

Update: Or perhaps, ladies, if you're traveling in a group, you can just rush the guy. Or brandish your ballpoint pens.

Chicago: third-world theme park

Chicago continues to circle the drain, with the murder rate and instances of graft soaring ever-higher, and presided over by ex-ballet dancer and faux tough guy Rahm Emanuel and his sorry excuse for a police chief, Garry McCarthy, an ignorant Irish thug who thinks law-abiding gun owners are the enemy. Meanwhile, the city is being transformed into a crazy-quilt of gangland territories run by punk warlords whose respect for gun control laws is non-existent.

Having given us Obama, Emanuel (who supposedly harbors presidential aspirations), Valerie Jarret, Jesse Jackson, Jr. and a host of other sleazy, machine Democrats, Chicago has pretty much become the dead rat in our nation's political well. Time to fill it in with cement.

Presidents' Day

On this Presidents' Day, Paco Enterprises salutes the last good Democrat president, Grover Cleveland:
Cleveland was the leader of the pro-business Bourbon Democrats who opposed high tariffs, Free Silver, inflation, imperialism and subsidies to business, farmers or veterans. His battles for political reform and fiscal conservatism made him an icon for American conservatives of the era. Cleveland won praise for his honesty, independence, integrity, and commitment to the principles of classical liberalism. Cleveland relentlessly fought political corruption, patronage, and bossism. Indeed, as a reformer his prestige was so strong that the reform wing of the Republican Party, called "Mugwumps", largely bolted the GOP ticket and swung to his support in 1884.

Grover Cleveland: early Tea Party hero


One of my friends in high school had an AMX, and it was one fast little ride; but nothing to compare with this 1970 prototype.

And while we're on the subject of cars, here's a look back at some other fascinating prototypes (yeah, the article's old, but I never saw it before).

Monday movie

Cary Grant teaches Larraine Day some slang in Mr. Lucky.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Couldn't be bothered

Guy Benson at Hot Air has an excellent rundown on Obama's response to the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. It's a short piece, because we now know for sure that the president did...absolutely nothing.

The national nightmare that is the Obama administration continues.

(H/T: Moonbattery)

Sunday funnies

(Via Doug Ross)

Now, that's art.

Strange combination.

Petty tyranny.

One of my old favorites, Jonathan Winters:

To the optimist, the glass is half full.
To the pessimist, the glass is half empty.
To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Feet Friday (Saturday edition)

It’s Muddy Waters, and he’s got his mojo workin’.

The author of CHE! interviewed on the radio

David Carter, author of Che! The Lost Diaries, was interviewed by Pete "Da Tech Guy" on the radio today, along with Mr. Carter's publisher, Richard McEnroe. Pete's blog is here, and he would be gratified, I'm sure, if you were to access Amazon via his blog to purchase the book (or several more copies, if you've already bought one).

The interview runs again on Tuesday, I believe, and you ought to be able to access it via Pete's blog.

Friday, February 15, 2013

From the shelves of the Paco library

There’s an interesting new book out entitled Che! The Lost Diaries (Amazon link here). It’s the first novel published by David Carter, who, it turns out, lives right here in Fairfax, Virginia. I tracked down his phone number, gave him a call, and he graciously agreed to grant me an interview. We met over a couple of espressos at the local Starbucks, and Carter filled me in on the background of his book. Following is a transcript of the interview.

Paco: Oops! Sorry!

Carter [mopping espresso off his pants with a napkin]: It’s nothing. Do you always get wrist spasms like this when you’re carrying a cup of coffee?

Paco: More frequently than I’d care to admit. Maybe it’s the caffeine.

Carter: Possibly.

Paco: Anyway, thanks for granting me this interview. I read your book in one sitting, and it’s certainly a unique interpretation of Che Guevara. Much different than he’s been portrayed by his hagiographers, or even by some of his severest critics.

Carter: Frankly, I don’t have the talent to do a novel of serious satire that leaves the real subject more or less intact – that is to say, that permits the human target to remain genuinely recognizable as the historical original. My meat is farce, so I lampoon the target – in this case, Che Guevara – by placing him in front of a funhouse mirror. Yet, in an odd sort of way, I believe the reader gets a truer picture than he would if he only knew Che by the descriptions of his fans. My funhouse mirror, to continue the metaphor, throws into relief some of the many faults which so-called legitimate biographies airbrush out. In any event, I freely admit that, to truly enjoy the book, it helps to be able to imagine Che as a kind of revolutionary Bertie Wooster – without Wooster’s charm, of course, and without the steadying effects of a gentleman’s personal gentleman. There is no Bolshevik Jeeves in the novel.

Paco: How did you come to choose Che as the subject of your novel?

Carter: I used to be a regular commenter at a well-known blog, and I eventually moved from dropping a few sentences into the comments section to writing little skits and short stories featuring a variety of characters. My work attracted a small, but enthusiastic, following, so I kept expanding my repertoire. One day, the blogger linked to a story about Che, or maybe his diaries – I don’t remember what it was, exactly – and I was inspired to write a few fictional diary entries as a spoof. These were well received, so I wrote additional diary entries, from time to time. One of the commenters, Richard McEnroe, who turned out to be a publisher, emailed me and asked if I wanted to turn the stories into a book, and…well, here we are.

Paco: Was it a difficult book to write?

Carter: In some ways. For example, Che was such a singularly inept field commander that it wasn’t always easy to satirize him. One or two incidents in the book I thought I had dreamed up myself, only to subsequently discover that they had actually happened.

Paco: Did you do much in the way of historical research?

Carter: A fair amount. I read the genuine Bolivian diaries, and Humberto Fontova’s excellent piece of iconoclastic history, Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him, was very valuable as a source of information on Che’s career and his character. I also found a monograph on Che published by Major Donald R. Selvage of the Marine Corps Command and Staff College to be extremely helpful, with a wealth of details on the Bolivian venture.

Paco: Che portrays the relationship between the guerrilla leader and Fidel Castro to be strained, to say the least. Any truth to that characterization?

Carter: I think so. There’s plenty of evidence that Castro came to see Che as a loose cannon who, among other things, was endangering the Cuban-Soviet relationship. It’s not at all unlikely that Castro packed Che off to Bolivia just to be rid of him.

Paco: On a more tender theme, you posit a sexual relationship between Che and Tania, the one female member of Che’s guerrilla band.

Carter: Yes, I believe there was a sexual relationship between the two. Certainly some of Che’s comrades thought so. Tania was clearly infatuated with Che; however, I think Che simply used her, as he did everybody else. I play their sex scenes strictly for laughs, mostly just to underscore Che’s hypocrisy; he insisted on celibacy for his men during the Bolivian campaign.

Paco: Do you contemplate any sequels?

Carter: Well, prequels, perhaps. Che’s experience in the Congo would seem to be a goldmine of comic potential. I’d also like to write about Che’s initiation into Fidel Castro’s circle in Mexico and the early days of their association.

Paco: I’ll certainly be looking forward to future Che diaries, as I imagine a lot of people will.

Carter: Thanks. I hope a sufficient number of people will buy this first book to enable me to purchase a new hat.

Paco: That seems to be a pretty modest goal.

Carter: Ok, two hats. But, really, this ain’t War and Peace, you know.

Paco: Well, it’s starting to get a little crowded in here, so I guess we’d better wrap it up. Thanks again for the interview. Oops!

Carter [mopping more espresso off his pants]: Make that a new hat and a new pair of pants. And you’re welcome.

Update: Recommended by all the higher class blogs.

Et tu, Ms. Cupp?

Conservative (former?) S.E. Cupp appears to be vying for one of those Strange New Respect awards.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Put it down, lttle fella!

H/T: Moonbattery

Now, that’s some wordsmithing, right there

Stacy McCain on The New Republic: “a monochromatic swath of vanilla honkydom”.

Note the photo of TNR’s new owner, Boy Wonder Chris Hughes. Looks kinda familiar

I don’t know much about art…

…but I know what stinks. “Defecation and death at Australian art museum”.
At 2pm every day a fresh faecal masterpiece is conceived by Wim Delvoye's Cloaca Professional, a complex array of transparent urns fed and functioning as a digestive tract -- "a work of art that produces a work of art".

The smell is overpowering as it is fed its meal of a sandwich and salad from the museum cafe, an in-sink garbage disposal unit functioning as its mouth and the turbid swirl of acids, enzymes and browning sludge laid bare.
Ah, yes. The line of artistic genius runs in a straight line through, say, the Birth of Venus, Mona Lisa, Rue Montorgueil, the Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, right on down to to jars of synthetic s**t. Ain’t civilization grand?

It's not a capital charge, is it?

No, no I'm afraid not: RFK, Jr. arrested in pipeline protest.

In Tweetum veritas

"The difference between Catholicism and Islam in one Tweet"

Presidents' Day

Obama sees his shadow.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How unserious is the "legitimate" media?

This unserious.

Obama had a glass of water, too, hidden on a little shelf on the podium; but my sources tell me that some wag informed the president that it was holy water, so he refrained from touching it out of fear that he might suddenly shrivel up like a dried jalapeƱo pepper.

"Oh, no! Truth serum!! I'm ruined!!!"

(Image courtesy of Drudge)

The Paco World News Daily political analysis dog listens to the SOTU speech

His response seems to be typical...

I haven't had a chance to read a transcript of Marco Rubio's response, but Rand Paul's was pretty good.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An army of Lysenkos

A government “investment” of $5 billion in a product that nobody wants? Wow, who coulda seen that comin’? Charles Lane of the Washington Post writes:
Federal billions cannot overcome the fact that electric vehicles and plug-in electric hybrids meet few, if any, of real consumers’ needs. Compared with gas-powered cars, they deliver inferior performance at much higher cost. As an American Physical Society symposium on battery research concluded last June: “Despite their many potential advantages, all-electric vehicles will not replace the standard American family car in the foreseeable future.”
This is what happens when arrogant bozos are given pots of money to play with. Elsewhere in the piece, the author chides the administration for its unmitigated gall:
[T]he debacle is a case study in unchecked righteousness. The administration assumed the worthiness and urgency of its goals. Americans should want electric cars, and therefore they would, apparently.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, he of the Nobel Prize in physics, epitomized the regnant blend of sanctimony and technocratic hubris. He once told journalist Michael Grunwald that photosynthesis is “too damn inefficient,” and that DOE might help correct that particular error of evolution.
Well, if nothing else, Obama, Chu et al certainly seem to have accelerated our nation’s evolution into a bloated nanny state, which, like incompetent hog drovers, they’ve led straight into a pool of quicksand.

Badge of honor

Paco Enterprises, a proud member of the bastard media.

Update: We hereby adopt the bend sinister as our logo.

Rove’s harvest

Yet another “moderate Republican” who has feasted upon sour grapes directs his fire at a conservative Republican, and right here in Virginia.

The outstanding Attorney General for Virginia, Ken Cucinelli, is running unopposed in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Our Lt. Governor, Bill Bolling, who had planned to run, but then dropped out when it became apparent that he had no chance of beating Cucinelli, is now considering running as an independent, and is attacking Cucinelli for his presumed lack of that very moth-eaten piece of political camping gear, the Big Tent. And, as usual, although Bolling claims that he and Cucinelli are both “very conservative guys”, his grandstanding is playing right into the hands of Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe.

Before we have any hope of wresting control from the Democrats, it is clear that we shall first have to retake our own party from the moderates.

Still think that only the police should bear arms?

Well, read this. A sample:
When financial questions arose regarding the Mountain Pure Water Company, Washington did not send a few staffers to inspect documents. Instead, last spring, some 50 armed Treasury agents breached Mountain Pure’s headquarters in Little Rock, Ark. They seized 82 boxes of records, herded employees into the cafeteria, snatched their cell phones, and refused to let them consult attorneys.

“We’re the federal government,” Mountain Pure’s comptroller, Jerry Miller, says one pistol-packing fed told him. “We can do what we want, when we want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
Here's a news flash, Mr. T-man: you're the reason we've got the Second Amendment.

Police forces at all levels - national, state and local - have been trending toward militarization for years. This seems excessive - and, indeed, absurd - in many cases. I mean, does the freakin' FDA really need commandos?

H/T: Instapundit

Update: And why do so many towns, counties and colleges want drones all of a sudden? I guess they all believe that it's preferable to facilitate police pursuit of a criminal after the crime has been committed rather than to permit an armed citizenry that might have prevented the crime in the first place.

Yeah, that seems fair

Many homeowners in New York who managed to survive the ravages of Hurricane Sandy are now facing the ravages of the taxman.

Those of you who can, you need to escape from New York (and California and Illinois).

Monday, February 11, 2013

Like rolling up a copy of the Second Amendment and hitting Barry on the nose with it

Republican congressman Steve Stockman has invited Ted Nugent to be his guest at the State of the Union speech tomorrow night.

Man, that’s sweeter than a double scoop of pralines and cream in a sugar cone.

Maybe some Democrat politico can get Chris Dorner to beam in via satellite hookup.

Pope Benedict to step down

Not entirely unprecedented, but sufficiently infrequent (the last pope who “resigned” did so almost 600 years ago) to excite considerable comment. Matt Purple at The American Spectator offers a tribute - and also alludes to the ominous “St. Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes”, according to which, supposedly, the next pope will usher in “the end”. What I think this means is that it’s ok to go ahead and cash in all my investments, and have one heck of a good time before the apocalypse hits the fan.

However, we are assured that the gates of hell shall not prevail, so be of good cheer. And peace to Pope Benedict XVI.

The Shooter

A long, but very interesting, interview with the Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden.

Update: Interesting, but apparently incorrect in one assertion.

Monday movie

I saw The Haunting when I was probably 10 or 11 years old, and the thing left me shaking in my boots. It was, and is, a profoundly scary movie.

Semi-automatic weapons: is there anything they can't do?

The Reverend Jesse Jackson thinks that semi-automatic rifles can be used to "blow up railroads".

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday funnies

President Obama and his "assault boomstick", courtesy of the Dissident Frogman (H/T: JeffS).

Bill Murray: bank-robber magnet.

A post-WWII British video on handkerchief etiquette.

Patience, patience...

Hey, a girl's gotta eat: "I was Hitler's food taster".

So God made a liberal...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Karl Rove's pantaloons: the conflagration

Karl Rove recently told Bill O'Reilly that he was the director of Ronald Reagan's Texas campaign in 1980.

Oh, really, Karl? Are you sure about that?

Signs of the end times

"HuffPo Users Overwhelmingly Support Spree Killer".

Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton the most popular political figure in America.

North Carolina State University brings you Dirty Bingo.

Old: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
New: The government-controlled entitlement to bear arms can be withdrawn for, you know, whatever...

Dr. Mengele would approve.

As Mark Steyn has been at some pains to point out, "[P]olitics is a battle, but culture is the war."

I dunno

Sounds kind of creepy to me:
During those painfully awkward sex scenes, you may have even covered your eyes with your hands due to the complete inability to process all of the awkwardness.

But NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams — whose daughter Allison stars on the series — doesn’t have that problem. Not only has he seen every one of his daughter’s sex scenes, he watches them WITH HER SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM.

Friday, February 8, 2013

No need to watch the preshizzle's State of the Union speech

I can boil it down for ya right here...

"Be careful what you wish for...suck-u-u-z-z-z!"

Happy Feet Friday

A rare video of trumpeter Cootie Williams and his orchestra, with Eddie “Clean Head” Vinson and Laurel Watson on vocals, and the Douglas Brothers doing a mad dance routine.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

More 1950s movies

From Robert Avrech.

Ace in the Hole, starring Kirk Douglas, is a great flick; fine acting and directing, and an important theme. As Avrech says, “Billy Wilder’s prophetic vision of an immoral press in collusion with a celebrity hungry culture, is more relevant than ever.” I’ll say!

Rove’s little helpers

American Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio loves conservatism; it’s just conservatives he can’t stand.
Yesterday, American Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio went on Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall show hosted by Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor.

And among other things casually dismissed Brent Bozell, the president of the Media Research Center as a “hater” — and worse.
Karl. A private word, old top. You can’t build bridges with dynamite.

Joe Biden continues to shine

And stink, like the proverbial dead mackerel in the moonlight. Addressing Democratic legislators in an attempt to whoop up support for gun control legislation, Vice President Biden tried to assuage the fears of donk lawmakers that they might get battered in the next election.
Vice President Joe Biden, addressing lawmakers at the retreat Wednesday, told them they can support the measures he and Obama are proposing without fear they'll be booted from office. He urged them not to learn the wrong lesson from the 1994 election, when Democrats lost control of Congress after supporting a ban on assault weapons that has since expired.

"I'm here to tell you the world has changed," Biden said. "Public attitudes have changed since 1994. Social media has changed. The ability to misrepresent our positions has changed [emphasis mine – Paco]."
Sure, you know and I know what he meant by that last phrase: the ability of gun-control opponents to, allegedly, “misrepresent” the intentions of the gun-grabbers has changed (eroded). But, just as a revolting substance like ambergris – whale vomit – is transformed through the magic of chemistry into a medium that serves as the base for some of our most expensive perfumes, Biden’s substandard gray matter occasionally experiences a transformative alchemy that, in conjunction with his ungovernable larynx, delivers a burst of unwitting truth. In reality, it is the ability of Second Amendment foes to misrepresent their own positions that has changed, and in their favor, through a tag-team combination of well-organized left-wing social media, and the dinosaur variety comprised of the mainstream press that is now securely grafted onto the Democratic Party like a prehensile tail. This is why we are not debating gun control - heavens, no! – but gun safety. This is why politicos like Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo can tell the most outrageous howlers – “We’re not trying to take your guns away…No, really” – and not be pelted with rotten fruit and driven from the stage. Most ominously of all, this is why gun-phobes can manage to make “universal background checks” sound like anything but the top of the slippery slope to a national registry (and, ultimately, confiscation).

Related: Cop killer’s manifesto bowdlerized by media in order to remove those troubling parts that are inconsistent with the approved narrative.

Bad news for pot smokers

The price and availability of your weed could likely become a problem now that unions are getting involved.

"Look for the union label, man!"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Media bias

Nowhere has the lamestream media demonstrated more bias than in its tepid coverage of, um, Obama's double homicide.
"I know there's a story in there somewhere," said Newsweek editor Jon Meacham, referring to Obama's home invasion and execution-style slaying of Jeff and Sue Finowicz on Apr. 8. "Right now though, it's probably best to just sit back and wait for more information to come in. After all, the only thing we know for sure is that our president senselessly murdered two unsuspecting Americans without emotion or hesitation."

H/T: Paco Enterprises' crime reporter, Captain Heinrichs

Let’s protect the children…

…by completely eliminating their fun, cauterizing their imagination and turning them into paranoid poltroons, like the education bureaucrats who want to micro-manage their lives.

First off, Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council has declared that there shall be no more birthday cakes in schools (blowing out candles can spread germs, you know).

Next, a second-grader in Denver was suspended for throwing an imaginary grenade at an empty box on the playground at the Mary Blair Elementary School. I don’t know who the principal is, but kindly accept my imaginary boot up your a$$ for your display of overbearing prissiness.

Mark my word, this policy of smothering concern will bear bitter fruit. At this rate, our military will one day consist exclusively of uniformed conflict resolution specialists armed only with comfort dogs and Deepak Chopra DVDs.


“[Republicans] spend so much time listening to consultants and focus groups and trying to count demographics — that is, trying to get elected — that they’ve lost sight of the reason for being elected in the first place.” Another masterpiece by Jeff Goldstein.

Kevin Feasel at 36 Chambers brings us a “Tale of Two Cities”.

ObamaCare: a clear and present danger.

Hey, talk about “death panels” is just so much right-wing propaganda…er, right?

A fine selection of cartoons, illustrated aphorisms and banners from the Walla Walla Tea Party Patriots.

Steve Burri has a new twist on the omnipresent “Coexist” bumper sticker that is a tremendous improvement over the original.

Tim Blair has issued another hilarious invitation to his readers.

Moonbattery uncovers the likely reason that one distinguished Ohio citizen favors gun control.

Gee, I wonder why everybody’s complaining about the economy. From here, things look just fine.

So, how are things going in the Dar al-Islam these days?

Smitty lays out the clear choice facing the GOP.

Closer ties with Cuba would be a mistake says…Juan Williams?!?

Tim Geithner is writing a book. Commenters at Zero Hedge suggest some appropriate titles (One of my favorites: “Here Lies Tim”).

Seraphic Secret suggests that we Say No to Chuck. I’m down with that.

Bruce Willis: Keep your hands off the Second Amendment.

Random photo

A 1947 Hudson truck! (I didn't even know Hudson made trucks).

John Kerry: "I've got big heels to fill"

Ok, fella, but there's no need to overdo it.

H/T: Captain Heinrichs

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

“Cruz missile”

I am really likin’ this guy: Texas senator Ted Cruz – I am freely translating - advises Rahm Emanuel to deposit his gun-grabbing opinions in an anatomical orifice inaccessible to photons.

Office space

Our federal agency received a generous helping of stimulus money a few years back (thank you, Mr. and Mrs. American Taxpayer!), and decided to use it to “modernize” our building. It seems that everybody is going from offices to cubicles – or perhaps, worse, “benching”, which, as near as I can figure, is the kind of configuration one normally associates with a garment sweatshop in Guatemala.

Mrs. Paco found this article, which could provide an alternative: round desks with plastic bubbles. What would really be cool, though, would be elongated desks topped with classic-car cabs. I’m thinking 1951 Desoto with the split-windshield.

Boss [angrily approaching my work station]: Hey, what about that report that was due two weeks ago?

Me [rolls window up, locks door, and tunes dash radio to the 24-hour bagpipe channel]: What? Sorry, can’t hear you. [Scribbles on a post-it note and holds up to window] “Put it in an email – and while you’re out there, how about cleaning the windshield? Thanks.”


Swampy goes guerilla

Some useful (and not less useful for being hilarious) advice from my favorite Floridian on taking it to the (bureaucratic) man! A sample:
And the politicians that want to grossly invade your privacy and take away your right to defend yourself? I don’t think they should have another peaceful night’s sleep. They wanted to be public figures? Give it to ‘em good. Crowd their offices daily asking for their decisions as to what brand of toothpaste is better, and what type of toilet paper you should use. Keep their phones on speed dial so that you can ask their opinion of a movie. Argue that you should be protected from predatory movie theaters. Complain about the popcorn price. Make sure they know that you despise the ground they walk on and that they can never eat in a public place without having disgusting foreign substances in their food and drink.
Read the whole thing.

Mr. Bingley abroad

If you haven’t been following Mr. Bingley’s account of his travels in Brazil, go over to Coalition of the Swilling and have a look.

It’s kind of like Conan Doyle’s novel, The Lost World, except, instead of prehistoric beasts, the intrepid Mr. Bingley encounters monstrous fruits and vegetables.

Stacy McCain asks a first-rate question

Several, in fact.
Alicia Menendez leveraged her father’s political connections into a career that includes being a HuffPo “star,” even while her father was leveraging his own connection to a Palm Beach campaign contributor into free flights to the Dominican Republic for (alleged) sex parties with young prostitutes.

Isn’t it therefore incumbent on Alicia Menendez to explain what she knew about her father’s involvement with Dr. Salomon Melgen, who is now the target of an FBI investigation?


Does the Huffington Post employ Alice Menendez as a journalist, or is her “job” just a partisan patronage sinecure for the overprivileged daughter of a powerful (and possibly corrupt) Democrat? What are they really paying her for? Is it possible that Alicia Menendez is using her influential connections to help pressure her fellow “progressives” in the media to ignore her father’s sleazy scandal?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey, conservative base…

…you’re gonna get establishment picks and you’re gonna like ‘em!

We’ll see about that, Karl. While no one doubts that candidates for office ideally should be clever enough to avoid falling into the traps set for them by the liberal media, principles do count. The only thing truly impressive Rove ever did was get George W. Bush elected, twice. Now, I think Bush is a decent man, and he was infinitely preferable to the Democratic alternatives; however, he did a great deal of damage to the Republican Party through his push for big-government entitlement programs, and, after the initial victories in Afghanistan and Iraq, letting the military situation bog down for nearly two years in a kind of strategic coma, during which time events began deteriorating with little or no explanation coming from the White House prior to the surge (the decision to clam up during this period was also Rove’s). This is not the stuff of which a liberal roll-back is made.

And if Rove’s amusingly-named organization – the Conservative Victory Project – is primarily interested in addressing, say, the Todd Akin problem (and Akin, incidentally, was not the Tea Party’s preferred candidate in the primary that gave him the nod), just what are we to do about the McCain/Graham problem: establishment types whose slippery and highly malleable principles rather frequently result in their smilingly lining up with the ideological heirs of the late, unlamented Ted Kennedy? Rove, of course, doesn’t see these guys as a problem, but as the backbone of the Party (scoliosis as strategy, I suppose).

Increasingly, I am getting the impression that Rove and like-minded Republican operators believe, in their heart of hearts, that America has, indeed, reached the point of no return, and they are just trying to do what they can to ensure that the inevitable cultural and economic apocalypse doesn’t descend until they are either safely retired behind their walled compounds sitting comfortably atop their ill-gotten gains, or perhaps dead, and therefore beyond caring about the wrath of those whose trust they have betrayed.

Conservatives owe Rove nothing, and they will owe the Republican Party nothing if it decides that its main function is to reconstitute itself as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Incumbents.

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens

Wow, what a game! It almost seemed like two separate games, the way the momentum shifted so dramatically in the second half to the 49ers, after their near-complete domination by the Ravens in the first half. But then the Big Mo shifted again in the last quarter, and we even saw a rarely used tactic employed by Baltimore – intentionally giving up a safety to run down the clock.

By the by, Piers Morgan saw fit to shove his oar in: “Got to laugh at Ravens being declared 'World Champions' of a competition only American teams enter”. Well, Piers, you certainly don’t have to worry about an exclusionary nationalist bias with respect to your “World’s Biggest A$$hole” title; you’re the clear standout in an international field.

As to the commercials – meh. Nothing particularly brilliant – with one outstanding exception. I thought the Dodge truck ad featuring an old radio broadcast by the late Paul Harvey in tribute to the American farmer was riveting. I don’t know what firm was responsible for that commercial, but the GOP should sign ‘em up quick.

For film buffs

Robert Avrech, having previously provided his list of greatest films from the 1930s and 1940s, has now begun putting together a list of movies from the 1950s. Here are the first three of what will eventually be twenty entries.

Mr. Avrech writes frequently about gun rights, too, so you might also enjoy this post: Jew with shotgun.

The "kept conservative"

Jerry Bowyer, in this piece at Forbes, does a good job in sizing up the Vichy conservatives.
The kept conservative’s announced job is to represent the conservative point of view, but their real job is to give the illusion of balance without really challenging any of the core tenets of liberalism. They spend lots of time ‘reinventing’ the Republican Party, and the new invention is always the same: more liberal. They live among liberals, their friends are liberals, and, of course, they are paid by liberals.

One more

Too true...

H/T: Moonbattery

Monday movie

A scene from the 1945 movie, Detour, a ridiculously low-budget ($100,000) noir flick that has become a cult classic.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday funnies

Bob Hope and Shirley Ross exchange snappy patter in a scene from Some Like it Hot (no, not that one).

Bowling: a backwards sport.

Purchasing butt implants from a stranger in a motel room? Usually a pretty bad idea.


Jay Leno has an idea for a Cialis commercial.

Dang! Another inch higher and he'd be holding the thing like a bazooka.

"Dance, Joe, dance!"

The White House has decreed that there shall be no photo-shopping. So, how's that edict working out?

Update: More illegal photo-shopping fun at Moonbattery, including this one:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Trumka lies

Richard Trumka – a union goon straight out of central casting – misspeaks when he declares that “the entire labor movement is entirely behind” the president’s immigration initiative. ICE agents, for example, have, er, gently demurred:
“No President Trumka, there are still differences within the AFL-CIO, and you don’t speak for us,” the ICE union dispatched in a press release this week.

According to the union, an AFL-CIO affiliate — currently suing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, ICE Director John Morton, and U.S. Customs and Immigration Services Director Mayorkas over the administration’s changes to immigration policy, which they say prevents them from enforcing the law — the ICE Agents union has been barred from AFL-CIO discussions regarding the union’s stance on immigration policy.

Obama goes Caligula one better

Caligula is said to have promised to make his horse a consul; Obama has promised to make a jackass Secretary of Defense.

Rocky start

Julia Gillard’s call for elections in September of this year has been attended by a surprising number of Labor Party retirements and resignations.

For American readers who feel they need a refresher course on the confusing mechanics of the Australian political system, you may want to consult this previous post.

H/T: Mk50

Best line inspired by the Hagel hearing

“It is very clear from the testimony that Sen. Hagel will not be bringing the potato salad to the next Mensa picnic.”

Happy Feet Friday

Ann Miller is just too darn hot.